Thursday, September 17th

No time for spellcheck and proofreading etc. today ….

As a worried Adam peers through the trailer window, Ian feels blessed that Phyllis came into his life – perfect timing (they chat over coffee)

Jack enters Victor’s office – what does he want? Info on Marco – who’s not cut off from the world as promised. He sent a message via Luca Santori, who’s here to find his wife, Marisa. You lied about your computer system being attacked – are you working with Marco behind my back?

Over drinks at Underground, Luca knows it won’t be easy to win his wife back – women can be stubborn. But they can be won over with candles, wine etc. Noah says, as Marisa returns – she didn’t expect to see Luca tonight. He thanks Marisa for putting him in touch with his wife – but she didn’t explain why she left him. Maybe she’s having second thoughts, Noah suggests. Luca knows that deep down, she wants him back.

Vikki’s at GCM to see if Ben’s OK – Abby’s changed – consumed by work. You could get your heart broken.

At CL’s, Abby grumbles to Nick about Vikki being jealous. As she steps aside to take a call, Sharon updates Nick that she’s checking into a facility tonight – just long enough to get strong. Dylan appears to add that the only place that can take Sharon is Fairview.

Things are just fine – Ben thinks maybe Vikki wants him to distract Abby. Take her on a vacation, Vikki suggests (though she’s not jealous of her sister, she’s worried about her)

Sharon would rather go to Fairview than wait for an opening elsewhere (even though that’s where Adam stole Faith) – but maybe we can tell the kids I’m at a spa, so they won’t worry? Nick opts for the truth; Dylan too – there’s nothing worse than being lied to.

Marisa suggests Luca go to New York, where his wife is. Take champagne and flowers, Noah adds. After Nick calls to summon him to CL’s, Noah wishes Luca luck and leaves Marisa to demand he leave – people, including Noah, will get hurt. Luca can’t believe she has feelings for this bartender boy. He comes from a powerful family, and he’s smart, honorable. Then what’s he doing with trash like you? Luca gets a slap across the face.

When did Jack become so paranoid? Maybe since he was kidnapped and replaced by a drug lord. Luca Santori, from the Santori family in Spain? Victor thinks that if Marco sent him it could be trouble. Jack and Victor list the crimes they’ve both committed – Marco’s a threat to both of us who must be contained.

After Phyllis leaves ‘Fred’ to work oh his book, Adam confronts Ian – what’s Jack’s wife doing here???