Thursday, August 6th

Ben and Ashley chat at GCM – he’s actually like to talk to her about what’s bothering him.

Abby brings a favourable report to Victor. Her next assignment is to represent NE at a conference – today. Oh, and Vikki’s going to Milwaukee too. I wonder what’s keeping her.

Shall we tell the kids? Billy jokes. Vikki wants to take their time; speaking of which, she’s late for work ~kiss~

At CL’s, Chris reminds Paul that he’s on a leave of absence. It’s time for couples yoga class. Chris gets a work call – she’ll be back asap. Kevin wastes no time joining Paul – who wants to be filled in.

At the park, Dylan finds Sage crying. Everything’s fine, she cries.

Nick’s brought Faith to Sharon (who thanks him for the extra night) Crib assembly proves a challenge (much to Nick’s amusement)

Ben talks to Ashley about the guilt of not being in Afghanistan when Dylan’s unit was hit. But he’s come full circle and found himself exactly where he’s supposed to be.

After some research, Abby’s amazed at what Newman Abbott has become (from Victor selling things from his car) They’re so proud of one another. Vikki races in – sorry I’m late. She’s not happy that Abby got the jump on her. Victor wants them both in Milwaukee by noon today. Billy strolls in – he knows what Victor’s up to.

Back at CL’s, Paul’s updated on Noah’s new girlfriend (and how she made it into town) He’s suspicious of Marisa (but scolds Kevin for checking the lake) Harding’s involved – and so’s Victor. He knows more than he’s saying again, Paul concludes.

In the park, Sage apologizes for her tears – hormones. Sharon’s a pro at this – Sage feel unprepared. Dylan never thought he’d have a kid either.

As Nick puts the crib together, he and Sharon reminisce about bringing preemie Noah home. After Mariah leaves, Nick and Sharon fall into each other while assembling (much to Faith’s delight)