Monday, May 18th

Overhearing Yack asking Kyle about the killer’s DNA, Victor guesses he ‘killed those two people’ … After a tense exchange between Victor, Nikki and Neil, Nikki hits the bottle … Sharon’s ever so happy to hear Sage and Nick are expecting a baby – she’s moved on with Dylan … Adam’s shocked by the news.

Victoria Day in Canada – so this one’s rushed!!

At the club, Neil and Nikki don’t feel good about being accessories to forgery. And having been brave enough to leave NE years ago, doesn’t Neil worry about again handing back his soul? Nikki worries about hers every day. Victor appears – his ears are burning. Yes, there is something he should know – every time Nikki sees Victor, she wants to take a drink.

Yack’s back in his office, and dressed accordingly. Despite only Kyle and Ashley being able to attend the family meeting, he insists they go ahead. Hearing Yack talk about making Newman Abbott a great force, Billy arrives – where are you and what have you done with my brother?

In Vikki’s office, Adam finds it odd that Ben and Abby are on a field trip (since they work in different departments) He’s got a few budget tweaks; Chelsea’s won’t be halved – it’ll be doubled. Vikki doesn’t know what Adam’s got going on with Victor, but she has no hand outs for his little bed buddy Chelsea (who makes a timely arrival)

Dylan doesn’t agree that he and Sharon have to hide. But what if Avery walked in? It’d be awkward. It was time to let go. Sharon understands how much that hurts. Things with Nick were broken. We’re here now – we friendship, trust and honesty. Sharon feels the same way – we can’t let the past hold us back.

Sage whines about morning sickness – or maybe she’s nervous about Sharon’s reaction to the pregnancy. As they leave to see some houses, Nick reassures that telling Sharon is the right thing to do. No lies and secrets.

So Nikki’s urge to drink is Victor’s fault? Yes, he’s a trigger. Is that why you’ve been avoiding me? When Neil decides it’s time to leave, Victor takes a few shots t him too. And when Neil has reservations about the forgery too, Victor dismisses him to work – and he’ll take Nikki home. No need. She’s booked a suite upstairs.

You have no idea what I want. Oh, I think I do. Chelsea and Adam are interrupted by Ashley and Billy – who update that that the Abbott’s are rallying. Vikki comes out – great – we all get to work together – how fun!

Yack has instructions for Kyle – give this envelope to this man – and rehiring Billy doesn’t displace Kyle; who’s the future of this company (and not just because he’s blood) Kyle confides that with Sharon released the killer must feel cornered. The cop have lead? They know who did all this!?

What Neil and Nikki see as a crime, Victor sees as a favour for his friend Jack. Nikki just looks forward to a good night’s sleep – at the club. Exiting, Victor tells her to get her butt back home where she belongs. That leaves Nikki to thank Neil – who believes Victor sees alcoholism as a weakness. Strength is saying no to a drink – you’re stronger than Victor will ever be. But after Neil heads off to work, Nikki’s left to admire the bottles behind the bar.

Dylan knows Sharon’s hurt, but is more worried about Faith. Sage was scared about Sharon knowing, Nick adds. Because you’ve told her how damaged and dangerous Sharon is? She’s strong – just wants to be herself. Sooo – you’re sleeping with her, Nick guesses.

Is it over? Sage assumes it’s Nick at the door. All over, Sharon confirms – may I come in?

Sharon’s not there to upset Sage (who notes that she didn’t bring balloons and a onesie) Yes, Sage is concerned about Sharon (who used her for cannon fodder in Faith’s custody battle) Well – Sharon’s moved on – with Dylan. She’s happy for all of us ~hug~ Over Sage’s shoulder, Sharon looks demented.

Nick’s given Sharon the benefit of the doubt many times – she does irrational things. Since Dylan’s Sharon’s champion, Nick wants reassurance that she’ll stay away from Sage and the baby.

Vikki leads Adam, Chelsea, Ashley and Billy into the lab. If Chelsea doesn’t need more budget – Hex does, Ashley thinks it time to relaunch. Vikki agrees – she made a mistake in pulling it. Adam and Billy then bicker (until Chelsea follows Adam out)

Promising Kyle his utmost discretion, Yack learns that Paul has a lead on the killer – his DNA (Victor’s outside listening)

As Victor eavesdrops, Kyle tells Yack how the cops got the killer’s DNA. What would a drug lord want with Fen or you kids? The cops are going in the wrong direction again. Victor enters – Kyle exits. What’s this about DNA??? Yack’s jaw flaps.

Come see how the other half lives, a drunken Nikki lets Neil in. She can make her own choices. Neil throws the mini bottles out. Oh they’re empty. Don’t you dare call Victor! Neil orders a pot of coffee to the suite. Nikki’s sticking with vodka. YOU stop – time to go to work – make some money for Victor. We’re all on his payroll one way or another.

Ashely thinks Gabe was out of line – but he was right. Vikki overreacted to Gabe – and made a power play. If you and your Father stay on top of your game, it might not be a total disaster, Ashley concludes – and leaves Billy to say it WAS a power play (giving money to Hex instead of Chelsea) He loves that she has his back. Vikki won’t reward Chelsea for hurting Billy. Nobody messes with my family.

At the club, Sage relays Sharon’s uncomfortable visit. Nick got a speech from Dylan about how strong Sharon is (he might soon feel differently) Either way, Nick’s not letting her around Sage or the baby. Adam arrives with Chelsea – pregnant? That’s impossible.

Congratulations, Chelsea agrees – it’s a miracle. Sage and Nick are happy (Adam looks stunned) Yes, Sage is overwhelmed. She’s getting her own place, but they’ll raise the baby together. He or she will have both parents. Sage enjoys watching Adam squirm.

Sharon’s back at CL’s – to update Dylan that she went to see Sage. To tell her that she wants Nick to be happy. Did Nick change your mind about me? No – Nick’s known Sharon longer, but Dylan feels he knows her better. You think with your heart and I’ll never fault you for that~hug~

Vikki knows her Father can’t be stopped, or changed. And no, she doesn’t want to discuss Yack’s signature. Billy and Vikki are both glad Billy’s back.

Neil tips coffee down Nikki’s throat – and then a shower. She gripes about Victor ordering her to sign the contract. He does love you, Neil assures – only you can save that man from himself.

Victor wonders why Yack wouldn’t let it go with Kyle (re: the DNA) You killed those two people didn’t you?

Next: We had sex once, Sage reminds. I’m pretty sure that’s all it takes, Adam snarls – I want a paternity test….Paul and Chris claim – we have no new leads. There’s a killer out there and we have nothing! Mariah shouts (with Kevin) … I will help you, Neil vows. Dammit Neil. I’m not going to rehab so shut up about it!!! Nikki screams.

My Thoughts: Kudos to MTS – as much as I don’t want her to be a drunk, she sure plays one well. ‘Take it away from me. It smells like coffee’ she waves off the cup Neil’s holding under her nose …… Gee – I wonder what research Ben and Abby are off doing? … You killed ‘those two people’ didn’t you? Victor sure didn’t seem too concerned when suspecting that the drug lord he brought to town killed those two people; his grandson’s bride and granddaughter’s husband. Gramps isn’t protecting the family; he’s annihilating it. I don’t see any other way out for the character of Victor Newman. He needs to be killed off (I’d prefer that he loses everyone and everything – but that won’t happen) … That said, it was very rude of Niki to disrespect Victor in front of Neil (though I enjoyed it immensely) ….I broke the law, Nikki wails, like fraud’s her worst crime. .. Sage’s pregnancy sure is a well kept secret. I don’t think she stands a chance of delivering it – Sharon’s gonna come unhinged… Kyle may be a creep, but he looks a lot like PB – so physically, he’s a good recast… Yack doesn’t expect any head trauma in the near future? That’s the funny thing about car accidents, building collapses and comas – we don’t expect them… In typical Sharon fashion, she only became ready to move on after she’d found a replacement for Nick.