Wednesday, February 17th

At GCM, Ben tells Abby that the lab messed up Ashley’s results – but no, not hers. But how will we break the news to your son? Abby worries.

At the office, Victor mumbles about Natalie finishing Passkey. Why is Adam so quite? Does he know something Victor doesn’t?

The sound isn’t working, Natalie closes her laptop when there’s a knock at the door. Finding Natalie alone at Summer’s, Luca barges in wanting a demonstration of Passkey (which Adam’s told him all about) You can trust me – we’re all on the same side here. The hell we are, Summer appears – get out!

At Top of the Tower, Jack and Phyllis congratulate Vikki and Billy on their engagement. Lily runs in to fret about her Dad – updating them on his drinking, the press conference and Devon firing him.

Neil lays unconscious on the floor of his motel room; passed out drunk, an empty bottle on the bed.

Ben and Abby decide that Ben will tell Max about the baby – then we’re in it together; the good, the fat and the ugly ~hug~


Jack’s disappointed that Neil lied to him. But he, Vikki, Billy, Phyllis won’t judge him. As Jack and Lily leave to go search for Neil, Vikki comments that at least Jack’s not rushing to Billy’s rescue (cue the looks)

Summer confronts Luca – who claims he thoroughly enjoyed her company on Valentine’s Day. He’s in the project and even has passwords etc. Looking at a folder, Natalie admits he is in the inner circle (and sits down to show Luca)

Summer calls Victor to update him on Luca – he has passwords and a briefcase full in info on Passkey. Reassuring Summer that she’s doing a great job, Victor hangs up and asks Adam what hell he’s unleashed on this family now.

At the club, Abby announces her news to Vikki (and her concerns about Max) He’ll warm up to the idea, Vikki’s sure, and yes, Ben IS ready. Spotting Vikki’s ring, it’s Abby’s turn to offer congratulations.

As Ben rambles on at CL’s, Max pauses his snack – just say whatever it is you brought me here to say.

Back at Top of the Tower, Billy tells Phyllis that Delia paid him a visit on Valentine’s Day (her birthday) Phyllis feels guilty about keeping Jack in the dark, and using Summer. We can stop, Billy offers. No, this HAS to work – we’ll only get one shot at this and Summer’s our silver bullet.