Monday, August 3rd

Livid that she’s been violated for months, Phyllis is hell bent on revenge. Picking up the newspaper, she’s shocked to see the sketch of Marco – he’s alive. That’s not Marco – that’s the ship’s captain. Victor’s not behind it but Jack has a good idea who is.

Marisa gets a crank call – dammit Marco – is that you!!?

Noah interrupts Victor (dining with Nikki) at the club – with all due respect, leave Marisa alone. What have you done now Victor? Nikki sniffs.

In bed, Sage is enjoying being engaged to Nick – but let’s hold off on telling Faith. No, Sage isn’t having second thoughts – but Nick did break it off with her once before because of Faith.

At CL’s, Sharon pries info out of Faith – she thinks Daddy and Sage may break up – her baby might not be Daddy’s. Dylan eavesdrops.

Sharon pressures Faith to repeat her suspicions – then wonders why Dylan sends her off for cake. You shouldn’t be asking her info about Nick’s personal life, Dylan scolds Sharon.

Nick doesn’t want to think about Gabe – he’s not the Father, I am. It’s clear skies from now on. On cue, a thunderstorm appears.

How can Jack say it’s over? Marco’s alive – he could take your place again. The authorities will catch him, Jack suggests a ‘safe word’. I you can’t get me to say Tacopy (the place in Istanbul) Phyllis is to run. Jack can’t put a bullet in Victor’s heart – yet. Jack can’t take the chance that he won’t face charges – he must get answers. From whom? Someone who knows Marco.

Victor told Marisa to stay away from Noah? That puzzles both Victor and Nikki. Noah believes what Marisa says (including that Victor was the one who summoned her to the park)

Sharon denies pumping Faith for info on Nick and Sage – but things don’t sound good. They’re together, Dylan reminds – and is it REALLY about how it effects Faith? What else would it be? Sharon plays innocent. And here’s Nick and Sage – with an announcement.

She’s trouble – Victor knows more than Noah thinks. Nikki has to admit that Victor’s instincts are usually good. Noah doesn’t need Victor’s approval on his friends. That leaves Victor to admire Noah’s loyalty, but that girl is involved with that drug lord; Marce. He doesn’t want that around his family.

At the club, Jack tells at eager Phyllis that Marisa will open up to him more if they’re alone. OK – I’ll meet you at the bar. Instead, she makes a beeline over to Nikki and Victor – Jack opened her eyes to so many things while they were in Istanbul.