Tuesday, March 31st

Ashley meets Jack at CL’s – in case the lab’s bugged again. Updated on the security breach, Jack immediately suspects Victor.

At the club, Vikki and Billy tell Chelsea that they were just discussing the security breach. As for ‘what happened last night’, Chelsea insists they let her in in the private joke.

Whose fingerprints are these? What are you up to Victor? Nikki wonders at home (alone)

Meanwhile, Victor claims he has important business to discuss with Jack. If Gabe is anything like his Father, he can’t take the heat. Blame the victim, that’s your M.O. – and yes, Gabe does know Victor – better than you think.

Still at Summer’s, Kyle vows to support her. Noah and Courtney arrive – followed closely by Kevin and Mariah (both couples have news – but the engagement comes first)

You’re back! ~hug~ Abby lets Ben back into her suite. He’s heading out of town to pick up Kelly’s ashes. Abby claims she’s coming with him.

Back at the club, Billy explains that he comforted a crying Vikki; he was there for her – like Gabe was for Chelsea. Yeah, you did say there’s no secrets between us, Vikki reminds Chelsea (then marches upstairs)

After all congratulate Noah and Courtney, Kevin reports finding footage of Jack (Austin was secretly filming) Kevin needs to access the security footage from the park (the police have cameras there) Noah protests – but Courtney’s game.

Jack lists Victor’s recent actions – he has a plan. Ashley isn’t worried. Getting a call from the office, she’s told that Victor’s in the building. He wants us to know he’s there – what DOESN’T he want us to know? Jack wonders.

Paul flashes back to blasting Victor at GCM (your wife ran my wife and baby over!) On cue, Nikki drops by – as a friend (if he still considers her one) Paul tells Nikki that Chris can’t have more kids. Nikki’s so sorry – feels foolish coming to him with this…. Whatever it is, Paul’s answer is no.

Adam laughs when Victor tries to dismiss him from Jack’s office; and he’ll never sell Jabot to you. Not everyone ‘has a price’, not everyone can be bullied (a lesson Victor should have learned from his son) You know my son? Who are you? Victor wants to know.

No more secret favours behind my wife’s back, Paul wishes he hadn’t ignored Chris’ feelings. He can’t bring the baby back, but he’ll never disappoint his wife again. If Nikki has evidence to a crime she needs to go through the proper channels. Nikki leaves with her envelope.

At the station, Courtney hovers as Kevin types away on a computer. Access denied – a siren goes off.

Ben will only be gone a day – Abby will be safe. But she wants to go to support him. When he declines the offer, Abby badgers him to lean on Vikki (who then comes knocking)

Back at the club, Billy tries to convince Chelsea and himself that there’s nothing between him and Vikki. He then gripes about her confiding in Gabe. I’m not the one hung up on an ex. But Adam’s dead, Chelsea reminds. You’d never know it, Billy grumbles.

Gabe knew Nick in boarding school; he was one of the few people Victor couldn’t bully. And Adam’s sure he can’t learn a damn thing from him. Jack strolls in (with Ashley) – oh don’t be so sure, Victor could teach you how to steal secrets from a rival company.

Victor denies he ‘broke into’ Jack’s office – or hacking into the computers. In fact, he came to tell them that NE’s servers were breached too – let’s join forces to see who’s behind it. Ashley will escort Victor out of the building. Jack’s left to growl at Adam – you haven’t learned a damn thing have you!?

When Paul comes out to see what’s going on, Kevin says Courtney was trying to stop him – he needed to break the rules. Paul wants a reasonable explanation. And when Kevin can’t give him one, he’s suspended.

Noah, Summer, Mariah and Kyle debate why Austin was following Jack. Mariah still suspects Kyle (who slams out – leaving Mariah to say he could have been leading a double life, like Austin. It’s now like Summer would know)

Abby insists on leaving Vikki and Ben to talk – she’ll be next door, in Ben’s room. Vikki’s sorry Ben lost his sister. He needs to go get Kelly’s ashes (and he doesn’t want Vikki to go with him)

Kevin and Courtney join the others at Summer’s – to update that they got caught trying to hack into the park’s cameras. Kevin suspended, Courtney’s now the only one with access. No, absolutely NOT, Noah yelps.

Adam didn’t deserve your love, and Billy’s annoyed that Chelsea postponed the wedding after her weepy chat with Gabe. Chelsea reminds that Billy wanted to postpone after coming from Vikki’s. OK – something did happen, Billy informs that they almost kissed.

Adam’s sorry he flew off the handle – it won’t happen again. Jack warns him to focus on Connor and Chelsea – and Jabot. Ash returns – don’t tell me there’s another problem.

When Victor comes home, Nikki confronts him – she followed him to the confessional and found this (the fingerprints) What do they have to do with bringing Jack down??

Vikki loves Ben and wants to support him. Knowing (and understanding) that Vikki wasn’t a fan of Kelly’s, Ben doesn’t want to put her through that. OK, well don’t go alone – take Abby.

Back at the bar, Billy tells Chelsea that he didn’t kiss Vikki because it’s HER he loves ~kiss~ Jack calls – drop whatever you’re doing and get to the office. Board meeting? More like a war counsel ~click~

Victor tells Nikki that the finger prints are connected to whomever broke into NE’s computers. He was leaving them to his PI. Let Paul take care of it, Nikki suggests. Victor then guesses she already took them to Paul (behind his back)

Summer finds Kyle on the patio; don’t let Mariah get to you. You couldn’t hurt a fly – and Jack made you the man you are today; kind and good. Kyle impulsively kisses her.

Kyle knows Summer’s not ready – but she’s all he can think of. I need you in my life. I need you too, Summer knows she can trust Kyle. He kisses her hand.

Noah’s the only one who doesn’t want Courtney to risk her job by hacking into the park’s cameras – she has a wedding to plan (which will happen as soon as possible)

Assembled in his office, Jack’s pissed that he’s the last one to know about this security breach. Billy throws suspicion Adam’s way (to Chelsea’s annoyance) Ashley referees. Then Jack – we need to pull together to face Newman head on.

So? Is Victor wrong? No. he also guesses that Paul’s more concerned about the loss of his baby than what’s in the envelope. And FYI, these prints have nothing to do with Jack – they’re about saving NE. After Nikki clip clops off, Victor makes a call to alert his mystery partner that they’ll have to find a new meeting place. These fingerprints are a vital part of the plan.

Next: Cane meets with Jill – I think it’s about time we reassess how we’re structuring things at Chancellor….. Kevin confronts Mike – This reminds me of when you failed to tell Lauren about your cancer diagnosis – so what are you lying to your wife about this time? … Austin was murdered and Dylan thinks you did it, Noah tells Sharon (with Courtney and Dylan)

My Thoughts: So that’s it for Nikki’s drinking? One week she can’t even stay sober for her granddaughter’s Christening, the next she’s quite cold turkey all on her own? … It’s quite predictable that Billy and Vikki will reconcile – and that her hacking/spying (and lying about it) will come out shortly afterwards. She was against Victor stealing the Hex formula, so why is she now so eager to be Daddy’s puppet? I won’t even feel sorry for Vikki when her boyfriend sleeps with Abby. Ben sure didn’t look happy when seeing it was Vikki through the peep hole … Victor needs to find another place to meet his mystery accomplice. Will it be another church confessional? One of these days he’ll find an actual Priest on the other side – and be there for a week confessing … I doubt Paul’s equipped to investigate corporate hacking – he didn’t even know his own employee was trying to hack into police cameras 20 feet away from his office. The Chief of Police hasn’t even noticed that Detective Harding has vanished; just like Detective Chavez before him – and Detective Maggie Sullivan before him) ..You’d think Kevin would have been smart enough to mute the volume on the computer …. Oh course Noah doesn’t want Courtney to risk getting fired – they can’t live on his tip money from tending bar once every couple of weeks. And why would he want to rush this wedding, when it’s a first for both? Shouldn’t the bride get a say in setting a date? Of all the couples planning to say ‘I do’ this year, this one deserves a big, fairy tale wedding (though it’ll no doubt end in tragedy) …Kevin arrives at Summer’s asking where she and Kyle are. Forget about them, Mariah says; which is weird because they’re all hanging out at Summer’s house … Victor’s computer system is in ‘a special room’ – accessible only by a ‘special key’? How special. I guess he doesn’t realize that hacking is usually done offsight. And if the room’s so damn special, why isn’t it accessed only by retina or thumbprint recognition? This special room sounds like a bat cave hidden behind a special bookcase – accessed only when pulling on a special book… What a hypocrite Victor is – he does everything behind Nikki’s back.