Friday, July 17th

In Paul’s office, a sheepish Nikki apologizes to Victor – yes, she believes him. Yes, but Paul’s not sure that Gabe’s the one who hid the gun – and has a few more questions. Victor scowls – stop interrogating me and find the real culprit.

Adam denies he hid the gun. You’ve got to believe me. How can Chelsea possibly believe anything that comes out of Adam’s mouth? He understands – but trust me – give me a second chance. Chelsea doesn’t see how. Adam has two words; happy anniversary.

At the club, Billy makes amends to Neil with a fist bump. Jack? He’s the same. Neil’s sorry to hear it – and is sure Gabe’s causing problem (and that’s what Billy wanted to talk about) True, there’s a coup going on at Jabot – won’t Neil help them kick that jackass to the curb?

Vikki and Nick reluctantly admit that business is good for Newman Abbott – Gabe knows his way around the corporate world. Nick’s alarmed by a call from a reporter – no comment. Going on his tablet, Nick and Vikki watch Avery’s confession to the reporter yesterday.

At GCM, Phyllis is relieved to hear that Avery’s rapist has been caught. No, it’s not Joe (who Avery threatened to shoot) Meanwhile, Ashley updates Traci by phone, then chats with Ben (who’s really good at his job) We’re both lucky to have found our passion, Ben says. He then recognizes Guy from the club. How’d he get the black eye? Car accident – the hot blonde CEO got so frisky he lost control of his car. Is Abby OK!? Ben and Ashley are both anxious.

Guy thinks Abby’s OK – she was screaming at him in the ambulance. After Guy leaves, Abby’s wheeled over to boast about closing the warehouse deal (then collapse in Ben’s arms)

Paul thinks it too soon to arrest Gabe. But that punk gave false evidence, Victor sputters – and he blackmailed me. Nikki has to agree – Jack went to the park armed, intending to shoot Jack. Mike can prove that in court then – Chris is taking it to trial. Finding the gun, by anonymous tip seems a bit coincidental. Victor huffs about wasting tax payers money. Mike appears to announce that bail’s been posted. Victor’s left to thank Nikki.

Chelsea acknowledges it was a special day – saying their vows in the home Adam grew up in. We can’t go back, Chelsea sniffles. She thought she’d lost him forever, so moved on and almost married someone else. But no, she never will find anyone she loves as much as Adam. Paul calls – the prints on the gun match Jack. Get to the station in 20 minutes or an officer will come to escort you ~click~

Phyllis is surprised to hear that Avery confessed on TV – and that she’s leaving GC.

Now in a hospital bed, Abby assures her Mom and Ben that she didn’t get into a car with a man who’d been drinking – and she did NOT get frisky. Unimpressed, Ashley goes to update the family before they read it on GC Buzz. That leaves Ben to question Abby on whether the driver crashed because she got ‘frisky’.

Back at the club, Billy tries (but fails) to convince Neil to join the team – get revenge on Gabe. No, Neil wants to steer clear. When the dust settles, call me – THEN he might be interested in his old job – for the right price.

Still at the station, Nikki’s sorry she doubted Victor – can you ever forgive me? Victor takes her hand – we’ve both made mistakes. Let’s move forward ~kiss~ Paul hands over Victor’s personal belongings. Victor will see him in court – he’ll prove his innocence – and then we’ll have a talk. As Nikki and Victor decide to go out for dinner, Adam strolls in.

Adam’s sure Victor will be back behind bars before long. Nikki thinks him vindictive. Chelsea implies it was Victor who planted a gun in his grandson’s home. Yes, she DOES know what ‘Gabe’s capable of. Paul interrupts the exchange as Victor’s given his clothes. His phone goes off – Abby was in an accident. Nikki’s fine with Victor postponing dinner to go see her.