Thursday, March 12th

Apologies. I’m so late I don’t even have time to proofread this.

Austin faces the camera – basically, he’s doing an expose on the rich and powerful; who step on people to get everything.

It’s party time at the mansion, Ashley, Jack, Phyllis, Chelsea and Billy are discussing Kelly confessing (and in jail; much to Phyllis’ delight) But who knows – all hell might still break loose tonight at the Abbott party.

Austin’s bitter voice narrates – the smug Abbott ego is only surpassed by the Newman’s. We’re all just here to serve.

At the club, Adam’s meeting with a contractor constructing the building (who’s surprised to be bribed to take his time renovating the penthouses) Sage watches the men shake hands.

On the patio, Summer gasps as she listens to Austin rage about the Abbott’s and Newman’s collecting souls, one pay off at a time. He has a front row seat – and you will too. He’ll pick up the rock to show you the insects squirming underneath. Kevin and Kyle also watch, grim faced.

It’s time for the world to see the ugly truth, Austin sneers. Summer shuts the laptop – so this is what Austin was working on. Kevin was up all night hacking into the encrypted files (full of hate)

At home, Vikki’s still gushing that Ben suggested Abby stay with them. As she goes to take a call from accounting (Victor needs a private chat), Abby comes down (and is again interrogated by Ben – what is she hiding about Austin’s death???)

Austin was killed in a car accident, Abby insists. Ben’s suspicious it wasn’t an accident. Vikki rejoins them to fuss – you’ll be safe here.

Kevin’s got more files to get into. Kyle worries it’s not good for Summer to hear Austin’s hate project. Mariah arrives with her usual attitude towards ‘snowflake’.

The Abbott gathering continues to chat; Chelsea’s claims that she and Billy are happy to delay their wedding until Jack and Phyllis are married. We are?? Jack gets a surprise too – Phyllis isn’t sure a wedding’s in the works.

Sage joins Adam and the contractor; she’s eager to move back home. Apologizing for the delay, the contractor leaves Sage to present a room key – they can move into the club. When Adam wants to cancel it, Sage pulls out her phone – good bye marriage – hello freedom.

Abby changes the subject to Vikki – she and Ashley have a lot of history; business and personal. Ashley’s a fierce business woman – she learned from the best, Vikki leaves Abby to snap at Ben (who’s just trying to help her)

Mariah DOES know what’s going on – Kevin sent her the files. And she knew Austin didn’t want to be Summer’s poodle wearing $300 ties. As the bickering continues, Kyle and Kevin remind that they have more important matters to resolve – before someone else gets hit over the head.

Billy looks pissed as Chelsea says they have no date set. Taking her into the dining room, Billy wonders if she even wants to get married. That leaves Ashley and Phyllis to butt heads. Having chased Ashley off, Phyllis is pressured to get married – a month from today.

Still in the dining room, Chelsea insists she wants to get married. I love you ~kiss~ OK, Billy will stop being stupid. Chelsea must now go get ready ~kiss~

Phyllis isn’t sure about their future. Jack’s sure enough for the both of them. He screwed up – but that’s behind them. Let’s not waste a precious moment. We’ll fight – we’ll make up – do this dance until the day we die. Just say yes.

Ben doesn’t enjoy questioning Abby, but maybe he can help. Abby won’t be tricked into confiding in Ben (who worries someone’s after her) How did Austin die. He was murdered, Abby admits. Ben gives her a hug – he knows she couldn’t commit murder.

Yes, Sage will hold for Mr Tipton. Adam grabs the phone. She doesn’t want to miss out on a chance with Nick for Adam. If you want Chelsea, tell her who you are. We’ll all be free. On cue, Chelsea arrives – she and Adam lock eyes.

Chelsea’s at the club to pick up her dress for the engagement party. Sage appreciates being invited. It’ll be fun – low key. Both ladies are surprised to hear that ‘Gabe’s’ been asked to be best man. Billy arrives to credit Gabe with him and Chelsea having a future.

Maybe Phyllis isn’t in love with Jack. He knows she is – you’re confident in my love for you. I’ll never give up on you. Yes he swears it. OK – Phyllis does too – now give it to me – the ring (Jack slips it onto her finger) ~kiss~ It’s official. But Phyllis needs more than 30 days. By the end of April, they’ll be man and wife.

Seated on the patio, the foursome brainstorms. Mariah suspects Victor put a stop to Austin – he paid me to pose as a dead girl. Kevin reminds that he let Billy rot in prison while Delia was sick. Summer disagrees. And Kyle knows it’s not his Dad.

Abby tells Ben about the messages – no place is safe. No one will hurt you, Ben assures. It’s time to tell the police. Before Abby gets him to swear he won’t tell, Vikki returns.

Abby’s late for a party. What party? Billy and Chelsea’s engagement party. She can’t not go. Vikki thinks she should take her. Abby and Ben think that weird. Ben will drive her. Vikki gets another text from Victor – trust me, the results will be worth it. Now alone, Abby asks Ben not to tell Vikki. OK – but she’s not to try solve this – you could end up with more than a head bump.

Kyle off to the engagement party, Summer walks him out – leaving Kevin to get back to Austin’s files (hoping they’ll ID his killer)

Jack reads a speech to Chelsea (from Traci) Sage hisses at Adam for getting drunk (and staring at the bride to be) Billy gets a text – Jill and Collin will be late. No, Jeff and Anita aren’t coming. Ashley and Billy chat about Phyllis wearing her ring again. Jack interrupts Adam getting drunk, then warns Sage that she won’t be able to handle this Gabe (you have NO idea)

Stopping at CL’s, Ben’s on the phone with Vikki (who’s taking the kids to the office for a bit) Hanging up, Vikki looks at a Jabot Annual Report (featuring Billy) Ben confronts Kevin on the patio – Abby told him everything.

Inside, Mariah needles Summer about Kyle, her white knight. Austin only married you to get out of jail – and only stayed with you to get dirt on your family; ouch.

Abby and Kyle chat at the party; Austin hated both my families – I’m an idiot, and a target at an engagement party. Jack toasts the happy couple. To Chelsea and Billy – all clink glasses. Adam, best man, would like to toast the couple too; there’s something you need to hear. Jack and Sage look especially worried.

Next: Your life is so lonely. You will NEVER know the kind of love Austin and I had…. Hello? Abby nervously tiptoes up the stairs – looking up as if she sees someone… Are you double crossing me? Kelly asks Victor (who remains silent and smug)