Monday, April 20th

The warm breeze gently wafts through palm trees as aqua water breaks onto white sand. You’ve been a bad, bad boy, Kelly cracks Jack with a baseball bat.

Phyllis hugs her handsome and mysterious husband – why did he hack into the servers – what does he have on Victor? Yack would rather do this ~kiss~

At the club, Ashley makes her case for removing Jack as CEO; hacking into servers – practically winking at the camera and acting like he got a parking ticket when confronted. Is it mid life crisis? Is he back on the pills? Billy wonders if Ashley’s just making a power play to control Jabot.

The State requests a recess – it’s an urgent matter that can’t wait. Hilary smirks at Mobley as she saunters out. Neil and Leslie are puzzled – he was ‘rattled’.

In the hallway, Devon questions Hilary – Mobley must be worried the jury will sympathize with Neil when they see what a piece of work you are. One cue, a furious Mobley calls ‘Ann’ (now on to her) But this isn’t about getting the case thrown out – it’s about Hilary helping her husband (Devon squints and squirms in the background)

Such a devoted wife, Mobely knows Mrs Winters slept with her stepson too. But even if he recuses himself, NO way Chris will let this go. Hilary doesn’t want him to recuse himself – and she’s VERY serious (Devon continues to hover)

Also in the hallway, Victor fusses over Nikki – she’s more important than anything. The cyber hacking? He’s getting to the bottom of it.

Phyllis laughs as she pushes Yack off her – what is with this wild man routine – you’re insatiable. And why was Yack so cavalier with Billy and Ashley? I’m not going to prison for cyber theft, Yack assures – trust me. Phyllis does – but do Billy and Ashley?

Ashley would never throw her brother under the bus for a title. But Jack’s about to be charged with corporate espionage! Striking a deal might be worse. Billy believes in his brother – maybe Jack’s just getting something in place before… Wait – we’re talking about Jack as if he’s Victor, Billy’s finally worried.

Billy gets a call from Phyllis – inviting him and Ashley back for cocktails (Kyle and Abby are coming too) Updated on the impromptu party, Ashley sees an opportunity – but we have to make some decisions NOW.

Back at the mansion, Yack assures his Queen that he’s OK with inviting the family over – I’m your slave. Phyllis almost looks repulsed over his shoulder.

Kelly prattles on as she tends to the wound on Jack’s forehead. She had no choice, but will try to forgive him (like she did Ben – and is trying to do with her Mom) That’s what love is – understanding. Understanding!? Gagged, Jack thinks aloud – vowing to get back to his WIFE, while Kelly rots away in a cell. Once again dabbing at Jack’s head, Kelly’s sure Jack will come around – no hurry – we have the rest of our lives.

Impatient in the hallway, Victor asks Paul for an explanation. No idea – but Mobely’s relentless. Nikki’s sorry he was so hard on Chris (on the stand) – and hopes she’ll will one day find peace. Only Neil being found guilty will bring Chris peace, Paul growly as he marches off.

A few feet away, Lily (and Leslie) scold Neil – he needs to fight. She hates that Hilary’s testifying for the defense? Told it’s time to go back inside, Devon pauses. Still on the phone, Hilary threatens to end Mobley’s career if he recuses himself.

As Leslie recalls Hilary, Mobely asks to approach the bench – to propose a plea deal. All are puzzled (unable to hear what the lawyers are whispering about)

Back in paradise, Kelly pouts about the red headed menace – she’s filth. When we were together, you had a real woman – a lady (the thoughts in Jack’s head contradict Kelly’s blathering; You call THIS ‘healing’?!) Kelly rips up a photo of Phyllis bit by bit – I’ve rescued you.

Welcomed to his own home, Kyle gives his ‘stepmom’ a hug. Summer off distracting Faith today, Phyllis hopes now everyone believes that Sharon pushed her down those stairs – but enough of that. Billy and Ashley arrive – to tattle on Yack. Abby and Kyle are also stunned that they plan to remove him as CEO. Wow, good luck with THAT, Yack enters munching on celery.

Neil’s kids wonder why he’s been called up before the Judge. All returning to their spots, Leslie announces her client’s taking a plea bargain (homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle) You can’t do that! Paul bellows. 2 years probation, community service – random sobriety checks and attending AA meetings. After Paul marches out, Devon frowns at a smiling Hilary. Neil declines Victor’s job offer and hugs Devon. In the hallway, Paul confronts Victor – are YOU the reason Neil just got away with murder?.

Phyllis’ photo in pieces in a bowl, Kelly tears up as she remembers Sam – but removing. Taking the bowl, Kelly says the only story she and Jack will tell is their own.

Yack clarifies for a confused Abby – apparently this is my going away party. Except *I* head this family and this company. *I* make the decisions. After Ashley asks Yack to take a leave of absence, all wonder why Victor hasn’t used his info yet. WOULD Jack work with Victor? He’s thought about it. No one thinking that good idea, Billy now agrees with Ashley – step down. Know what I think? You’re fired, Yack grins.

The Abbott’s flabbergasted, Yack tells Billy to find another job – or get with the times. He’s called a truce with Victor. This deal will be a new start. After everyone has their say (against Victor) Jack tells all the traitors to get out of his house – NOW. Phyllis is left to try talk sense into Yack (who lists all Victor’s done for them) But yes, she’s still on his side – always.

Jack’s struggling is interrupted by Vivaldi – and Kelly in lingerie.

Victor denies swaying the ADA – and doesn’t appreciate Paul’s threats. He then tells Nikki the same thing (then goes to take a call – see you at home)

Back in the courtroom, Paul blasts Mobley – who got to you? This isn’t what Chris wanted. The guy didn’t deserve to do time. Paul will tell that to the DA – you might not have a job after this. Mobely’s left to pout alone.

In the hallway, Devon confronts Hilary – you used the ADA like you used me. Now I never have to look at your face again. Hilary calls him back – it’s not the same – it was never the same.

You slept with the ADA to get what you want. HOW is it different? Because I loved you, I still love you, Hilary stuns Devon.

At CL’s, Team Neil celebrates with cupcakes. Leslie’s left to ask Neil what’s troubling him. He doesn’t understand why the ADA flipped. Leslie’s sure Mobley wasn’t bribed. Blackmailed by Victor? Leslie advises Neil not to question it.

At the club, Abby wonders if all of them are fired – or just Billy. No one’s going anywhere – Ashley’s calling a board meeting. We’ll vote Jack out. It’s not like him to play into Dad’s hands, Abby knows.

Kelly unbuttons Jack’s shirt – tell me how much…. If she takes the gag off, he can’t say anything hurtful. Kelly leans in for a kiss. Jack responds….

Victor’s in the confessional. I’m not happy with you at all – you came back 2 days early. I won’t be disobeyed again. You got that? Relax – they think I’m making a deal with the devil, Yack will show them who’s the boss.

Next: We need to talk… About Abby, Vikki assumes… About us – and where we stand, Ben corrects….. Phylis backs away from Yack – have you been drinking? …. Let’s beat Victor together – you – and me, Jack implores of Kelly.

My Thoughts: Well then, we can officially consider any and all rumours floating around about the show a credible possibility – no matter how incredulous they might sound. So – prepare to be nauseated when Yack shows sexual interest in his ‘sister’ Ashley. That said, I’ve decided not to gripe about how ridiculous it all is, but to go along with it and hope they get over this Passions phase soon. And let’s hope Yack doesn’t get anyone pregnant (I must say, the twinkle in PB’s eye isn’t hard to watch… As if they ADA would offer a sweetheart deal to the defendant – without even consulting with the victims (never mind that Chris is his boss) So what if Winston Mobley shagged a random stranger – too bad he didn’t call Hilary’s bluff. At least they aren’t writing the actress’ real life pregnancy into the storyline (as she’s due in August according to the magazines)… I wonder why Neil’s car won’t be outfitted with a breathalyser (because let’s face it, no random sobriety checks are going to happen – unless Chris is the one personally doing them – cause then I can see her stalking Neil or popping up at his apartment at 02:00) She’s going to lose it upon hearing this news (and I can’t say as I blame he) …. As badly as Sharon’s character’s been slowly dismantled over the past decade, Victor’s has sunk even further, faster. There’s no illness to be blamed – he’s obviously cured of epilepsy. Victor Newman is pure villain. And I’m OK with that – he was riding the fence far too long. No need to look for redeeming qualities – there simply aren’t any. But it’ll be pretty silly if he tries to pull the old protecting the family or respect for Katherine from now on. And surely, finally, Nikki will one day soon see the light and put an end to the abusive relationship. The fairytale was over decades ago…. Does Jabot not make long lasting deodorant/antiperspirant? Jack could really use some.