Thursday, July 16th

At the club, Abby whines that no one’s taking her seriously except Gabe and Chelsea. That’s why it’s so important to close the warehouse workers deal Billy hasn’t been able to accomplish. Ben’s offer to sit in is appreciated but not necessary. This is my time to shine, Abby declares.

Outside Jack’s room, Nikki spins the theory Victor planted in her head – Gabe must have hidden Jack’s gun to ensure Victor stays behind bars while he takes over the company. She bets it’s at Chelsea’s place. Phyllis can’t see Gabe dragging her into this. He loves Chelsea. Ashley marches off to go find out for herself.

Sage is at NE to blast Adam – and who this Marisa? Someone you slept with and spilled the beans to? Adam wouldn’t do that – he loves Chelsea. You did it with me! she reminds. Sage doesn’t want everything taken from her. Here’s the cool thing – whatever the case, your baby’s a Newman, Adam points out.

At CL’s, Mike’s prepping Avery for her Q&A with two defendants the Innocence Foundation is representing. Are you ready to do this? Yes, Avery is.

Are you ready to do this? Hilary asks Devon. Yes, he’s ready to set a date. There won’t be many invitations to send out, she jokes. As they head back up for Hilary’s phone, Joe meets Lily as she comes through the revolving door. Not buying his story, Lily asks if Cane hit him. Joe figures he deserved it. You deserve a helluva lot more than that, Cane comes along to snarl.

Cane doesn’t want Joe’s apology – hit me – come on, hit me (Cane gives Joe a shove) Stop it! Lily gets in the middle. No, she’s not defending Joe (who tells Cane to blame him, not her)Joe’s reminder that Cane’s a lucky man with a lot to lose seems to get through to both Ashby’s.

Avery insists she can do this – it’s just a Q&A with a reporter. Mike knows she’s done this hundreds of times, but not after what she’s been through. He’s sticking around in case Avery needs him. OK – he’ll go, IF Avery promises she’s OK. Mike claims ANYBODY would have done what she did (to Joe)

Adam tells Sage that Chelsea’s done with him. Sage thinks she’s leaving the door open, but Marisa is a threat – how does she know? Adam has no idea but will handle the situation. Sage is to steer clear of her and focus on the baby.

Ashley shows up at Chelsea’s with a bogus story about needing some sketches for work. As luck would have it, Connor’s cry is heard over the monitor. Take your time, Ashley says – as she’s left to snoop around.

As Ashley spots a gun in a sideboard, Chelsea returns to ask what she’s doing. Ashley’s been looking for a piece like this; it’s perfect. Chelsea hands over some sketches and offers to design some pieces for the subscribers boxes. Thanking her, Ashley hurries out to call the station – she has some info regarding the Abbott case the Detectives might find useful.

Back at the club, Abby’s wooing the warehouse representatives with offers of more money and benefits. That’s the hottest executive I’ve ever seen, a third suited warehouser opines to Ben at the bar. This won’t be too difficult, he remarks as he joins the meeting to apologize for being late. ‘Guy’ then dismisses the other guys to take over. Abby is gung ho to settle the labour dispute, but first she wants to order champagne.