Monday, February 1st

While I was busy sunning myself poolside in Florida, our dear friend Meghan was kind enough to watch and recap the show. Thanks Meghan!!!

Lauren took Jill and Colin to lunch to celebrate their anniversary. They see Michael talking to Cane which concerns Jill. Cane tells Michael he wants things between him and Lily as they once were but every time he thinks of her affair with Joe he becomes angry. Michael shares with Cane that he and Lauren rebuilt their marriage after she had an affair. Jill told Cane they are throwing an impromptu party at the GCAC and wants him to be there. After Cane leaves Michael and Jill plan on getting him and Lily back together again. Michael called Neil and told him the party was an opportunity to reunite Lily and Cane.

Hilary told Neil she was not ready to sign the divorce papers. Neil wanted to know if she was ready to go back to Devon. Hilary said she did not know what she wanted. Devon told Lily Hilary had not yet signed the divorce papers. Lily said Hilary was playing him off against Neil. Lily gets a call about the party. Neil told Devon he rejected Hilary and he knew Hilary really loved Devon.


At the party, Jill and Colin argue have a faux argument to make a point to Lily and Cane that every couple has its problems. Lily and Cane leave together which thrills everyone at the party. After everyone leaves Neil drinks a glass of champagne. Lily and Cane make love in a suite at the GCAC.

When Devon arrived at Hilary’s suite she told she loved him and wanted to be with him. She said she had turned to Neil out of guilt. Devon said he was not sure he could forgive her and left.

Sage told Dr. Anderson she was glad to be in Fairview. She apologized to the doctor for hitting her. But she said she still thinks Dr. Anderson is after Nick. Dr. Anderson told Sage they had to trust each other. She suggested Sage stay away from Nick for a while and suggested she leave town after she completes her treatment at Fairview. Sage found a book in Dr. Anderson’s office entitled “Living with Paralysis.” Sage called Nick and told him Dr. Anderson had suggested she leave him. Nick called Dr. Anderson and asked her to meet him. When they meet Dr. Anderson told Nick she thought the way both Sharon and Sage had treated him was wrong. She says she cares for him and kisses him.

Nick was annoyed that Sharon told Faith Sage was in Fairview. He said she should have run it by him first. Later Faith told Sharon she wanted to live with her.

Noah apologized to Billy who remembered Noah was there when he was hit
Adam accused Luca of ratting him out
Marisa told Chelsea she needed to stop Adam from entrapping Luca.