Wednesday, June 10th

Cane finds Mike at Underground (drinking juice) Yes, he saw him kissing Lauren at the park. But anger isn’t what he’s feeling; quite the opposite, Mike grins.

Lily sits at Lauren’s table – she spoke to Mike – then Cane; he told me everything – every last detail. He didn’t want to lie to me anymore. Lauren’s relieved – she hates not being able to make eye contact with Lily over a harmless little kiss. You kissed my husband!? Lily’s shocked (and so’s Lauren)

At the club, Sharon assures Phyllis and Joe that Avery’s alive, and in Dylan’s arms. Joe wants an apology. OK – Phyllis is sorry she slapped him. But you’ve never slapped me…… ~slap~ Phyllis has now.

Stay and fight – stand up to Joe! Dylan then asks about the blood at Avery’s place. Just leave it alone! she yelps – then looks hurt as Dylan concludes she was framing Joe for her murder.

Cane and I are business partners. The kiss was nothing, Lauren claims. A one time spontaneous combustion – no one saw that coming, Lily sneers. I’d never cheat on my husband, she mocks Lauren (who swears it won’t happen again) You’re the love of Cane’s life, but you’re pushing him away. It’s MY fault now? Lily calls the conversation over – and don’t even think about telling Cane. Think about leaving something between a husband and his wife!

Cane can’t believe Mike’s OK with this. But Mike’s at peace with it – Lily won’t hear about the kiss from him. Lauren turning to Cane is a load off Mike’s mind. You want me to sleep with your wife!? Mike wants Lauren to be happy.

Why would Avery set Joe up for her murder!? After years of helping to free innocent people in prison?! That goes against every fiber of my being! Avery knocked over a bowl and cut her finger cleaning up – she left in a hurry. Dylan’s not buying it. And Avery’s still determined to leave town (partly to stop Dylan from doing something stupid) He wants to go to the cops – show them the bruises – get a restraining order. Don’t let this guy win. Even though they aren’t together, Dylan would miss Avery – please don’t go.

Sharon doesn’t understand why Phyllis slapped Joe (who didn’t hurt Avery) Phyllis still doesn’t think Joe ‘innocent’ – get out of town before someone messes up that pretty little face of yours. After she exits, Joe turns on Sharon. You snuck out of CL’s like a mouse, instead of fighting for your man. You’re a bad girl at heart – don’t let Dylan get away with this.

You want me to have sex with your wife!? Soon to be ex wife, Mike corrects. No, he hasn’t lost his mind. What about MY wife? The one you want me to cheat on? Cane loves Lily; his children. Are you happy? Mike probes. We’re fine – OK, we’re working things out, Cane snarls; Trash your marriage, NOT mine.

As they walk into the restaurant, Joe does his best to convince Sharon that Dylan and Avery are getting back together – let’s send them a message. Sharon doesn’t want any part of it. From a woman who torched the Newman ranch? Joe knows Sharon wants to stake her claim. Even if Sharon IS insecure, she’s not willing to act on it. She’s going home – where Dylan’s waiting for her. As Joe heads upstairs, the man who’s been watching him exits the club.

~hug~ Avery assures Phyllis that she’s fine. No, Dylan corrects – Joe’s got her spooked. Phyllis will make Joe answer for the bruises on Avery’s arm. Sharon’s the one who told her Avery was here. Dylan tattles that Avery was about to skip town. What? Leave me and your niece without saying good bye? Phyllis is hurt.

Lily’s surprised when Cane comes to the club (assuming he’d be working late – with Lauren) You missed all the excitement here – a wife who caught her husband checking in with another woman. How lucky Lily is to have a husband she an trust – right honey? Mike told you, Cane sighs. No – the tramp he’s married to did. How could you do this?

It was a mistake – it meant nothing, Cane’s ‘excuses’ fall on deaf ears. Lily hates being made to feel stupid. You wonder why I don’t share things with you? Cane’s told he’s lying to himself. There was NOTHING innocent about this, Lily marches off. Lauren appears – with great news. Ugh. You talked to Lily, she reads to look on Cane’s face. Why did you tell her about the kiss? he asks.

Sharon’s at home with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Looking at the door, she pours both and sits back looking lonely.

Back at CL’s, Phyllis gives Avery a guilt trip about poor Summer. I’ll call her, Avery claims she didn’t think it through. Phyllis then goads her for slinking off into the night. See if I care ….. After Phyllis leaves, Dylan tells Avery she has the power to fix it. Don’t let Joe take it from you. As they hug, Joe walks in – mind if I join the cozy reunion? Dylan threatens Joe with prison. You hit her when you were married. Then why’d she seduce me last night? Joe lies; wine, music – she ripped my shirt off. She couldn’t keep her hands off me. It would have been so, so good. Officer Howard arrives – is there a problem here? Yes, Joe says – officer, arrest this woman.

At the station, Dylan reassures Avery. When Joe exits Paul’s office, Dylan hopes he didn’t listen to a word he said. Avery and Joe start bickering. Shoving him off the balcony was an accident! He wouldn’t stop kissing me! It’s he said, she said, Paul decides; to which Joe accuses him of protecting his son and ex fiancĂ©e.

At Underground, Phyllis drinks a shot, then scolds Mike for not telling her that Avery was skipping town. Mike swears on his life (which he values highly) that he didn’t know. She’s escaping her stalker; Joe. How selfish, Phyllis grumbles. Sometimes you’re forced to make hard choices, Mike says. Uh oh – what have you done now? Phyllis asks.

Back at the club, Lauren tells Cane how Lily tricked her into telling her the truth. Are you kidding me right now? Lily stomps over. Let it go – we have, Lauren implores. Cane’s taking a room for the night; he’ll talk to Lily when she calms down – I can’t be around you right now. I feel the same way, Lily clip clops off.

First you ignore Dylan assaulting me, then Avery’s attempted murder, Joe’s pissed. Paul’s not ignoring anybody. Dylan hands over an envelope of photos (taken by an officer) Joe shrugs – sometimes a woman gets you worked up. Because I found out you could walk! When Avery tells Paul that Joe hit her before, he reminds that Dylan hit her in the face at Underground. That was an accident! Avery yelps. Paul doesn’t find Joe credible. You’ll both get restraining orders. Telling Avery she’s no different than him, Joe leaves all to shake their heads.

Updated, Phyllis doesn’t see why Mike and Lauren can’t get past this. You’re not dying. No – but he’s a eunuch. People die from this disease every day, Phyllis snaps – be grateful you caught this early enough not to put Fen and Lauren through losing you. You think Lauren’s only in the marriage for sex? The side effects might be temporary. Mike’s taken care of things for Lauren (some people might have been hurt in the process, is all he’ll say) What can Phyllis do to help? Forgive Avery and stop taking things for granted.

Lauren hopes Cane can get through to Lily. He thinks so. And Mike told me something I think you should know …..

The glasses of wine untouched, Sharon sits up when Dylan comes home to apologize for being late. He knows she saw him with Avery. No, Sharon’s not angry – is Avery OK? I know you care about her. Dylan thanks her for understanding. It’s up to you whether you want to stay with me or go back to Avery, Sharon’s statement hangs in silence.

Phyllis goes to Avery’s to admit she may have been a bit harsh with her – stay in touch. Actually, Avery’s decided to stay in town. Phyllis scolds Avery for not coming to her. Avery was embarrassed for defending Joe. There’s something she hasn’t told anyone – last night isn’t the first time Joe’s been violent with me. We must make him pay, before he hurts another woman, Phyllis insists.

Joe joins Lily as she sips her Martini at Underground. Yes, she has a problem. Do you think I’m attractive? she asks. Joe’s smile says ‘yes’.

No, Mike’s statement didn’t have to do with his health, Cane reassures Lauren. And it’s best you hear it from him, he says when Mike arrives. When Lauren blames him for Lily being furious, he’s sorry she got hurt. So you feel sorry for someone in this mess? Lauren shakes her head and exits – who are you anymore?

What kind of question is that? Joe’s told Lily she’s attractive (and will say it again; I find you very, very attractive) Where are you going? Home to my kids – but thanks for the nice words, she hurries out.

Dylan’s made his choice. He’ll always care about Avery, but is committed to Sharon now. She was hoping he’d say that; positive he’d say that. You make me feel safe. Wine? No – all Dylan needs is Sharon ~hug~

With a sigh, Paul flips through the photos of Avery’s bruised arm.

Over wine, Phyllis plots to turn the tables on Joe; make him think he has a stalker. No, Avery won’t stoop to Joe’s level; a restraining order is enough. OK, revenge is off the table, Phyllis agrees (but Avery doesn’t look so convinced)

Next: What do you think everyone’s up to? Vikki wonders. We both know you can get information out of Billy Abbott anytime you want, Victor hints ….. Adam’s shirt is undone when Billy drops by the penthouse; So, is this official? You all moved in now? Or is this a little sleepover? … No question about it – your rival is dead, Yack tells Victor.

My Thoughts: Lily tells Cane that he missed all the excitement at the club – but isn’t it HER who missed yet another physical altercation at her club? … Lily goes on and on about honesty and trust – but then lies about tricking Lauren. She should have said ‘hell yeah I did that’ instead of trying to embellish her role as the injured party .. Odd that Collin and Jill haven’t been around to stick their noses into the Ashby marriage; Jill seems to have forgotten all about her sister, and Collin was the first one to warn Lily about Lauren (so you’d think he’d at least appear for a quick ‘I told you so’) … Lily whines about her husband working with a woman who throws herself at men – forgetting how closely she worked with Tyler (whom she kissed) … You missed all the excitement…. How many times has Joe been slapped and/or punched since he came to town? It’s a wonder his ‘pretty little face’ still exists …. You already cheated on me, Joe pouts. Geez – get OVER it. You’re in a town where everyone cheats on everyone…. Wait.. what!? Lily’s going home? To her KIDS? Get out the party hats and noisemakers – what an occasion! .. It would be ridiculous for Avery to seek revenge on Joe – ‘the best revenge is living well’ – forget about him. I wonder if he’s still running Better Days – seems a bit of a conflict of interest now. Why wasn’t Joe arrested for assault? Paul has the photos in his hand! … How refreshing that Sharon behaved like a rational adult today; declining Joe’s offer to teach Dylan and Avery a lesson .. Phyllis was 100% right in lecturing Mike; but why mince words? She can’t she say the word cancer? And Mike’s not experiencing ‘inactivity’ he’s impotent. Her plot to make Joe THINK he has a stalker sounded exactly like actually stalking him. And if there’s no moratorium on Joe hitting Avery, why did she expect there to be a moratorium on her running Chris and Paul over.. So now that Lily and Mike are gone, what’s this exciting news about the boutique?