Thursday, June 11th

Nick’s in Sage’s hospital room. She’s worried she’s being sent home too soon. You and the baby are fine – Nick will go see what the hold up is. When Victor drops by, Sage updates that she’s going home. And where exactly is home???

At the club, a nervous Phyllis gives Yack a ‘hero’s welcome’. She had a dream last night that felt like a premonition; he was in a horrible accident. Yack was only 4 minutes late. I’m indestructible – you’re stuck with me. He then gets a call – the ship blew up; no survivors; Jack Abbott is dead.

The nanny off with Connor, Chelsea thinks Adam got a ‘funny’ look because he spent the night. He plans to win Connor over; just like he did Chelsea. No, they can’t ‘take this upstairs’ – Yack wants to meet them, in private.

In the lab, Billy turns up some music before answering Kyle’s questions about his Dad’s top secret meeting today; the location of which will be sent to them via text immediately before the meeting. Victor once bugged the lab and sent in a spy – we can’t be too careful. Vikki appears – what don’t you want me to hear?

Sage is sure Victor has more important things to tend to; business, family. But this baby IS Victor’s family – and that’s why he’s arranged a house for Sage; you’ll be comfortable there. It’s fully staffed. Why? Because you’re carrying my grandchild. I take care of my own, Victor declares.

Billy and Kyle explain that it’s promotional music for the subscription campaign. Catchy huh? You really think I’m falling for this?? (Vikki clearly isn’t)

Pondering Yack’s meeting, Chelsea worries Vikki got to him (because she didn’t do back-flips over her subscription idea) Adam tells her to trust in her talent; you’re no longer a grifter. How do you know me so well? Chelsea smiles ~kiss~

Yack steps aside to hiss into the phone; get that 10 million back or kiss this world good bye! Who died? Phyllis shocks Yack when he sits back down.

Yack looks like he ‘lost his best friend’ because a deal went south. He reassures Phyllis; her dream had to do with Avery. She’s safe – Yack’s safe. This is a new beginning. He wants every day to be a fresh start ~kiss~ When Summer appears asking about Avery, Yack quickly exits to his meeting.

Kyle passes Vikki’s test – what does he think of the subscription idea? It favours NE products over Jabot’s 2-1. Sabotage? No, Vikki wants ALL the products to sell well. You ARE still backing the merger aren’t you? she’s further suspicious when Kyle and Billy’s phone’s go off – Yack’s updating on Ashley, Billy lies, then makes a hasty exit, leaving things tense between Vikki and Kyle.

Nick returns in time to hear Sage decline Victor’s ‘sweet’ offer of a house – and she has enough money to take care of herself and her baby. If there’s anything else you need …. Nick appears – he’ll take care of it. He then follows Victor into the hallway. Victor’s impressed that Sage has passed his test. He’s just making sure his family’s safe. From what? Anyone who might want to come after them, Victor leaves Nick puzzled.

Nick returns to apologize to Sage (though he thinks Victor was vulnerable and she thinks him overbearing) And he’s not leaving her to raise the baby alone. Good news – you’re good to go home as soon as the paperwork’s done. But Nick must make sure ‘Mom’ doesn’t overdo things. Sage wants to make a stop on the way home.

Still at the club, Summer and Phyllis are glad Avery’s OK and sees Joe for the creep he is. Phyllis relays her nightmare that something happened to Yack. Summer then confides that Vikki saw Yack, Billy and Kyle huddled together. Phyllis thinks Vikki’s just reminding Summer that she’s a Newman (her loyalty should be to them)

Hearing Vikki out on her subscription idea, Kyle can’t wait to exit – he wants to visit Ashley; drop off a gift. Vikki’s left suspicious again.

Chelsea’s surprised when Billy arrives – apparently Yack’s holding the meeting at the penthouse. As he confides that Yack’s taking over the company, Adam saunters in putting his shirt on. Back and forth it goes. Can you at least button up your shirt Fabio? Billy quips, as Yack shows up to announce that he and ‘Gabe’ need to bury the hatchet.

Phyllis doubts the merger will ever end the feud between the Newman and Abbott families (though Jack and Victor would both be devastated if something happened to the other) Summer pouts; hoping things don’t blow up again.

As Kyle joins the meeting, Yack gets Adam and Billy to agree to put aside their differences. They’re told that 10 million’s been transferred to a dummy account – set up in Victor’s name. It’ll look like embezzling from Jabot was his goal all along. Now, everyone’s to siphon money from their budgets into this account. Billy’s never seen this side of Jack. We’ll all have to get down and dirty to beat Vikki. Billy must use his Abbott charm to distract Vikki.

Hear that? Victor hears nothing. Right, that’s because nobody’s here. Billy and Kyle took off after getting a text from Yack – supposedly about Ashley. Gabe and Chelsea aren’t in either. Victor’s sure Vikki can get information from Billy – you would do anything to protect the Newman legacy, right? You’re the only one I can count on. OK, she’ll call Billy.

The marriages didn’t last but Vikki’s the love of your life, Yack insists Billy capitalize on that – for your family. We must lie to the women in our lives – are you in or out? Kyle doesn’t like lying to Summer (but is ‘in’) Billy gets a text from Vikki – she wants to meet with me. Yack sends Billy Boy off. You have to stop calling me that, Billy grumbles as he exits. Everyone shuffles off, leaving Adam and Yack to conspire (Chelsea tries to hear – how badly Adam wants to bring down Victor; which will work this time – he doesn’t know who he’s up against) After everyone leaves, Chelsea questions Adam.

Adam lies; Yack was telling him to be careful siphoning funds. Chelsea will ask again and this time, wants the truth. OK, Yack was telling him to leave Billy alone. This Chelsea believes. Oh? Did she just call this a ‘relationship’? Let’s take it one day at a time, she leaves Adam smiling.

Don’t judge me, Sage shoves a donut into her mouth (at CL’s) She and Nick joke about Victor. They’ll need a guard when the baby comes. He was right about one thing, you do need another place to live, Nick says.

Summer continues to pout; Kyle’s not answering her texts and he’s a half hour late. Romeo’s here, Phyllis announces. Kyle’s unsettled to hear that they were discussing the merger ending the feud. Why is he being weird? A lot going on at work, Kyle claims – then is left with a sour faced Summer.

In the lab, Yack tells Victor that Jack Abbott’s dead. You’re not the only one with sources – the info’s accurate – your rival is dead.

Back at CL’s, Sage wants to go back to the house with the big back yard. Unfortunately, Nick relays that place is sold – but he has the perfect home in mind – his place (which would then be ‘our’ place)

Vikki thanks Billy for meeting her (at Underground) Yes, we’re in a good place. She asks about Johnny going to camp for a couple of hours a day. He’s OK with that, and happy they’re in sync. Vikki grins.

Kyle’s not hiding anything. Then what was he whispering about the other day? Summer can’t deal with secrets and lies (as she did with Austin) Kyle made a promise to his Dad – but won’t let it come between them. Summer wishes she could believe that.

Victor didn’t order Jack dead. Yack did – for only 10 million. You paid to have him murdered!? No, Kyle did. Victor’s PISSED. His intentions are none of Yack’s business. Jack is NOT dead – he can’t be dead! Phyllis saunters in – what’s going on??

Next: This is our one shot at getting Jabot back; I know you want it as much as Jack and me….. Sumer goes off on Kyle – how can we have any kind of future if you’re already telling lies and keeping secrets from me?? …Yack’s pissed – yes, I’m angry. You didn’t like what Victor and I were saying so you go and grill him behind my back!?

My Thoughts: What kind of phone does Billy have that plays music so loudly? And are we expected to believe that’s what he has cued up on his playlist? … Summer was beyond annoying today. Her Mom should have told her that her face would stay like that…or that a bird would crap on her bottom lip if she didn’t reel it in (that’s what Mom’s do) … Since when is Kyle Summer’s ‘Romeo’? And why does he have a problem lying to Summer NOW? … How convenient that Abby’s not around for the Abbott’s take over; I can’t imagine this plan would go over well with her (if anyone’s in the middle, it’s her, not Summer; who doesn’t work at either company and hasn’t associated with Yack or Victor in ages) …. Victor was downright creepy when staring down at Sage in her hospital bed. She handled Victor well (too bad she’s a lying annoyance) Why would Victor give HER a ‘fully staffed’ house? He hasn’t done that for anyone else having his grandchild. Chelsea can reassure Sage that Victor loses interest quickly. He hasn’t paid any attention to Connor in months…. Why hasn’t anyone been to see Ashley? She just had surgery – on her BRAIN! Is that where Abby and Ben are? Nothing helps one recover from surgery like having your daughter and former lover slobbering all over one another. Nick’s at GCM – odd that he has no interaction with the Abbott’s (considering Jack ‘practically raised’ him) .. Is Phyllis serious? Victor would be ‘devastated’ if anything happened to Jack – and visa versa? … Great plan Yack – no one in the room works in accounting. It’s not like Chelsea can go withdraw a few thousand and say it’s for ribbon. One of them is bound to get caught. And what departments are the rest of them in charge of? … ‘Our’ place Nick? How many woman have you shared the tack-house with? Why would Sage want to move in there? … Billy and Vikki’s lies might just cancel each other – but they’ve both become dislikeable characters.