Wednesday, March 11th

Faith on a sleepover, Nick and Sharon have a friendly chat at CL’s about how well she’s adjusting. Summer? Not so much, but Nick feels she needs to deal with the situation if she’s ever going to heal. And is Nick healing? Is Sharon asking if Nick’s forgiven her?

Vikki drops by Jabot’s lab looking for Abby. Ashley informs that she’s probably at home; avoiding people. Ben has a feeling she was a victim too.

As Noah tends to Abby, Courtney calls 911 for help. As Abby moans, Summer shows them her phone; ‘shut up or you’re next’ is written on the screen.

Following a radiation treatment, Lauren praises Mike as they leave GCM. We have so much to be grateful for. She’s sure Mike will soon be cancer free – we’ll have our whole lives ahead of us (Mike doesn’t look as confident)

Phyllis leaves a message for Avery; she has surprising news. Dylan returns home to find Avery tossing and turning on the sofa. No! I can’t do it! she suddenly sits up (alarming Dylan)

Back at CL’s, Sharon doesn’t expect Nick to forgive her any time soon. He confirms he hasn’t completely, but delights Sharon by showing concern for her well being. You seem good. Sharon’s realized she’s a good person who did a bad thing. With the help of her friend, she’s starting to forgive herself.

Knowing all about nightmares, Dylan encourages Avery to talk. Her dream was about Phyllis being in prison. She feels helpless and has no time to prepare for trial. Looking at the box, Avery’s going to get rid of the dress.

Ashley appreciates them taking Abby’s side. Vikki thinks Austin more to blame (he was the married one) Smiles pasted on, the ladies then exchange barbs about the (stolen) perfume. Ben and Vikki are about to leave when Ashley gets a call – OMG – is Abby OK?!

At GCM, Noah, Summer and Courtney rule out who’s behind it all. That only leaves one person …. Kyle appears – where’s Abby?? Noah’s question is – where were YOU?

Scolded for leaving Abby to be assaulted, Kyle explains that they argued. She left CL’s with the intention of going to the police. Noah continues to suspect Kyle. All then file into Abby’s room to explain that they can’t go to the cops (because of the warning to ‘shut up’. When a cop arrives, Courtney’s the only one allowed to stay.

Seated at the club, Mike gets a call from Fen; who’s worried about him and Summer. He’s a loyal friend. Lauren continues to stay positive. If she outlived Mike, she’d never love anyone as much. That’s what worries Mike.

Instead of feeling so needy, Sharon’s learning what it’s like to feel needed. Oh hi Dylan! As Sharon goes for a refill, Dylan sits with Nick. They talk about their Mother’s struggle with alcohol. Speaking of struggles, Dylan’s not sure where he stands with Avery.

At the Abbott mansion, Avery’s stunned to hear that Kelly confessed to lying. Chris is pissed – Jack’s concerned about Kelly – but the most important thing is that Phyllis is cleared!! But when Avery tries to pawn off Grandma Harriet’s wedding dress, Phyllis hints that there might not be a wedding.

Basically, Mike’s worried he won’t be able to make love to Lauren. She’d rather not discuss it at a restaurant. Fine – Mike has to go to the restroom again anyway (which leaves the bartender to serve Lauren a free drink; blue to go with her eyes) Returning, Mike thinks she should wait until he’s incapacitated before auditioning for his replacement.

Jack has some explaining to do – Phyllis wants to marry him (but it all depends on his answers to her questions) Why won’t Avery wear Grandma’s dress for HER wedding? There IS going to be a wedding …right??

Back at CL’s, Nick reassures Dylan – hitting Avery was an accident, and guys like Joe need behavior modification. When exes come back to town, things get stirred up. Getting a call from Vikki, Nick steps away – leaving Sharon to comment on what she overheard. Dylan worries Avery’s afraid of him.

As the kids worry about what Abby’s telling the cop, Ashley flies in to hear what happened. Abby claims she was mugged – it was completely random.

When the cop wonders why the mugger didn’t take Abby’s purse, Courtney figures he heard them coming. No, she didn’t see anything. Ashley’s left to fuss – and ask questions. Abby doesn’t want to talk about it.

In the hallway, Ben blames himself for Abby being distracted; he shouldn’t have told her that Austin may have been working on an expose of her family.

Courtney updates the kids that they need to trust each other – even Noah and Kyle. When Summer concludes that the threat is coming from someone outside their group, Kyle has an idea who.

Sharon can’t believe Avery’s afraid of Dylan. His past is an open book; Avery’s not so much. He actually knew Phyllis better years ago. Sharon encourages her friend.

Avery wavers, then insists she and Dylan will get married, once they work a few things out. She won’t wear that dress – she wore it when she married Joe. Phyllis won’t take the dress – it’s cursed. Both sisters vow to move forward – and marry the men they love. It’s a good thing ~hug~ Avery’s not smiling.

Still at the club, Mike knows Lauren’s type is the dumb, good looking bartender. She doesn’t appreciate Mike being a jack ass. He IS interested in you, Mike insists – like Carmine was (last time he was emotionally unavailable) The bickering continues until Lauren throws down her napkin and marches off.

Sharon continues to confide in Dylan – she must move forward. As for Avery, she’s honest, Sharon knows. After praising one another, Dylan thanks her and gets back to work.

As Kyle mentions Austin’s documentary, Nick joins the kids at GCM – what’s going on? Abby was mugged. You guys are all together, all the time now, Nick observes. Ashley then comes out to ask Ben to have a look at Abby; who lets it slip that Austin was killed. Killed!!?? Ben’s on high alert.

Lauren sits down to apologize – she knows this is taking a toll on Mike. He’s been so stoic – but must be scared. As the ‘exhausted’ Mike follows Lauren out, he turns to eye the bartender.

Thanking Dylan, Sharon leaves – bumping into Avery. Sorry, I didn’t mean to … You never mean to, have a nice night, Avery snarls – then tells Dylan that she doesn’t care about Sharon – she doesn’t effect us. Her nightmare was about Dylan falling off a cliff. Avery needs to know they’re on solid ground. We are, Dylan hugs her.

To the future, Phyllis strikes a match and watches the wedding dress burn in the fireplace.

Abby meant that Austin died – not that he was ‘killed’. It was a car wreck. Ben’s suspicious. Abby was just hit over the head – what the hell do you want from me? Ben leaves Ashley with Abby (and asks Vikki if she can stay with them) Vikki thinks that a great idea ~hug~

Kyle thinks the key is Austin’s documentary – someone may be hiding something he found out. So, the kids conclude – the killer may not be in their little group, but might be someone in the family.

Next: It’s time to get the police involved, Ben tells Abby … Billy’s not happy with Chelsea – we’re supposed to be attending a party that’s a tribute to us, and I’m wondering if you even want to get married … Tell her who you are – she might forgive you, Sage tells Adam.

My Thoughts: Odd that Sharon would say ‘my friend’ – odder still that Nick didn’t ask the obvious question; who? (and sad that Sharon doesn’t have more than one friend) Nice to see her and Nick being friendly – and honest. I agree that Sharon’s not a bad person, but she did a bad thing …. Faith sure goes on a lot of sleepovers, considering her parents just fought for custody of her. She never seems to reciprocate by having friends sleepover at her house(s) … And now the cabin mystery is expanding to add suspects from both the Abbott and Newman families? … Poor Mike – but he was Mike was annoying today (and did he really have to blow his nose on the club’s linen napkin?) … Shouldn’t Abby be staying with her Mom and Uncle Jack? They do live in a mansion after all .. Well done Phyllis – nothing says ‘I’m moving on’ like burning grannies vintage wedding dress.