Tuesday, October 13th

Neil’s done his cleaning – Dylan and Devon creep around outside. Seeing the doorknob jiggle, Neil waits. Devon shoves open the door – alas, it’s empty. Neil’s unhappy when Gwen barges in. Get out of here while you have a chance!!!

At the club, Lily’s frantic with worry – what if they’re using Hilary to get Devon – and he’s walking into a trap!? He won’t find Hilary – she’s not there! Cane finally snaps. How could you know that?! Lily wonders.

In Paul’s office, Chris wants an officer following Adam at all times. Paul can’t do that. Why not!? Chris squawks – we know what he’s capable of, especially when cornered!

At NE, Vikki’s pissed that Paragon’s taken over all Brash n Sassy’s social media – even more pissed when Adam arrives (surely Victor doesn’t trust him to fix this) Adam can’t work with big sis giving him the stink eye – Victor’s to choose which one of them stays.

Mike’s at the penthouse – he needs Chelsea to testify on Adam’s behalf – more accurately, Adam needs her.

Outside her suite, Chloe’s on the phone – can you watch her for a few more days? Watch who? Billy appears to ask. Chloe tells him about her dog; a bundle of fur named Hazelnut. When Billy admits he kinda enjoyed seeing Chloe pull a gun on Adam, she suggests they team up – kill Adam without getting caught.

Devon will be here any minute! Neil worries. No, he and Dylan would be here by now – the kidnapper’s lying about having Hilary – they don’t know she’s here, Gwen says – WE need to get her help (Neil still wants her to leave)

Nobody’s been here in ages, Devon immediately calls the kidnapper – the line’s disconnected. He has my money – what else does he want from me!? It’s time to bring in the police, Dylan decides.

Billy can’t commit cold blooded murder, and won’t let Chloe either. She was joking. Billy’s not so sure. Chloe shrugs off the incident at the park – and she won’t stick around for the trial. What about the sentencing – it’ll be so good when the jury declares Adam guilty; watching him lead off in cuffs. Chloe’s good – well, not good – she watched Adam fear for his life. If Chloe’s not going to be here for the trial, why does she need someone to watch her ‘dog’? Chloe has a life, other friends she needs to see.

Chelsea would be glad to tell the jury that Adam’s a liar who betrays anyone who cares about him. Mike was thinking more of Adam’s state of mind 3 years ago – his emotion over Connor going blind. Chelsea balks at using her son’s medical condition. She can’t – she’ll be far away when the trial starts (Mike spots her flight ticket to New York on her tablet) Yes, Adam’s Conner’s Father and one day he’ll learn that people are held responsible for their crimes, she concludes.