Monday, March 9th

Victor’s in the confessional booth; this decades old war won’t end overnight – but it will end (with Jack losing everything) Every step has been calibrated. Be patient, it will all work out.

Summer’s not answering her phone, and isn’t home. At the mansion, Jack reassures Phyllis that Kyle will help Summer through this. When she’s ready, we’ll all be here; including Victor (sympathetic towards Summer, and supportive to Phyllis) Jack’s not so sure he’s to be trusted.

At CL’s, Dylan’s insulted that Avery doesn’t think him fun. Loving the idea of bowling, she gets a call – there goes our evening.

Chris wants to put in a few hours (at the station) She has things to do – justice can’t wait. Phyllis will finally get what’s coming to her. Paul’s left to worry.

At the club, Lily asks Devon if he’s seen Dad – he was in a car accident. Devon hopes he wasn’t driving drunk and hurt someone.

Neil’s with Nikki at the ranch – he can’t let her take the heat for him. He keeps reliving the accident – it’s HIS fault Chris lost her baby. No – you could be charged with manslaughter, Nikki argues – no one will believe I deliberately hit Chris. If Neil doesn’t stick with the story, NIKKI will go to prison too!

Joe brings a box to CL’s. No, it’s not ticking. Dylan’s happy to hear he checked out of the – not so happy that Joe’s moved into a loft. A business opportunity came up.

Avery drops by the Abbott mansion – Phyllis’ trial date has been moved up. Tomorrow! But she lost a baby – that brings you to your knees, Phyllis and Jack know.

In Paul’s office, Chris insists she’s ready to work (and bury Phyllis) Stress is NOT an issue. There’s no baby – never will be. It doesn’t matter anymore. Paul knows it’s Nikki she’s upset at; these are two separate cases. Yes, and Chris is going after Phyllis because she knows Paul won’t let Nikki be prosecuted.

Victor’s surprised to find Neil at the ranch; nice of him to check on her. Car? Neil took a cab. Why was he here? Victor’s suspicious when Nikki won’t look him in the eye, and why did Neil leave so quickly? Did he have anything to do with the accident?

Nikki doesn’t know how she lost control of the car – black ice? Neil didn’t cause it. He reeks of liquor – when did he start drinking again? Victor’s sorry to hear Neil’s marriage is over. Perhaps he should go to AA. That’s where Nikki was taking him. Victor guesses there was an argument. It doesn’t make sense. If Neil’s to blame, tell me!

Paul’s insulted – he had Nikki arrested. But she’s free – to live her life with her long lost son – with YOU. I’ll never have that. Paul reminds that he lost a daughter too.

Joe’s new business opportunity is none of Dylan’s business. The box is something he’s returning to Avery; something she’ll want. Dylan’s let to look at it.

Phyllis feels bad for Chris, but she’s taking this out on me. Avery isn’t sure she can postpone the trial – and Jack going over Chris’ head (to judges and senators he’s donated to) could backfire. Also, Victor claims to have an ace in the hole (cut to Kelly, busy at the club)

Chris doesn’t think Paul see Nikki’s case clearly because she’s the Mother of his son. Paul’s in tears – damn right I want justice. And I want my wife. Healthy and strong. You’re scaring me. You’re so angry. We need to heal together. Let’s go home. No, Chris cries.

At the bar, Lily updates Devon (who knows he’s to blame) He knew Neil would get hurt – and now more from the fallout. Lily does blame Devon for Neil drinking. So forget about Hilary (who’s even more to blame) Devon WILL help Neil, before he kills himself. Kelly then updates Lily that Phyllis’ trial is starting tomorrow- but don’t worry about me, I’m not (she seems quite perky)

Avery gone, Phyllis also worries things might backfire – how do we know Victor’s keeping up his end. We don’t, Jack replies.

Nikki doesn’t need any legal help – I’ve done nothing wrong. Of course she’s upset, Victor’s calling her a liar. Worried about Nikki’s health, and knowing she’s hiding something, Victor gets a call (and needs to meet Jack) I had all the booze removed, Victor leaves Nikki to see that her usual spot is empty.

Avery’s back at CL’s (not curious about what knick knacks are in the box) She’s eradicated Joe from her life. When Dylan insists she open it, Avery’s stunned by what’s inside.

Avery pulls out her wedding dress. It’s beautiful, Dylan thinks she should send it back. No, Avery won’t do that.

Chris needs to do her job. She’s not running from Paul, she can’t imagine walking into their home – seeing the nursery. Let’s go to the club for a few days, Paul says – then we go home and put away our baby’s things together ~hug~

Why is Kelly so blase about the trial? Lily wonders – won’t Jack’s accusations (that she caused the trouble) come up? No, Kelly’s sure it won’t.

Jack takes a seat at Victor’s table; the trial starts tomorrow. Who or what is the ace in the hole. Phyllis’ welfare hangs in the balance. Victor’s plan is to ensure Phyllis is found innocent. She will walk – I guarantee it (he looks over at Kelly)

Yes, the dress DOES mean something to Avery. It was her Grandmother’s. Why does Dylan always ‘lose it’ over Joe? Avery doesn’t react when seeing him with Sharon. Huh? What does Sharon have to do with anything?

Nikki leaves Neil a message. Victor’s suspicious – stick to the story. And she’s heading to an AA meeting if he’s interested.

At the club’s bar, the only thing Neil’s interested in is the drink in front of him. Victor appears; he’s worried about Nikki – her story’s off. She’s fallen off the wagon, but of course Neil knows that. Suspecting that Neil knows more than he’s letting on, Victor won’t let Nikki take the fall for something she didn’t do. He hopes Neil’s not hiding anything.

As Jack leads Phyllis in for a nice relaxing, stress free dinner, Chris flies in through the revolving door to blast her for trying to murder a rival. There’s a witness. Who? Kelly? Phyllis sneers. That’s right, Kelly appears to chime in.

Victor continues to badger Neil – who then staggers out to reject Devon’s help. Poking him in the chest, Neil all but shouts that he grabbed the wheel. I killed that baby!!!!

Avery didn’t say a word about Dylan having dinner at Sharon’s. She just needs a friend, Dylan thinks it nothing like Joe. No – Sharon would never interfere in a relationship, Avery has some work to do. Dylan will take the dress home (and Joe will watch from the patio – smiling smugly)

Chris huffs and puffs about the trial; sure Phyllis well be found guilty. Kelly claims there won’t be a trial, not after what she has to say. Victor watches from afar.

Next; Neil insists on going to the police station. Sober up before you do anything, Devon orders … Kyle and Summer are on the patio. What’s wrong? Summer shows him her compact; ‘I know what you did’ has been written on the mirror in lipstick…. At the cabin, Mariah snarls – I know exactly why you’re here. And why’s that? Abby asks. You’re returning to the scene of the crime.

My Thoughts: Jack takes Phyllis for a nice relaxing stress free evening – to get her mind off tomorrow’s trial – by taking her to the GCAC? That’s the very last place he should take her … Well there goes any sympathy I had for Chris. Of course we all deal with grief in our own way, but Paul has suffered a loss too (not that he’s the Patron Saint of Paternity either) Too bad Chris doesn’t have a close friend who could clear the apartment of baby stuff. I’d suggest Mike and Lauren, but that’d mean they’d have to appear onscreen. If we aren’t going to see the Baldwin’s battle cancer, we’re not going to see them stripping circus animal wallpaper from the Williams’ nursery. Plus, there is the awkward situation of Chris prosecuting Mike and Lauren’s BFF… Is Chris really walking around in the clothes she was ran over in? I’m trying to be delicate here, but losing a baby usually results in some bleeding. And did she really apply make up around her bruises? … Oh Nikki; vehemently insisting she’s done ‘nothing wrong’. Lying that she must have hit ‘black ice’. But now we know she’s not lying to save Neil from prison, she’s lying to save herself … Victor using a confessional booth as a headquarters for his latest scheme just makes him that much more repulsive. And why exactly is he determined to take ‘everything’ away from Jack? I don’t recall anything he’s done specifically (and recently) to invoke such venom. Victor’s the one who stole Jabot’s formula. Why did Victor waste his time reviving Jack? He should have just let him die and be done with it .. Why didn’t Avery shut Jack and Phyllis up, as they nodded like bobbleheads over the trauma of losing a baby? She knows! She too lost a baby (and doesn’t have other children like Jack and Phyllis do)… No, Dylan is NOT fun, but then again, Avery’s not exactly the life of the party either.