Monday, March 30th

Coming down in the morning, Sharon thanks Dylan for sleeping over (though he didn’t sleep) She actually got the best night’s sleep she’s had since …..

At Summer’s apartment, she and Noah discuss Sharon’s story about what Dad did to Sandy Allen. It’s true, he’s sure his Mom wouldn’t lie. And we can’t talk to Dad about it.

Nick’s at the ranch – for the truth – about the party he threw in high school. A girl was injured. So what does Nick want to know? What exactly Victor did that night.

At the club, Vikki and Nikki stop by Billy and Chelsea’s table to offer congratulations on their engagement. Once seated, Vikki insists she’s happy for Billy. Nikki doesn’t seem convinced. Across the room, Billy gripes about Gabe Bingham shadowing Chelsea.

At Jabot, Sage relays Mr Tipton’s concerns that they haven’t moved back into the penthouse. Moving the conversation to Jack’s office, Adam plans to use something that just fell into his lap.

Chelsea and Billy’s romantic breakfast is interrupted by Adam’s call – he needs them both at Jabot asap. Watching them leave, Vikki admits the engagement might bother her a bit – but now it’s on to Nikki’s sobriety (despite Victor’s shenanigans re: Jabot)

Ah, the girl who had the diving accident, Victor remembers. Nick rants about what his stupidity cost Sandra. She wouldn’t return his calls or letters. YOU paid her off – bribed the whole family. How much did that cost? Victor’s not denying a damn thing (but he also won’t apologize) He’s angry – you should be thanking me (like the Allen’s did)

After some small talk, Sharon tells Dylan there’s no need to come back after work – go home to your fiancĂ©e. Avery’s busy with a new client, Dylan informs. Both agree it’s best he doesn’t know what she’s holding over Nick’s head (that got her more time with Faith)

Sage ends her argument with Adam when Billy and Chelsea arrive – then leaves Adam to tell them someone hacked into Jabot’s mainframe; likely Billy’s ex wife.

Vikki and Nikki worry about how far Victor will go to get Jabot from Jack; he’s planing something. It’s stressful, Nikki whines.

Nick and Victor now argue about Sharon (and all she’s done to our family) Now we’re connected forever because of what she has on me, Nick pouts. Victor’s told to stay out of it – you’ve done enough. Nick CAN’T forget what he now knows.

Courtney arrives to update Kyle, Noah and Summer – a police report on Sandra’s accident didn’t mention Nick (probably thanks to Victor) Dylan then drops by to say that Abby told him everything – it’s time to go to the police. Sharon’s been threatened. Hearing Kyle wrote the message on her mirror, Dylan lunges at Kyle. What the hell were you thinking? Kyle wanted Sharon to confess to murdering Austin to keep him quiet.

Mommy! Dropping Faith off at Sharon’s, Nick gets a chance to say he’s thinking of telling the police everything. Sharon thinks that a terrible idea; you could lose custody of Faith. This arrangement works – we can keep this between you, me and Victor.

The kids now update Dylan on the interview Sharon gave Austin. Noah doesn’t like either of his parents being suspected of murder. Dylan orders them to back off – he’ll clean up their mess – stay out of my way (he slams out)

Adam informs that the hacker stole Chelsea’s latest designs. This smells like Victor, Billy says – but disagrees that Vikki’s involved (but will talk to her) After Billy leaves, ‘Gabe’ tells Chelsea that Victor stole his Father’s company.

Victor’s on the phone; I’ll leave the info in the usual place – retrieve it immediately and call me ~click~ He didn’t realize Nikki had come home. Giving her a quick kiss, Victor (with an envelope) leaves her to wonder what he’s up to.

Nick already gave Sharon an extra day, and now she’s talking joint custody? Sharon’s fine with the arrangement – for now. When Dylan drops by, Sharon and Faith to upstairs, leaving Nick to hope he’s right (that Sharon would never hurt Faith) Dylan’s left to mull that one over.

Noah thinks Dylan’s right – we need to move on with our lives. He and Courtney are off to hang out at CL’s. Summer rants to Kyle (who will keep her safe) He didn’t just come back for Abby’s party – he came back for Summer.

Back in Jack’s office, Gabe makes a call to have all passwords changed. He’s not afraid to play dirty – he learned from his Father. We had a complicated relationship. Chelsea understands that – Billy tolerates Jeff (as did Adam) ‘Gabe’ then mentions how quickly Billy came to his ex’s defense.

At the club, Billy asks Vikki whether Victor hacked into Jabot’s computer system. Spy on my Father? Vikki balks – it’s not fair to use my feelings like this. No, I could never hate you. I could never hate you either, both smile.

On the CL’s patio, Noah and Courtney have little to talk about. He has something on his mind. Life can end, just like that. Noah doesn’t want to have regrets – Courtney is the best thing that ever happened to him. On bended knee, he proposes (ring and all) Yes! Yes! ~kiss~

At Underground (under renovations) Nick throws stuff around after reading about Sandy’s accident online. He then snaps at Sage when she drops by. Is she after money? Wait …. he says as she walks out.

Chelsea isn’t insecure about Vikki – that’s not why she and Billy are postponing the wedding. She leaves saying that Victor’s a man who gets what he wants. Runs in the family, Adam’s left to smirk.

Package ready for pick up, Victor sends his text – then leaves the envelope in the confessional. A black gloved hand retrieves it seconds later.

Austin didn’t deserve you, Kyle says. But Summer loved him. And now she appreciates Kyle protecting her, like a big brother. That’s not how he wants Summer to see him.

Playing a board game, Sharon gasps when Faith says a Newman can buy a house whenever they want. Who told you that? Grandpa. As Sharon goes for cookies, Faith lets it slip that she and Mommy were driving through the woods the night all the lights went out. Uh oh, Dylan looks troubled.

Nick’s sorry – he’s a jerk who won’t talk to Sage like that again. She does want something; a safe haven from the lies in her life. Nick has secrets too – that someone’s using against him. He doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Trust me, Sage hugs him.

Billy tells Vikki that the Abbott’s/Jabot are ready for a war. It won’t effect us, they shake on it. Careful, we don’t want a repeat of last night. What happened last night? a curious Chelsea appears to ask.

At home, Nikki also has a large yellow envelope; which contains a sheet of finger prints. Hmmmm.

Adam speeds back into the office – babbling to ‘Jack’ that he knows who’s behind the security breech. Victor turns around in the chair. What the hell are you doing here? Adam asks.

Next: Kyle kisses Summer …. If somebody’s determined there’s really no way to stop them, Ashley asserts. Someone like Victor? Jack replies… So you know me huh? Victor growls. More than you think, Adam says. Who the hell are you? Victor wants to know.

My Thoughts: Really? NOW Nick and Sharon are connected forever? But not by their history, their kids – or living on the same damn parcel of land for the past 25 years; nooooo – Nick and Sharon are NOW connected by an accident that happened in HIGH SCHOOL! Good luck bringing that to light in family court… Yet again, Nick comes off as being so torn up about his actions that we can’t possibly be as hard on him as he is on himself. Pfffttt. He’s all talk. He won’t go to the police and he won’t contact Sandra Allen. It’s great that he feels sorry AFTER the fact – and it’s a sharp contrast to Sharon shrugging everything off – but still – too little too late…. Neither Noah or Summer can believe their Dad nearly killed a girl and tried to cover it up? Why is that so hard to believe? Aren’t they doing the exact same thing in covering up a death that occurred while they were passed out drunk? What a pair of hypocrites …. If Billy and Chelsea haven’t moved back into their penthouse, obviously the floor’s not ready yet – and why does Mr Tipton care where the Bingham’s live?? ….Anyone wanna bet that Noah and Courtney never make it to the altar? ….. Why would Jabot’s IT department inform it’s newest employee about a security breach – and why would he report said news to Jabot’s fashion designer? If anyone can stroll into Jack’s office (including his arch enemy Victor) Jabot’s security has more holes than those stupid cut out walls that are about as stylish as glass block… The GCAC must be having a special on Mimosa’s this morning … When every other word was ‘Sharon’s secret’, why didn’t this incident come out then? Even while under hypnosis, Sharon didn’t mention it … I’ll get it, Noah jumps up to answer the door (like anyone else was getting up) And I loved the way the girls jump back when Dylan lunges at Kyle. ‘Snowflake’ I can see – but Courtney’s a cop. She doesn’t just forget all her training when she replaces her uniform with a mini skirt … Victor really thinks the Allen family is grateful to him? A rich, negligent Father? And it seems history has been rewritten; Nick and Sharon met in 1994 and married in 1996. Victor married Hope in ’94, and resided in Kansas, then his renovated penthouse until 96. So yeah, Victor wasn’t living at the ranch when this party occured. Never mind that the pool was nowhere near the main house, or any ‘balcony’.