Thursday, March 31st

Summer bumps into Luca at CL’s – literally. He needs to get to the club for Jabot’s announcement – Jack needs him on the team. Summer’s surprised he has a job after busting her Mom on the stand. If you ever need to talk… Luca offers. And Summer offers to go with him to the club – to protect him from her Mom. Watching from the patio, Billy frowns as he again flashes back to kissing Phyllis. Jack arrives – you having second thoughts?

At the club, Vikki walks in on Kevin and Phyllis drinking champagne. Drinking to my Dad’s demise? Stay classy Phyllis.

Victor’s cellmate welcomes him to the State pen. This ain’t Victor’s first time and he has no interest in making friends.

At home, Sharon relays her conversation with Shawn (to Mariah). I told her that she should be confident in her decision – then she went into labour. As Dylan arrives, Sharon says that it could be her fault that Nick and Sage lose their little boy.

In a hospital bed, Shawn needs to see David – what’s wrong? Nick and Sage calm her down – you need to get strong. It’s best you don’t see him right now, Sage says. Best for who? Shawn wonders.

Bobby knows who Victor is. You got no power at all in here – there’s guys lined up ready to take you down. Victor stands to confront Bobby Bob – I don’t need your protection. You came to the wrong guy. Watch your ass, he warns.

Kevin leaves Vikki to tell Phyllis that she doesn’t have reason to celebrate. The corner office, Phyllis suggests she embrace her new power. Pouring more champage, Phyllis is celebrating the good guys winning. She regrets having her best friend give the justice system an assist but that’s the ONLY thing she’d change. You want revenge, Vikki feels sorry for Phyllis (who tells her to stick around for Jabot’s announcement) Vikki guesses it’s Passkey – then sees Billy arrive with Jack.

Sharon’s surprised when Mariah initiates a hug. After she leaves, Dylan reminds Sharon that they agreed she should stay out of Nick and Sage’s marriage. But Nick’s the Father of my children. So am I.

Sage promises Shawn that David will be fine. He’s my baby – you can’t stop me from seeing him, Shawn won’t budge. Nick agrees to arrange it, then leads Sage out. If she the baby, Shawn will want to keep him, Sage frets.

Dylan reiterates that Sharon can’t keep inserting herself into Nick’s life – but there’s nothing to forgive ~kiss~ Sharon wonders if her nightmares are anxiety over this adoption. Dylan thinks there might be more to Dr Anderson’s obsession that making a move on Nick.

In the hallway, Sage is panicked at the thought that Shawn might want to keep the baby if she holds him. What did Sharon say to her? She was just trying to help, Nick reminds that Shawn hasn’t signed adoption papers yet. Blocking her from seeing the baby might make things worse. I’ll go get the nurse, Sage marches off.