Tuesday, April 21st

At the club, the Abbott’s continue to ponder Jack’s decision to join forces with Victor. Only Kyle wants to wait and see and trust his Dad’s state of mind. Ashley’s contacted Traci – and has arranged an emergency boardroom meeting tomorrow. Jabot meeting? Ben appears. It’s a family meeting, Billy growls – for family only.

Vikki chatters to Katie; seems neither can sleep well with Ben gone (but he’s taking good care of Abby) At least Dad’s spending more time with us – that’s a good thing, right? Not really, Victor smirks.

In the shack. Kelly proceeds in opening champagne – and enough of Jack being all clean and sober. Let’s celebrate that kiss. Sure Jack wasn’t pretending, Kelly pops the cork – that kiss was the start of things to come.

Meanwhile, Yack toasts himself – I made a new man outta you Jackie Boy. He then hides his drink when Phyllis comes down to wonder where he’s been. A meeting – but no business talk – there’s still beds to Christen in this house. Kissing him, Phyllis backs away – have you been drinking?

Jack had one little drink – don’t be a killjoy – this is a great time for me and my company. Phyllis IS worried – has Jack forgotten the hell he went through to beat his addiction!? It’s a small jump from alcohol to pills. Jack loves his life right now and won’t do anything to screw it up ~hug~ (he exhales over Phyllis’ shoulder)

I shouldn’t, Jack reluctantly takes a sip of champagne poured down his throat. Good job, Kelly giggles. Jack now admits he’s been denying himself pleasure for too long. Seeing Kelly – alive – this is real; the kiss was real; what we have is real. What’s Victor’s plan for the future? Jack asks. Wait here – Kelly has a surprise. Jack’s left to mutter that he’ll get the last laugh on Victor.

Victor’s brought presents for Johnny and Katie (implying their Dad isn’t taking care of them) Vikki appreciates the gifts – not the anti-Billy comment. Irritated, she assures Victor she can juggle motherhood and work – but how can she be totally on-board when she doesn’t know the plan? Victor’s been disappointed by Vikki – the child most like him. He wants her to one day lead his legacy. No one could take your place Dad ~hug~ Victor one day wants to leave the company to Katherine. In other words, make sure she’s a Newman not an Abbott – that’s what it all comes down to, Vikki concludes. You’re getting my drift, Victor confirms.

Abby thinks Ben has a right to join them (as does Ben) We’ve got it covered Ace, Billy then chides Ben about not being with Vikki. And leave Chelsea out of this. Yeah – YOU’RE good at that, Ben’s hauled aside by Abby – who updates him that Jack fired Billy (but agrees with him that Ben should go be with Vikki) Yeah, we have things to discuss, Ben leaves Abby to pout briefly before joining the goup. Kyle’s vote will be with his Dad – and he assumes Abby’s is too.

Ashley and Billy try to persuade Kyle and Abby – teaming up with Newman will destroy the Abbott legacy and Jack (it may push him back to destructive behavior) Ashley loves Jack but doesn’t recognize him – this is the best thing for Jabot and Jack. We’re going ahead, with or without you guys. Like hell, Kyle’s left to mutter and stomp off; Abby on his heels.

Victor’s glad Vikki’s no longer sharing pillow talk with Billy – but why is Ben still at the club protecting Abby? Of course Sharon’s the killer, if only Victor could persuade Nick of that (before he ends up with ‘that woman’ again) As Vikki gripes that she’s had enough of men; Abbott and otherwise, Ben comes home.

Kelly dashes back in with a swatch of fabric (kept to remind her of the magical hours spent in their bedroom) Jack pours it on thick – as he describes what made Kelly’s back arch etc. Now don’t you want my arms around you? Your back arches, and arches, and arches (really – three times) Kelly waffles – but not until Jack’s proven his love. Steering her away from a Phyllis tirade, Jack wants to prove himself.

Phyllis wants Yack to give Billy a second chance. No, Billy Boy screwed up and brought this on himself. Yack values loyalty above all else. You have a funny way of showing it, Billy marches in with Ashley (Kyle and Abby) The board members say Jack’s out (whether he goes quietly or fights) Yack looks delighted.

You can’t oust me, I fired you, Yack reminds Billy (who according to articles in the corporation – still has a board vote) He appreciates Kyle’s support – and Abby? Never mind – he’d never ask her to pick sides. Ashley has the majority (including Traci) So I step down and you step up? Yeah, right ‘Bill’, Yack then gloats when Phyllis chimes in; Billy was off womanizing, drinking and gambling while Jack got Jabot back from Victor, Katherine, and Tucker. Yack ends the free for all; he’ll discuss his decision with his wife and see them in Ashley’s office in one hour. There’s nothing to decide, see you in and hour, Ashley and the rest file out. I hope you have a plan, Phyllis left to sigh. Oh Red, I always have a plan, Yack smiles.

So, what’s your plan to prove your love to me? Kelly continues to drink champagne; giggling as Jack takes her back via flashback over their ‘love story’. You were more than I ever imagined, Jack tells Kelly.

Ben tells Vikki that the Abbott’s are having a family powwow – probably about Jack firing Billy. Victor wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a ‘change at the top’ either. After he leaves, Ben needs to talk – not about Abby, about where we stand. Vikki know she asked Ben to keep Abby safe – but it turned into more, didn’t it???

Looking at Katie sleeping, Ben wonders if things would be different if she was his. We got past Billy being her Father – to build a relationship. We gave it our best shot, Vikki said. I love you. I love you to. But it’s not the kind of love that keeps people together, Vikki wants Ben to be happy. You deserve that. Take care of you and Katherine too, Ben leaves his key and exits.

Ashley wonders why Jack would call a meeting at this hour. Billy agrees it’s pointless – we have the votes. This doesn’t feel right – it shouldn’t have come to this, Ashley huffs.

In the hallway, Kyle wonders what’s freaking Abby out. Her family; Uncle Jack’s flashing back to his playboy days and Billy’s the one with his head screwed on straight? She’s not on anyone’s side. Kyle disagrees – you’re with us or against us. Abby picks neither (and exits)

Phyllis blames Yack’s family for driving him back to the bottle. No, Yack doesn’t need booze or pills to beat his little brother or sister; he’s John Abbott JR for a reason; to lead the company and family. Phyllis warns the press will have a field day if this goes public; Jabot will be vulnerable – Victor could swoop in. Yes, and Yack knows exactly how to stop that from happening.

Kelly drinks more champagne – tell me more stories Jack – like the time you chose me over her. Flashback to Jack’s speech as he heads off for Georgia (to say good bye to Phyllis) He still loves Kelly. C’mon, untie me. Kelly throws the champagne in his face and giggles.

That ‘bizzaro sleeping beauty’ woke up and ruined everything, Kelly whines. Victor made that happen, Jack stresses – the man you’re trusting – the man behind the curtain. He used poor sick Patty the same way – and Traci’s daughter died because of it. Colleen is dead – Victor has her heart – and Patty’s in an institution for the criminally insane; where you’ll end up if you don’t turn the tables on Victor – let me help you do that. Revenge is tastier than champagne. Let’s beat Victor together – you and me – together!

Finding Abby at the bar, Ben’s told that the Abbott family meeting turned into a battle royale. He knows about family drama – only one thing is worse than fighting is pretending things are OK. Yes, Ben’s been doing that – with Vikki – but not anymore.

Jack and Phyllis arrive at Jabot’s lab; followed by Victor and Vikki. How did they get in here!? Yack unlocked the doors. The ‘restrictions no longer apply to us’ Victor boasts. Why!? Because Victor and I are now partners, Yack’s announcement stuns the Abbott’s.

Go ahead, Jack encourages Kelly to untie him. No – I’m not thinking clearly – good night Jack, she runs out. Don’t leave me like this – stay with me! Jack’s shouts are ignored.

Abby asks how Vikki is. Heartbroken, Ben says – but it’s been coming for a while. He couldn’t pretend anymore. We both knew it was time. Ansd how are you? You OK? Abby asks. Yes – Ben kisses her.

You weren’t in on this? Billy’s pulled Vikki into Ashley’s office to say that Jack’s not thinking. Has something happened to cloud YOUR judgment too? Vikki’s seeing things more clearly than she has in a long time. They rejoin the crowd in the lab to hear that Jack made a deal so Victor would drop the charges. Yack says it’s not just to say his own hide – Victor proved he’s a changed man – saving his life, waking up Phyllis, getting Kelly to drop the charges – Victor’s an ally, not an enemy. Just in time (the press arrives to take photos of Victor and Jack shaking hands)

Next; Billy talks to Kyle and Phyllis at the club; I will do my brotherly duty by showing Jack that partnering with Victor is a colossal mistake – and you’re going to help me…. It’s not that you’d be working with Victoria – you’d be working FOR Victoria, Victor tells Ashley (as he sits behind her desk; Vikki gloating in the background)

My Thoughts: What’s this? A Jabot meeting I didn’t know about? Is that any way for new hire Ben to talk to his bosses? With Hex already on the shelves, is Ben even needed at Jabot anymore? … Vikki’s ‘heartbroken’? Not really Ben – she doesn’t even really seem to care that you’re more into her little sister …. Billy cites ‘articles in the corporation’- like Jack wouldn’t know Billy’s still on the board? … Did Vikki really not see Victor standing directly in front of her in her living room? The smell of rotting flesh should have alerted her if nothing else… I’ve always had issues with Jack being depicted as an alcoholic (which he never was) Being addicted to drugs may make one prone to other addictions, they’re different addictions. Billy has a gambling addiction (and was a heavier drinker) but he doesn’t abstain. Ben’s also an irresponsible drinker. Abby almost killed Tucker while driving under he influence – so she and Ben are a good match….. It’s late evening – the kids are in bed – why would Vikki have a nanny?… Victor has the nerve to complain that Vikki’s let him down before – pursuing her art career in Europe – or quitting because she was mad (like Victor never gave her reason to quit? And shouldn’t her Father have supported her decision to follow her dreams of being an artist – even though it lead to nothing. Even her children’s book illustrations were quickly forgotten)… Victor thinks gifts will make up for Billy being a lousy Father? Why not show up when the kids are awake? Spend time with them – not drop off presents … So Victor’s already decided that Katherine will succeed them – because Johnny’s not Vikki’s biological daughter? And Vikki’s OK with that? … If Kyle’s backing his Dad – for no other reason than Jack’s his Dad, why would he assume Abby wouldn’t vote with her Mom? .. Today’s flashbacks of Kelly made it evident how much darker (and redder) her hair is … No one can ever replace you Dad, Vikki says with a hug. Yeah, I’m sure Kyle wouldn’t think HIS Father could be so easily replaced either … Today Jack reminds of us that Victor manipulating the sick Patty Williams; unleashing her on GC, was the cause of Colleen’s death. If only Traci would march back into town and rip the heart out of Victor’s chest. How disgusted she’ll be – and what a disgrace to Colleen’s memory.