Tuesday, August 4th

GC is under a blackout as Kevin and Mariah wonder who’s following them in the park. Summer arrives – she too has a follower – but it’s not a cop.

At the club, Victor and Jack butt heads over Kelly – may the poor deranged woman rest in peace. When Jack wonders why Marco would return to GC, Victor points out how much he was enjoying Jack Abbott’s life.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis tells Marco that she always hated that photo. When she tries to implement the safe word, Marco fails. Stay the hell away from me, she barks.

Noah is in Marisa’s suite – in Marisa’s bed. He doesn’t want to leave the suite, but she sure is hungry ~kiss~

Also at the club, Cane’s on the phone with Devon (who saw Lily and the twins home safely) Off to check on Hilary, Cane chats with Nikki (who worries when hearing that Neil and Hilary are trapped in the elevator)

Neil taunts Hilary – the universe must be playing a joke on her – we could be stuck here indefinitely.

At the revolving door, Jack lists Victor’s evil deeds. Put your hurt feelings aside, Victor has the nerve to reply. Hearing that Phyllis is now in the know (as well as Gabe and Marisa) Victor thinks it selfish of Jack to bring her into the ‘inner circle’. If Marco finds out, Phyllis will be a target.

Phyllis won’t play along – Marco is a cheap copy of the man she loves (and Victor’s ‘punk’) You have no idea who you’re messing with, she warns – then easily knocks him unconscious.

Neil reminds that Hilary was once stuck on an elevator with Jill – and with Devon. Oh wait, the elevator wasn’t stuck – you stopped it. It was the day Jack threw us a wedding celebration – oh what a convincing liar Hilary was that day. When Cane calls into the elevator, Neil assures him that Hilary’s fine (then tells her they may be in there all night) Also worried, Nikki.

Noah and Marisa’s blissful evening in bed is interrupted when he goes down to fetch her some food.