Thursday, May 28th

Jack awakens in the underbelly of a cargo ship at sea. You’ll get your sea legs soon enough – welcome aboard SS Misery, Kelly appears. What’sa matter? No friendly smoocherino? Jack’s puzzled – you’re dead. You thought it’d be that easy to get rid of me? Kelly gloats.

At the lab, Ashley’s pissed – why is Yack rewarding newcomers Chelsea and Gabe !? She’s tried to support this merger – but is DONE! Yack assures Ashley that where Ms Lawson and Mr Bingham are concerned, there’s a method to his madness. Is that so? Victor appears. *awkward*

Ben startles Abby as she sunbathes on the rooftop. She relays Kevin’s theory – Tobias was set up – the killer’s still out there.

Adam’s ecstatic to run into Chelsea (as she comes home to the penthouse) He wants a shot to prove that Adam wasn’t the only love of her life.

Abby laughs off Kevin’s crazy conspiracy theory – he just wants an excuse to hack computers. Well, Ben will be on Abby 24/7 ~kiss~ Liking the sounds of that, she removes his t-shirt ~kiss~

In Chelsea’s condo, Adam’s got 2 minutes to state his case. We had an immediate connection – he can’t explain it – let’s embrace it (not fight it) I’m a barrel of laughs, a gentleman, I won’t fall asleep at fashion shows. We’re fantastic lovers. Adam would love to be there for Chelsea and Connor. With 30 seconds left, it’s time for sex.

Back at the lab, Ashley’s happy to hear that Nikki’s in rehab. Yack doesn’t need Ash to leave – while they discuss ‘Gabe’ (he’s not a team player) The plan is to find out what he’s up to. Of course, Victor’s on-board. Ashley warns Yack not to make lousy decisions – she’ll fight if Yack takes their Father’s company in the wrong directions. After she leaves, Victor scowls – what the hell do you think you’re doing??

Jack’s confused – how are you here? Your blood was on my hands. ┬áDo I look like a corpse? Kelly’s not happy with her lying husband (who snuck off to this rat infested ship) I will always find you – you are MINE. Jack’s sorry he used Kelly to get over Phyllis – but this will end in one of us dying. We can’t keep doing this to each other. A befuddled Jack then finds himself alone. You’ll never be free of me, Kelly’s cackle echoes in his head.

Kelly’s gone – how did this happen? Jack’s puzzled as he flashes back to Kelly talking about their wedding – kissing her – then waking up to find her dead in bed beside him. He throws off his wedding ring, and hides when a man comes into the cargo hold.

Victor lectures Yack – for discussing Gabe with Ashley – and coming to Nikki’s intervention. Yack did a brilliant job – he wasn’t acting, he’s lived through it. Well, I’llbe damned, Victor mumbles.