Friday, November 20th

In the suite, Gwen challenges Neil – will you tell Devon the truth or will I? Neil has no choice but to confess to Devon – he knows what really happened to Hilary.

Downstairs, Hilary tells Lily that Dylan might have gone after Neville – who might have gone to Ohio. Finally, an end to all this, Lily hopes – but why doesn’t Hilary seem happy about that?

Cane walks into Paul’s office – I need your help to clear my name.

At the tackhouse, Victor offers to relieve Faith’s babysitter. He learns that Nick and Sage had an appointment. Sage is sad, she cries all the time. Daddy’s being strong.

Still at GCM, Dr Anderson offers to help Nick work through this – she offers a unique perspective. Sage reappears to remind Nick that they already have a therapist. Happy to hear that, Dr A apologizes for being insensitive earlier, but then makes a point of bringing up Nick losing Cassie.

No! No! No! Sharon holds her flat belly. Why is my baby gone?! she’s crying as a staff member runs in.

Someone took my baby. Nick – he did it! I have to find him and get my child back. The male staffer easily blocks Sharon’s exit and sedates her.

Dr Anderson continues to focus on Nick – You and Sharon shared pain, but also a great deal of joy since high school (which surprises Sage) Sharon talked a lot about your relationship, and your new wife – you got off to a rough start. Sharon was concerned about you – struggling to find your place in the Newman family – how they tend to close ranks – whatever it takes to shelter themselves and their empire. Nick doesn’t appreciate Dr A’s attitude.

The evidence against Cane may be circumstantial, but Paul needs proof – and a name. Joe Clark – Cane wants him arrested. Paul scoffs – the motive? He slept with (and still wants) Lily. He wants me out of the way. Paul sees a jealous husband who might be wanting payback against the man who slept with his wife. Nope – Joe tried to kill me the night of the fire, Cane adds.

Tearing up, Hilary’s sorry she can’t feel the love for Devon everyone wants her to feel. It’s OK – don’t try so hard, Lily’s sure she’ll remember. But that’s just it – Hilary does remember – all of it – but it’s Neil she wants. Having watched, Joe comes along – everything OK? No – it’s not OK – my family is imploding around me, Lily whines. Come with me, Joe leads Lily out, as Hilary types a ‘where are you?’ message to Neil.

Upstairs, Gwen warns Neil not to try get around this. He knows he can’t put it off any longer. She won’t let Neil do it in private (lest he pin it all on her) No, Neil takes full responsibility. It’s the least you can do, Gwen snarls and exits. Neil then admits to following Devon and Hilary to BVI – he wanted to destroy them and the marriage. He followed Hilary – showed her the video – he set up the hooker. Why!? Devon’s stunned. Yes, Neil was the man seen arguing with Hilary. No! He didn’t push Hilary off the cliff. I saved her! He couldn’t take her to a hospital – no one would believe it was an accident. Devon’s pissed – YOU flew her back to GC!? You had my wife the whole time!! You sonofabitch!

Admiring Faith’s drawing for Christian, Victor does a good job of comforting her. Your family will always love and take care of you ~hug~