Wednesday, October 7th

Sage awakens to find Nick in her hospital room – yes, the baby’s OK – he’s beautiful.

Jack visits Adam in an interrogation room – heard you had quite a night. Yeah – Adam delivered a baby in between being beaten and arrested. Despite Sage’s baby being a preemie, he’s sure Victor will have him riding to board meetings on horseback before you know it. Adam’s sorry he’s hurt every person who gave a damn about him (Jack and Chelsea)

Chris is in Paul’s office – doubting the jury will sympathize with Adam once they see the confession video. Paul doesn’t think Adam wants sympathy – he’s not defending himself or asking for his one phone call.

At CL’s, Mike reads the news about Adam online; alarmed that he’s planning to defend himself. Chris will rip him apart – everyone deserves proper representation, even Adam. Lauren sure hopes Mike doesn’t plan to offer his services.

Vikki, Billy and the kids are home playing family; happily except for Billy’s rage towards Adam.

Dropping by the penthouse, Abby won’t judge Chelsea (for she too got sucked in by ‘Gabe’ and thought she was behind the inflated sales numbers) She thinks Chelsea courageous for telling Billy the truth. And now we know who’s behind the virus. Yes, but Chelsea fears it’s too late to stop it.

In Victor’s office, Kevin also reads the online news. I want to kill your son, he grunts when Victor arrives (to tell him to stand in line)

Lauren can’t believe Mike would consider representing Adam (who destroyed Kevin and Chloe by running over Delia) Mike leaving to make his offer, Lauren hopes Adam turns him down.

You don’t understand how I feel – watching Chloe go through months of grief before becoming a shell of the woman he loved, Kevin whines (to Victor) that Adam took both her and Delia from him. He’d like to focus his rage into stopping Paragon – there’s a slight chance of finding a back door left by the ‘original architect’, Adam.

What does life without Adam look like to Chelsea (and Connor)? She’s not sure – she’ll probably lose the penthouse and money she got when Adam died. Abby suddenly remembers something she has to do – hang in there.

Billy won’t go to the Memorial today – it’ll remind him of Adam. Delia would like the idea of us all going away, Vikki says. Billy agrees – let’s let the authorities handle Adam.

Chris and Paul are surprised when Mike shows up at the station – to see Adam.

Adam tells Jack that he’s tired – of lying, running – being someone he’s not. Jack hated keeping his secret – and doesn’t blame Adam. But he IS concerned about Billy (and basically wants to know if he’ll tell the cops that Billy shot him)

Asking Jack for a private word with Adam. Mike offers to represent Adam (who’s got this one – he plans to plead guilty) Does your brother know you’re here? Question ignored, Adam hires Mike, and will need something from him.

Mike hands Adam his phone and leaves (he’ll be back when Paul and Chris question him) Adam calls Chelsea – he doesn’t expect to see her or Connor again – they deserve better. He’s truly sorry for everything. I died in that accident. I love Connor – and you ~click~

Victor’s paying Kevin to get inside Adam’s head. That’s the last place Kev wants to be – but he’s tried. Try harder. Get your son to give us what we need – use whatever leverage you have to. Abby then joins them to ask Victor give Chelsea freedom to move on; give her control of her clothing line. You owe this to her (for telling the truth) let Chelsea go.