Friday, March 6th

Still at CL’s, Ben’s troubled by Vikki’s reaction to Billy’s announcement last night – it’s bugging you more than you’re willing to admit.

At the mansion, Chelsea’s stressed over the engagement party; tomorrow. She needs her stuff; clothes, shoes, accessories. Is this about the party, or getting married? Billy wonders if Chelsea’s changed her mind.

At the club, Gabe gripes about Jack throwing the engagement party. When the estate manager gets here, just act like a happy wife. Actually, Sage plans to tell Mr Tipton there’s no need to check on them anymore. We’re getting a divorce.

At the lab, Abby launches into what a horrible person she (and everyone thinks) she is. So – have a it. Without saying a word, Ashley gives Abby a weepy hug.

At the cabin, Summer opens the armoire and is terrified to see a vision of Austin. No, no no, she sits gasping.

Adam assures Sage that she won’t be with Nick – his end game is Sharon. Sage will be fine with what Constance left her – there’s more to life than money. Go get Chelsea before she marries Billy. Mr Tipton arrives – am I interrupting? No, Sage smiles – we have so much to discuss.

Chelsea, overwhelmed with all they have to do, Billy suggests they elope.

Ben does NOT believe that Vikki has no reaction to Billy’s engagement – he saw her looking at her tattoo. She’s made an appointment to have it removed. Before or after Billy’s announcement? Ben wonders. Vikki then updates Ben that Abby was in love with Austin; she lost someone – and she’s being shunned. Please be nice to Abby, she could use a friend. Ben agrees and exits.

Back at the lab, Abby doesn’t know why she’s made such bad choices. Ashley’s sad to think she’s following her example (pursuing unavailable men) Cole was involved with Vikki when we got together. I’ve been there. Ashley also falls for men involved with someone else. Be happy without a man – be the woman you want to be. Hearing that Summer will never forgive Abby, Ashley wonders if there’s more to it.

Summer flashes back to fighting with Austin – I saw you kissing her !! Let go of me!! But it’s Kyle she’s screaming at. What are you doing!? she asks him. Summer wasn’t having a nightmare – she remembered something new. She wanted to leave – Austin wouldn’t let her. Is that why you hit him? Self defense? Kyle encourages her to try remember more of that night.

Abby loves Summer – but it’s complicated. Try – she’s your niece, Ashley has faith in Abby ~hug~ Ben arrives to praise her marketing strategies. Ashley leaves Ben to kiss Abby’s ass some more. Of course he means it. Why are you being nice to me? Abby asks – what’s really going on?

What will people think? That we’re worried about what people think, Chelsea frets. Billy’s just excited about joining their families. You and I will be Mr and Mrs Billy Abbott. Chelsea can’t elope.

Mr Tipton detects tension. No, this is banter, Gabe then blames it on being displaced by the fire – they’re staying with friends. Mr Tipton will drop by their new place. That’s it – he’ll be in touch. Sage doesn’t want Adam’s thanks – and he won’t like her reason for staying quiet.

At CL’s, Ashley thanks Vikki (for being kind to Abby and asking the same of Ben) She then brings up the formula they stole.

Abby should have known Vikki asked Ben to be nice to her. She didn’t set out to sleep with Summer’s husband. Abby’s surprised to hear that Austin came to him for insight on the family – it seemed like more of an expose than a documentary. Uh oh.

Back at the cabin, Summer relays what happened that night. She and Austin had to stay because the roads were bad. They drank punch – things got woozy. Summer flashes back – but doesn’t remember hitting Austin with the bookend.

At the station, Dylan doesn’t believe Chris’ accusations. It’s true, Paul confirms. Nikki’s not the only one to blame – he and Chris argued, she ran out. He may as well have thrown her in front of the car himself. We’ve been over this – it’s about you. Going overboard to be a good parent, drew Paul closer to Nikki – and now it’s cost them the baby.

Mariah and Kevin are suspicious of Abby (who’s been in the bathroom a while) When Noah and Summer arrive, Kevin and Noah announce that the blood on the towel wasn’t Kyle’s. Noah mentions him being seen on video. Kyle rolls his eyes – he was spying on Austin and Abby – and coming to the cabin to tell Summer. When Abby appears, Summer loses it (and is held back as Abby escapes) Feeling angry enough to kill Abby, Summer could have done the same to Austin.

Back at CL’s, Vikki’s sorry for making Ben sound like an after thought. No worries. He’s been thinking about going back to medicine. Whatever the future holds, they’ll face it together.

Sage shows up at the church, sorry that she missed the memorial. She whines about the fa├žade of her marriage. Nick thinks she should do what she wants. Fake marriage, real divorce, Sage decides.

Adam pounces on Jack as soon as he gets home – Billy proposed, I need your help. You’ve gotta change Billy’s mind. Jack won’t – they’re happy. If Adam goes to the police, he’ll end up in a cell next for Billy’s. Jack congratulates Adam; your Dad would be proud; win at any cost.

Phyllis is sorry for Chris; as she was for her own daughter today. She relays what Summer remembered – that Austin was unfaithful – with Abby. Victor feels bad for Summer; no one can control Abby. Phyllis wonders how he can be cold and calculating – then soft the next minute. If someone needs to be punished, Victor will see it – but he hates to see needless suffering, like Summer and Nikki.

Chris isn’t surprised when Nikki visits; are you here to gloat???

Billy and Chelsea bump into Ben and Vikki (who immediately spots the ring) Looks like we both got our happy ending, Chelsea whispers in Ben’s ear as they hug. Billy declines Vikki’s invite to join them – we have a private celebration planned. Ben offers to skip work tonight. No – Vikki’s fine – go ahead. But before he’s even out the door, Ben sees that Vikki’s moping as she fiddles with her tattooed finger.

Kyle fusses over Summer (everyone else has been kicked out) He never meant to hurt her – but is glad he found out what a creep Austin was; he didn’t deserve you. Look at me. You. Deserve. Better.

Closing his door, Paul’s grateful Dylan’s in his life, but he should have told Chris that what he and Nikki shared is no threat to their marriage – I failed her, he cries. Dylan failed Avery in a similar way once, he ran from it. Don’t run.

Nikki takes a seat; I’m devastated by what happened. I didn’t see you. It was too late. You want me and my baby out of the way so you, Paul and Dylan can be a perfect little family!!! You wanted to eliminate us. No, you ran into the street, Nikki repeats. Are you saying it’s MY fault my baby’s dead? Chris is about to explode.

Jack’s reaction to Billy’s announcement is underwhelming – the ink’s barely dry on your divorce papers. Chelsea makes me happy, Billy insists – she’s good for me. Is there something you know that you’re not telling me? Unless Jack has a damn good reason not to, Billy’s getting married. No – if this is what Billy wants, Jack will stand behind him – will even throw the engagement party ~hug~

On the patio, Vikki’s on the phone making an appointment to have her tattoo removed. Abby marches past her in a daze; then bursts into tears on Vikki’s shoulder.

Also at CL’s, Chelsea bumps into Adam. She had to go back to the jeweller for earrings that match her ring. No need to call a cab – Adam will drive her home.

Still at the church, Sage is sure Gabe will be furious when she files for divorce; he’ll lose his inheritance. You’re unhappy – Gabe will have to deal with it, Nick says. He’d never…. He’s not the same Gabe you went to school with, Sage knows he will NEVER be OK with it.

Kyle wants to prove himself to Summer; let me help you through this. Summer just wants to sleep without having bad dreams. Lock up when you leave? Oh Kyle’s not going anywhere. After Summer’s gone to bed, Kyle cleans the lipstick message off the mirror.

At the station, Noah, Mariah, Courtney and Kevin chat – whoever wrote that message knew we’d keep it to ourselves. The know us. But how well do WE know THEM.

On the patio, Abby tells Vikki that she had a dirty affair with Austin, it wasn’t love. But then I fell hard, she admits. It killed me that he didn’t feel the same way – that he was going back to Summer.

Adam wants to drive Chelsea home so that he can explain how her engagement’s inspired him – perhaps he can work things out with Sage. He goes to pull the car around.

At the lab ‘for hours’ now, Ben tells Ashley that Billy and Chelsea are engaged – but he’s not sure Vikki will ever get past Billy. Ben may not be the love of Vikki’s life.

Get out of here!! Go away!! Chris screeches as Paul arrives – what’s wrong? She killed our baby! Get her out of here! Dylan leads Nikki out (as Paul tries to calm Chris down) Nikki shakes in the hallway as Chris screams; I hate her – she killed our baby!!!!!!

Next: The armoir open, Summer gasps when she sees Austin’s reflection; he’s behind her …. Your real beef is with my Father. Well I’m not my Father. Close enough Victoria, Ashley gives a little shrug .. You and I are getting a divorce, Sage drops the bomb on Adam.

My Thoughts: Why is Ashley working instead of supporting her niece in her time of grief. She cant take the time off work; cant be bothered to go – but Sage does. Ash should be there, Sage shouldn’t. And there’s no reason Billy couldn’t have postponed his proposal another night. So much for the Abbott family supporting one another in crisis. John would be ashamed. The Newman family was markedly absent too. And didn’t Austin have any co-workers or acquaintances from Underground. Even if they showed up for Nick (as Sage did).. None of Summers old modelling friends like Esmerelda showed up. Couldn’t the Baldwins have gone to represent Fen … Yes, Victor’s a dismal parental role model – but how much worse is Ashley for choosing his sperm to STEAL to create Abby? What a hypocrite! … I don’t know what was more awkward, Vikki and Ben’s botched good bye kiss, or them trying to laugh it off … Why would it be hard for Chelsea and Billy to have private time away from their ‘room-mates’? It’s the Abbott Mansion, not the Abbott cottage or the Abbott duplex … So what’s the point of Billy buying Chelsea a ring several sizes too big? There must be something to it; usually the rings fit like a glove. I guess the jeweller jumped up and resized the ring immediately? … Nick doesn’t have much room to comment on Abby betraying her own flesh and blood – didn’t he betray his own flash and blood when sleeping with Diane while she was involved with his Father.. WTH was Nikki thinking. She has NO business visiting Chris – saying how ‘devastated’ SHE is. You’d think the DA-Police Chief’s wife would have a guard posted outside her room. What’s happening, Paul has the nerve to ask – duh – the woman charged with trying to kill her is alone on your wife’s room! Where’s the GC Buzz; or will they only be interested in this 40 years from now when Nikki writes about it in her journal … Paul’s marriage must be in bad shape if he’s getting relationship advice from Dylan … Kudos to the make up department – Chris looks like hell…. Oh really – Ben would be so torn up if anything happened to Max; his Skype son…. If Phyllis thinks Victors as soft as a kitty cat, she really is losing her mind… If Jack knew Victor was conferring with someone, not confessing, why didn’t he stick around to find out who he’s conspiring with… So Victor didnt find it at all suspicious that Nikki was so eager to leave Victor with Phyllis. At the very least, he knows she’s off the wagon and could drinking upstairs. Instead of talking a good game, he should be checking on her. What will he have to say when he finds out she lied and snuck out to visit Chris. Will he have Nikki do another breathalyser – because a rational person doesn’t visit the woman she’s accused of trying to murder.