Tuesday, September 8th

Vikki hasn’t summoned Chelsea to CL’s to lay out ground rules – she wants to clear the air (and make the clothing line a success) Chelsea’s clear on one thing – Victor used her son to blackmail her and Gabe into staying in town.

Adam’s summoned Jack and Ashley to Jabot – he wants to prove his worthiness to Chelsea and Connor (so is asking for his old job back) Billy strolls in to say ‘no way in hell’.

Cane calls Lily from BVI – Devon’s with you? Don’t tell him it’s me. A witness saw a man carrying an unconscious Hilary off – the man’s description matches Devon. Lily excuses herself to say that Devon did not hurt Hilary. How do you explain the witness? Cane asks. Lily looks over at Devon (clearly having second thoughts)

In the old shack, Neil talks to an unconscious Hilary – what happened is as much Devon’s fault as mine. He notices the IV bag is empty. Don’t you die on me! I’ve got you (he hooks up a new bag) Come on! Come on! he watches Hilary intently.

Mike believes this witness is legit, Cane says – then hands the phone over so Lily can question Mike herself – why didn’t this man come forward before? He thought the woman was just passed out drunk – but then saw flyers and recognized Devon. Lily’s still not buying it – everyone’s seen the news coverage – Devon’s in agony right now. Mike needs Lily’s help – get Devon to tell you what really happened. Maybe he’s not just stressed. It’s Mike’s job to ask ugly questions before the prosecution does. OK – Lily will ask Devon ~click~ Rejoining her brother, Lily relays that the police are trying to punch holes in Devon’s alibi – let’s go over the details again. Devon guesses Cane didn’t call about the kids – what’s going on.

Neil could have left Hilary to drown. Instead, he saved her – brought her to the house they could have been sharing all this time. Neil doesn’t know what he’s doing – but knows who to go to for help.

Chelsea lists Victor’s steps to keep her in GC. It’s because he loves his grandson, Vikki maintains. No, we can’t go back – and Chelsea can’t move forward (thanks to Victor). Vikki DOES understand – Victor had her arrested the day she married Billy – 5 years ago today.

Billy doesn’t understand why Jack’s campaigning for ‘Gabe’. Ashley doesn’t think highly of the egomaniac either. Jack can’t deny Gabe’s all that – but that’s why Ashley should hire him.

You want Jabot to hire a lying weasel – because he’s a lying weasel? Billy acknowledges that he out Victor-ed Victor – for all of 5 minutes. Victor’s back in his chair after shooting you. Ashley doesn’t see how hiring Gabe follows Dad’s legacy. Adam thinks John Abbott would side with Chelsea. Jack then shut Billy up (and sends him out) – you don’t get a vote. Wow – so much for the old Jack, the guy I admired and trusted. Ashley then announces that Jack doesn’t have a vote either.

Vikki tells the story of the squad car pulling up as she was about to become Mrs William Abbott. That’s how far Victor went to prevent her from marrying someone he detested. She and Billy said I do as she was shoved into the police car – Vikki spent her wedding night in a jail cell. Do you want to get back with Billy? Chelsea knows she and Billy were never meant to be. And you think we are? Vikki asks. You really have to ask? Chelsea implies yes.