Thursday, April 17th

Billy comes home to an empty apartment. Across the hall, Chelsea’s getting dressed – I can’t believe this happened. We have an undeniable connection, Adam says – leaves Chelsea to read a text from Billy – he’s at home and needs to talk.

Sharon’s arraignment is all over the news, Nick gripes (at Underground) Sage gives him an out – our relationship complicates things. She leaves when Noah comes to whine about Mom – we need to pull together as a family. Sage pauses to listen.

At CL’s, the Scooby Doo gang feel a lot safer thanks to Paul (for arresting Sharon) House arrest for killing tow people? Summer sneers. Dylan tells Ben that Sharon’s being framed – he’ll find the killer!

Mike’s at Sharon’s – come in and sit down – let’s review your case. Sharon’s grateful – knows he’d rather be home with Lauren. Looking outside, she pouts – I’m guilty – my life is over.

Noah wasn’t at the arraignment – he was taking care of Courtney’s funeral (her parents just came back from a cruise) Nick can relate. Noah can’t give Courtney’s stuff away. Her parents lost when hearing his Mom was charged with her murder. She’s out on bail – Mike’s staying with her. Nick’s relieved she won’t be able to run – but stands firm – Sharon won’t be seeing Faith ‘like nothing happened’.

How can you be guilty if you didn’t kill anyone? The evidence is circumstantial. Yes, Mike’s the best – but sometimes the best isn’t enough. Mike won’t give up – let’s talk about the tire iron; your prints, Austin’s blood. The chain of evidence is compromised. Sharon doesn’t remember using a tire iron, but may own one. Fed up with questions, Sharon goes to make tea. A frustrated Mike’s glad when Dylan arrives.

Seated with Kyle and Summer, Abby says Ben’s not convinced it’s Sharon – so will still be guarding her. Summer wonders if there’s more to it. Ben appears to warn not to feel to confident/safe – there’s more to the story.

Chelsea has to go. OK – but Adam’s sure she can’t go through the the wedding after what just happened. He’s left to smile as Chelsea comes home to Billy (who blurts out that he kissed Vikki – it was like we were under a spell) He regrets it – I don’t love her anymore – I love YOU. Billy doesn’t want lies or secrets between them – he won’t screw this up. He wants to be the man Chelsea deserves – to get married.

Sage came to get her things. Adam gives her the signed divorce papers – go run to Nick – you’re free. Why the turn around? Adam’s a gentleman – so will just say the future looks bright. But you’re lying to her. She won’t know that – get your stuff and get out of here.

Of course Chelsea still loves Billy. Good – he loves her. Chelsea understands – perhaps he and Vikki should stay away from each other. Please forgive me, Billy pleads. We all need to be forgiven sometimes, Chelsea accepts his hug. And surprises – she does want to get married right away.

Mom hasn’t been convicted – Faith needs her Mom, Noah doesn’t believe his Mom guilty. Nick thinks it possible – when Sharon’s back’s against the wall, she’s dangerous. When she torched the ranch, you think she went room to room to see if anyone was home? Nick will protect Faith.

Dylan gives Sharon a pep talk – he and Mike WILL catch this killer – but they need Sharon’s help. OK, she agrees. Getting a call from Kevin, Mike updates – the DA got a warrant to search the house tonight. The threesome get busy searching first (in case the killer planted something else incriminating)

Noah back at CL’s, the rest of the gang see why Nick’s keeping Faith away from Sharon. Noah’s irritated – has been making funeral arrangements – can we just stop talking about my Mom killing my fiancée?!

Unable to find anything incriminating, Mike suggests Sharon check her computer. Dylan will go check her car.

Chelsea’s gonna be spending a lot more time here – Sage better not tell her anything. Sage is sure it’ll backfire – the relationship’s based on lies. Adam’s on his way to getting his family back – get the hell out of my life, please! In the hallway, Sage bumps into Chelsea – and because she likes her, warns that with the divorce almost official, Gabe no longer has any obstacles. And he’s a force to be reckoned with. Chelsea’s left to look concerned.

Noah now gets some support – Summer knows what it’s like to plan a service for someone who’s been ripped away from you. She suggests a dress Courtney liked – and remembers the necklace Noah wants to include (but can’t find) Summer’s sure Courtney was wearing it when she left the apartment. After Noah leaves, the kids wonder where the necklace went. Maybe the killer has it.

Sharon’s laptop checks out. Dylan comes in with a necklace he found in the trunk of her car – does this belong to you?

At the club, a staff member tells Sage that her credit card didn’t go through. Nick appears – try this one bud. Embarrassed, Sage is told it’s an advance on her salary. It’s the least Nick can do.

Chelsea goes back to Adam’s – she couldn’t tell Billy. He’s my fiancée. But there’s a reason you ended up in my arms – you’re the only woman who matters to me. But why? Adam makes a list – and knows Chelsea will always be insecure about Billy and Vikki. He’s stunned to hear that she’s marrying Billy asap.

Sharon’s never seen this necklace before. Someone’s setting me up! As luck would have it, Noah walks in – that’s Courtney’s – she had it on when she died! What are you doing with it!? Sharon goes all crazy eyes.

Back at CL’s, Abby worries about Noah. Ben thinks he’ll be OK. After an awkward moment, Abby makes it even more awkward – she has a question – about why he’s staying with her.

On the patio, Summer mopes. Kyle wants to make her dinner – give her a massage. Summer appreciates his support – he’s the perfect escape – but – Austin hasn’t been gone that long. We may have been moving too fast.

Chelsea now tells Adam that she saw Billy kissing Vikki – she was confused and angry – wanted to lash out at him. But it was a mistake. We can’t be more than friends. I just don’t feel the same way. I used you. I’m sorry. It’s best we pretend it never happened. Please don’t go, Adam follows Chelsea into the hallway – where they bump into a suspicious Billy.

No, Abby’s not having second thoughts about their arrangement – but how does Vikki feel now that Sharon’s been arrested? Maybe she thinks I’m inventing reasons to stay with you, Ben says. That’s crazy, Abby chuckles. Maybe it’s not, Ben smiles.

Kyle will always be there for Summer – call and I’ll come running. As he’s about to leave, Summer stops him – she needs him in her life – but wants to slow things down is all.

At the club’s bar, Nick feels bad for what Noah’s going through. But, he doesn’t want to take a step back from Sage – he couldn’t get through this without her ~kiss~

Chelsea wanted ‘Gabe’ to hear from her that they’re moving up their wedding. No, he didn’t try to change my mind. Adam told her the truth – that’d it’d be a mistake marrying you. Chelsea hope she’ll accept it and move forward. Adam closes the door. Never mind him- we have a wedding to plan ~hug~ None of the three look happy.

Mike and Dylan tell Noah where they found the necklace – someone planted it to frame Sharon. Noah sees it as more evidence. I didn’t kill her! Noah wants to believe her – but everything keeps pointing back at her. When the police bang on the door – wanting to search the place, Sharon hisses – Noah please!!

Next: Chris snarls at Nikki – If the two of you didn’t share a son, YOU’D be standing up there next to Neil…. Paul confronts Dylan: I can’t find one person, including YOU, who isn’t trying to deceive me! …It’s your brother on that tape and all you desperate measures won’t save him. Save me from what? oleSmilin’ Jack saunters in – his bride in tow.

My Thoughts: Courtney’s parents must have gone to the Doris Collins school of parenting. Why wouldn’t they go on a cruise instead of attend their daughter’s wedding? (not that they had much notice) Doris was also on a cruise when Sharon was to marry Nick. God knows where she is not that her ‘gurl’ is facing a double murder rap. Some say she’s still sailing til this day …. Of course Adam’s going to tell Billy that he had sex with Chelsea – but will Billy believe him. Having been a con artist for decades, you’d think Chelsea’s have a better poker face. It seems pretty predictable that Chelsea will get pregnant (perhaps she’ll be able to pass it off as Billy’s – until the child starts going blind) … Are the Baldwin’s over as we know them? Hard for them to be on this ‘journey’ together if Mike’s shacking up with Sharon. Why hasn’t Kevin marched over to play bellowing voice of reason. Let’s just hope Sharon expressed her gratitude to Mike by baking him cupcakes and stuff. Since she doesn’t have a guest room, is she going to put Mike in Faith’s empty room – or let a sick man toss and turn on her sofa every night… I don’t even think Vikki will be annoyed when she finds out Ben’s traded her in for her younger sister. I do hope someone enlightens her about him and Ashley though.. Nick’s giving Sage an advance on her salary? Just how much does a nightclub manager earn? (especially when the club’s not even open for business) .. Saint Sage is delusional – her lies are JUST as bad as Adam’s lies. And if he lets her live (happily ever after with Nick, or at all) Adam’s not the evilest evildoer who ever eviled after all … There’s something creepy about Kyle. And where did Mariah and Kevin disappear to? Neither of them have jobs right now. And will anything else come of Kevin’s big writing career?? Or was the sole purpose to cast suspicion on him? (are we supposed to forget that Plato Sheres story was a blueprint for Austin’s murder?)