Thursday, November 19th

MY apologies for the delay – tech difficulties.

Devon and Gwen chat. What does Neil have to be guilty for? He forgave us at our wedding – no, Devon won’t ‘drop it’. He wants to know what Gwen knows – and why she’s lying to him right now.

Upstairs, Neil not only returns Hilary’s kiss, he climbs on top of her on the bed!

Nick comes home to find Sage sitting in the dark, folding the blue blankie. Naw, it’s too chilly for a walk – and a fire, popcorn and movie. Nick can’t do this. Christian was so brave – we need to be brave too.

Via video chat, Dylan updates Sharon that Hilary’s safe. He wants to visit her on Thanksgiving. Looking over at Dr Anderson, Sharon changes the subject to Faith. And when Dylan tells her that Nick and Sage lost their baby, Sharon takes it hard – no, no, no!

Sage doesn’t want to be brave right now – or talk about it – or look at the drawing Faith did for Christian. Nick wants to get through this together. Sage won’t be forced into grieving the way Nick is. Christian is gone – that’s it. Nick feels shut out. Sage feels like she’s not following his blueprint. I need you – you need me, Nick mentions Cassie dying (which doesn’t go over well either)

Deep breaths, Dr Anderson coaches Sharon from the sidelines. Is someone else there? Dylan wonders. In tears, Sharon again ignores the question – it’s just so sad – losing a baby; the pain is overwhelming. I’m here – talk to me, Dylan reminds that they have a son to look forward to. Look forward to the life we’ll have. As Dr A gestures the chat is over, Sharon and Dylan exchange I love you’s. He’s puzzled when Viewchat suddenly disconnects; with a frozen image of Sharon looking up at Dr A (who’s taking the tablet back) Something else on the screen captures his interest. What is this? Neville?

Gwen continues to whine – how does Devon not see that Hilary and Neil may ride off into the sunset? No – Devon’s sure she’ll remember her love for him. Hilary broke her vows to cheat with you, what makes you think she won’t do the same to cheat ON you?! Gwen persists. Devon then gets a text – Dylan has a lead. Soon we can all get our lives back, he hurries off.

Upstairs, Neil reconsiders – I can’t do this (to Devon – and Gwen) We loved each other, Hilary claims – in her heart she’s still married to Neil.

Neil backs away – no, this ain’t gonna happen. He doesn’t think Hilary horrible, just confused. Did Devon ever think about not hurting you? Did he pay for what he did to you? Hilary asks. He’s been paying since you fell off that cliff, Neil knows Devon’s a broken man. He’s been punished, trust me. Then there’s the innocent Gwen. But do they share what Hilary and Neil did? I’m back and I still love you. Is there no chance? I’m sorry, Neil leaves

Devon races into CL’s. Our guy’s right here, Dylan shows him the tablet. After all this time, there’s activity on the trackers we put on the meds in GCM’s supply closet.

Downstairs, Gwen understands that Neil’s not ignoring her – poor confused Hilary doesn’t know who her husband is. Maybe she’ll get a clue if we pour all the meds down her throat. We owe Hilary – she lied to the police to protect us, Neil points out. Yeah, but how about Gwen lying to the police to protect Neil!?

Nick doesn’t want to push Sage – but wants to find a way to get through this together. He needs Sage to help him. I don’t know how, Sage weeps. Nick decides there’s only one thing they can do.

Dr Anderson tells Sharon to focus on herself. But something could go wrong, Sharon weeps. Your son is healthy – look forward to being a Mother, she’s told – don’t worry. Sharon wishes she could be as confident. Looking in the mirror, she sees a bulging belly (as Dr A fills a syringe)