Wednesday, June 15th

As Sharon’s about to feed Sully, Mariah bursts in – there’s been an accident. Call 911 right now! Hurry! There’s no dial tone, Sharon runs for her cell. There’s a woman and a baby in the other car! OMG! Sharon gasps as a bloodied Sage plods in – you were supposed to help me and my baby. Sage, I’m sorry, Sharon murmurs in her sleep. Dylan awakens to look puzzled.

Nick enters the office – is Vic late again? Luca thinks she’s lost interest in her bartender after seeing this – he’s not as honest and simple as your sister thought. As Nick looks at the file on Travis, Summer arrives to ask what her Dad and boyfriend are conspiring about.

Vikki and Travis are panting in his bed – that was awesome. Now it’s time to face the real world. Yes, Vikki’s ready for that – she’s fearless and knows how they’ll ‘make a splash’.

At the penthouse, Chelsea again presses Adam for answers. He refuses – I don’t want you to end up in prison.

Sharon, sweetheart, Dylan gently shakes Sharon (who’s dreaming that Sage is pissed – you don’t care about your husband or my baby – your only care about yourself. My baby will have Nick’s smile and my eyes – everyone will know and hate you. Sharon can’t lose Sully. There IS no Sully – Sage will haunt Sharon until she makes it right. When Sharon awakens, Dylan informs that she was talking in her sleep.

Nick’s giving Luca a second chance. Your boyfriend can be useful, he admits. What’s going on? Summer wonders if this is something Vikki should know about. Taking the file, Nick thanks Luca for his research and leaves Luca to gush about how much he kissed Summer (who wants to know what her Dad’s hiding) It doesn’t affect you, Luca wants Nick on their side. OK, Summer will drop it – for now.

What did I say? Sharon wonders. You were talking to Sage – saying you’re sorry. Why? Sharon wasn’t able to help Sage. You have nothing to feel guilty about, Dylan knows she tried her best. What else is going on? Sharon blames her distress on Adam’s murder case and Nick worrying that Sage’s journal. Dylan promises to find the truth – you have nothing to worry about ~kiss~

At the penthouse, Adam gets a text from Mike – he’ll tell the jury that Dr Gates has formed an attachment to Victor. Chelsea still wonders what Adam’s keeping from her. OK, Ian will only testify if Adam helps him escape prison.

Vikki and Travis are now at on the club’s rooftop. Arriving with Luca, Summer now realizes why Vikki’s always late for work. Who’s your friend? Summer asks. I’d like you to meet my new man, Vikki replies.

Luca takes Vikki off to discuss business – while Summer will get to know Travis over iced tea. What the hell are you doing with the guy who tried to bring down our company? Luca hisses at Vikki. OUR company? Who the hell do you think you are? Luca reminds that Travis used to be in oil – NE’s rig sprung a leak. This guy’s up to something – I can feel it. At a nearby table, Summer quizzes Travis – how did you guys meet?

At CL’s, Paul updates Dylan on the investigation. Dylan’s got a list of guys who might have forged Sage’s journal. Paul recognizes a name of someone he knows – and more importantly, so does Victor.