Friday, August 7th

On the rooftop, Devon asks Cane if he’s soon Collin (leading Cane to quip that he’s up to no good as usual)

Also on the roof, Hilary flashes back to Neil’s words – “Suspicious minds and lies will rip love apart” . Lily’s an enthusiastic wedding planne. Hilary knows it’ll be perfect.

Neil’s at the club with Nikki – he was a perfect gentleman in the elevator with Hilary. No, it wasn’t sinister – we cleared the air. Neil’s fine – Nikki’s turn to whine – Victor’s tempting her to drink.

Fight dammit Marine! Ben uses the paddles on James. I need back up! he does chest compressions. No one’s around due to another accident. Ben won’t call it yet – more paddles – the flatline continues. Ben’s devastated.

In their Milwaukee suite, Abby wants to insert personality into their presentation. You have a better handle on this? Vikki’s indignant. Yes – admit I’m right, Abby’s firm with her stick in the mud sister.

At the office, Ashley denies she’s behind some crazy conspiracy (the Paragon Project) Victor’s sadly aware of what Ashley’s capable of.

*Put aside your ego – Abby tells Vikki her data is boring. But we’re not here to entertain – investors need stats. Abby wants to show everyone that they are the future of the company. Vikki finally goes along – she’ll present nuts and bolts – Abby will bring humour and heartbeat.

You should have had a future, Ben will do whatever he can to track down James’ next of kin (to give them his purple heart) I’m so sorry, he weeps.

At the club, Nikki talks to Neil about the triggers Victor brings – he’s going to ask me to move back home; to a place she fell apart. How does Neil do it? How does he not see Hilary at his apartment. Neil doesn’t let the demons in. He’s the one in control.

Cane leaves Lily and Hilary wanting wedding input from Devon. As they ramble on, he barks that he can’t handle this right now!!!!