Wednesday, October 14th

There is no time for spellcheck etc. today. Go Jays Go!!!!!! (sorry y’all)

Gwen tells Neil that she found a number for Dr Nevell. Neil will make the call himself – she’s to leave and not look back. Gwen will not leave Neil – get used to it ~hug~ OK, let’s do this – make the call, Neil says. Gwen does so.

Jack and Phyllis march over to Billy’s table. He’s still pissed about Jack’s betrayal and doesn’t want to hear anything they have to say. Ashley appears to say she’s interested – what’d I miss?

Noah joins Nick and Sage – to meet his new brother. Hey little guy, he chats away (pleased to have another boy in the family) He has so much to teach him – one day all about women (not that Noah knows anything)

Also at GCM< Luca catches his wife putting her shirt on - Marissa's being released today. No, the police haven't found her attacker. She suspects his family - they can't be pleased you found me. Luca can protect Marisa - if she comes back to him.

Sharon tells Dr Anderson that she’s tired, which is weird – she got plenty of sleep. Dr A again blames the pregnancy. Sharon mentions that Patty doesn’t think she’s on the right medication. Dylan’s kiss interrupts. Once alone he notes that Sharon seems ‘out if it’ – as Dr A eavesdrops.

Dylan wonders what happened since the last time he visited. Sharon’s just tired (expected due to pregnancy) Dr A stops Patty from joining her nephew and Sharon – let’s go to your room to talk. Dylan’s hoping to see Nick’s baby this morning – not Faith – his baby with Sage. Oh right, a boy, Sharon apologizes for being so tired.

Noah can’t believe he was that small – wow. If I made it, so can he. Nick and Sage are sure Christian will be OK too. Telling his little brother that he has great parents, Noah gives hugs and leaves. After a nurse pops in to say that Sage can go home, Nick asks her to come home. Sage can’t do that.

Marissa doesn’t need Luca or his protection – she won’t be found again. Noah enters – what’s going on? Luca was just leaving, Marissa says. That leaves Noah to ask if she’s ‘just leaving’ too.

After Billy walks away from Jack’s ‘lame explanations’, Ashley listens to them. Jack’s made some really questionable decisions. I’m not the only one, Jack retorts – do you have any idea what Billy’s been doing since you’ve been gone?

Nick admits he said some terrible things to Sage. She understands he was shocked and has every right to be angry – but she can’t keep apologizing to him. She kept Adam’s secret because Nick and their baby mean everything to her – but she can’t go home with him. Wild horses could not drag her away from Christian. Nick understands ~hug~

Ashley shocks Jack and Phyllis – she approved of every acquisition Billy made in her absence – we’re turning Jabot into a multi national – with multiple industries overnight. Billy did a good job of choosing the companies to buy. She’ll continue to snap up ‘juicy Paragon windfalls’. Jack thinks it a huge mistake.

Marissa would leave GC but the doctors say she can’t travel unto after a follow up exam. After that, she’ll be gone – forget about me. Noah doesn’t think that possible. No need to call a taxi – he’ll take her back to his place. To the hotel, Marissa corrects.