Wednesday, April 15th

Hauled in for her arraignment, Sharon complains to Dylan; David’s not returning her calls and she fired her useless public defender. I have no attorney! Help me! Find me a lawyer!

Avery awakes at Joe’s bedside – I may have snored. A true gentleman never says. Joe can’t feel his legs. That hasn’t changed – but everything else has.

At CL’s, Lauren suggests they go away for a few days. She doesn’t care if they don’t spend it in bed. It’s not the right time (Mike cites her work, not his) Cane appears – his job is to provide Mike’s wife whatever she needs.

Fists fly at the GCAC. As Ben joins Vikki in pulling Billy and Adam apart, the brass urn ends up being kicked on the floor. Ben barks – you and your brother didn’t kick her around enough when she was alive!!?? He didn’t know, Vikki defends Billy (Abby at Ben’s side)

Ben rejects Billy’s apology – and Abby isn’t impressed that he compared Gabe to the much loathed Adam (who pissed all off by commenting Billy stalking his ex – who doesn’t seem to mind) Abby follows Billy to the bar – IS he chasing Vikki? If so, she can help. Billy guesses that’s so Ben’s free to move on with someone else.

Across the room, Ben’s not thrilled with his homecoming. But maybe Gabe’s right – he’s been away from Vikki too long. Are we fine? Not yet – but we will be (Sharon’s been arrested – Abby’s safe) Ben’s not so sure. That Abby’s safe? Or that he’s coming home.

Cane’s at Lauren’s service. Three days off? Done. Fenmore’s will be safe – go – be together. Mike agrees – but needs to check with Avery first. As he leaves, Lauren looks worried.

Avery hovers as the doctor tells Joe – one step at a time. He’s being inspirational, Avery tries to calm Joe down. As he struggles to get up, Avery moves in close – you need to stay in bed. And Dylan arrives to see them.

Meeting Gabe in the hallway, Chelsea asks what happened to his face. Your fiancĂ©e was defending the honour of a woman – his ex.

In Adam’s apartment, Chelsea’s updated that Billy was holding Vikki’s hand. She’s sure there was a reason for it – they have children, history. Adam goes on about Billy and Vikki, until Chelsea asks if he’s a jerk. I was there – I was scared for you – I was honoured to be there, Adam may be a jerk – but there’s nowhere I’d rather be than with you.

Abby would never chase after her sister’s boyfriend. Hmmm, Billy says. Summer isn’t my sister – I’ve learned my lesson – we’re just friends; and barely that.

You really think Sharon killed Austin and Courtney? The police do, Vikki replies. Ben thinks the killer may be feeling boxed in. Abby could still be in danger. Vikki lists the reasons why it made sense for Ben to stay at the club – with Abby. It has nothing to do with her wanting distance from him.

Billy apologizes to Ben – he’s really sorry. Abby goes to get a front row seat at Sharon’s arraignment. Ben will go to. OK – but for the record, I didn’t ask you to go with me. That leaves Billy to say he got punched – but Vikki looks like the one who got knocked out.

Seated in the courtroom, Sharon looks panicked.

When Dylan enters the room, Joe repeats his suggestion that Avery go home – she doesn’t need to babysit and isn’t to blame. Great – Dylan asks to see Avery in the hallway – he needs a favour – represent Sharon at her arraignment. No – it’s not a good time. Because of Joe? He may never walk because of me. There’s also her role in the tire iron – she should stay away from the case. And be with Joe. Dylan gripes. As Mike appears, monitors beep loudly. Avery’s horrified to find Joe on the floor.

That’s sweet – but crossing the line. Chelsea thinks Adam probably imagined what you saw between Billy and Vikki. Respect the fact that I’m engaged. BILLY needs to respect that! And what happens when Connor starts looking and acting like Adam? Chelsea’s then pissed to hear that Adam punched Billy first. Did you hut him? He’s OK – he’s probably holding hands with Vikki at the club. Hilarious! Chelsea marches out.

A moping Vikki appreciates Billy saying the right things – as always. It’s like you know what I want to hear. Billy can read her eyes. What are they saying now? she flirts.

Hooked back up, Joe’s scolded – don’t get out of bed again. Avery refuses to go home. Please, his voice croaks. That’s not pain you hear – it’s fear. I’m not that strong. Avery tells him to hang on – if he can’t? She’ll hang on for him.

In the hallway, Dylan appeals to Mike – will you take Sharon on?

My attorney should be here any minute, Sharon tells the Judge (who calls a brief recess) In the hallway, Sharon tells Abby she didn’t attack her – I’m being framed. Ben at her side, Abby will rest easy with Sharon’s behind bars. Wishing she had popcorn, Abby goes to take a seat. That leaves Ben to be more empathetic. Sharon hopes he believes her because Dylan does. Summoned back inside, Sharon stands alone to plead no guilty. The States attorney wants to deny bail and remand the accused into custody.

Back in Joe’s room, Avery insists she and Dylan aren’t fighting about him – he wants me to represent Sharon (but I’m not sure she’s innocent)

The State’s Attorney tells the Judge that Sharon let her family believe her dead while she hid in New Mexico. The Judge agrees. Mike rushes in, with apologizes – and Dylan – he’d like to speak on behalf of his client.

At CL’s, Cane talks to Lauren about bolstering security – once trust is broken …. Cane guesses they’re no longer talking about work. What’s wrong? Is Mike in pain? He doesn’t want to go away with me. He’s pulling away.

Chelsea asks the bartender – I’m looking for Billy, have you seen ….. She looks over to see him kissing Vikki in the dining room.

As Adam mopes over the divorce papers at home, Chelsea runs out of the club. Vikki and Billy and their kiss – looking awkward.

Cane knows about the cancer war. It’s hard – you have all these fears but suck it up. Yes, because what Mike’s going through is so much worse. He’s strong – but being shut out is hard. It happened to Cane and Lily too, but they decided to fight. Mike will be fine – and be there for you. Be patient. Don’t you pull away. Lauren wipes her tears – thank you – I can do that.

As the lawyers go at it, Dylan chimes in at the mentions of ‘mental instability’. Mike shuts him up – let me do my job. He tells the Judge that his client is dealing with her disorder (which could be exasperated by being locked up) Mike recommends house arrest – with a guardian; me. All are shocked.

Avery will distract Joe with a game of cunningness. We once survived a 6 hour layer playing hangman (strictly PG this time) They walk among us… sometimes they pull up right beside us … blah blah… Angel – I win. Sometimes they don’t have to have wings, Joe smiles at Avery.

Sharon thanks Mike and Dylan – now she gets to go to her own home. But you’ll be away from your home, your wife. Mike’s fine with doing that for his client. Abby sends a text – killer still free – justice a joke. Dylan assures Ben that Sharon’s innocent – the killer’s still out there. On the phone, Lauren’s not happy to hear that Mike will be staying at Sharon’s For how long? Gotta go. Mike then hangs up on Lauren’s I love you. The last one’s to leave, Ben insists on staying with Abby (who’s sure it’s Sharon) Yes – we continue to stay at the club. There’s no other choice. We’re stuck with each other (Abby doesn’t look disappointed)

Billy’s sorry – but it felt really good. He promises he won’t let that happen again. It’s not right. Vikki’s not upset. Yeah, but Billy needs to get it together – I can’t lose Chelsea.

Chelsea marches into Adam’s – kiss me! He does. What happened? You wanna talk – or you wanna kiss me again? The clothes come off as they kiss their way to the counter – then rolling about on the floor.

Next: Adam shouts at Sage – I gave you the divorce, now go play house with Nick. Get the hell out of my life, please! … That’s Courtney’s necklace – she had it on when she died. What are you doing with it?! Noah barks at his Mom …. We um… we uh DO need to talk, Chelsea says when Billy comes home. I kissed Victoria, he blurts out.

My Thoughts: Oh no. No. No. No. Mike staying at Sharon’s is just plain horrible. While I’m thrilled that Sharon’s out of Nick’s orbit, a triangle with his half brother and a married man battling cancer is just too disgusting. Sharon and Victor just both need to be axed at this point. Yes, being diagnosed with cancer is devastating, but it’s not an excuse to be a complete ass. That said, knowing Mike’s pushing her away, I really hope Lauren doesn’t end up in Cane’s bed. That would be so wrong and random … Sharon fired her public defender because he was useless and incompetent? Oh please. She’d never be made to stand and make a plea – she’ have been put back in a cell until a public defender she approved of was found, an attorney was hired – or Sharon filed to represent herself. Given her wealth, there’s no reason she couldn’t hire an attorney from the yellows pages – Leslie even…. And why does Mike have to stay at Sharon’s home? He’s doing her the favour – she should have to sleep on the Baldwin’s sofa. I wonder what Faith will make of this. Won’t Sharon be made to wear an ankle monitor? Or will she be tagging along to his every DR appointment? It just keeps getting more ridiculous every day…. How disrespectful of Billy and Vikki to kiss in public – Vikki sure didn’t seem to regret it as much as Billy. Chelsea had every reason to be pissed – but is anger-sex the best reaction? I’m guessing we’re in for a ‘who’s the daddy’ storyline shortly. And don’t forget, we still have Chloe out there somewhere – with another Billy JR … Avery fawning over Joe is beyond annoying – being paralyzed doesn’t change the fact that he’s an obsessive stalker. Once he’s wooed Avery away from Dylan, he’ll likely lose interest fast.