Wednesday, August 10th

In the pen, Adam pens a letter to birthday boy Connor – hopefully they can celebrate together next year. Dylan visits – yes, he’s still investigating but don’t tell anyone. Adam appreciates that Dylan believes him – and does not believe Chloe (as Chelsea does) Now to prove it so Adam can go home to his wife and son.

As Connor blows his ‘3’ candle out, Chloe admires his big blue eyes. She then opens the door to a surprised Nikki and a scowling Victor. The more the merrier, Chloe lets them in.

As Kevin scrutinizes surveillance footage from Walworth, Mike and Paul argue at his desk. Paul insists the case is closed – the investigation is over unless Adam hires a PI. Mike thinks his brilliant brother can help.

When Mariah comes home with flowers, Sharon makes two incorrect assumptions (that they are for her. And then that they’re for Mariah). Nope, they’re for Chloe, Mariah just stole them.

Why did Mariah steal Chloe’s flowers? To save Kevin from getting his heart broken. Chloe doesn’t want him. Sharon wonders if Mariah’s thinking about herself, not Kevin.

Your son believes Kevin, Mike’s then told that Dylan suspects Chloe. Ah, Mike agrees – she has motive. Paul’s had enough of this! Mike pleads Adam’s case – he won’t survive this.

Adam asks Dylan to deliver his letter to Connor – I appreciate what you’re doing. Don’t thank me yet – Dylan informs that Chloe was supposedly in a facility when Victor was receiving visitors. Victor covers his tracks well.

Chloe introduces the Newmans to Bella. Nikki wonders if she looks like her Father. She looks like Delia, Chloe smiles (then takes the kids upstairs so Chelsea can ask Victor – how dare you come here?) Victor has every right to see his grandson.

That boy needs love and support with his Father in prison, Victor makes Chelsea even angrier. As Nikki defends Victor, Chloe listens from the stairs. I’m Adam’s only hope, Victor tells Chelsea.

Mike’s back at the prison to tell Adam that Dylan’s still investigating. Yes, he was just here – to say that there’s no way to prove Chloe visited Victor. Mike gives an upset Adam a pep talk – there’s some fierce people fighting for you. Don’t give up.

Back at the station, Dylan asks Kevin how hard it would be to hack into the server of the facility Chloe was reportedly at and adjust the logs to put her there when she wasn’t. After Kevin escapes, Paul blasts Dylan – it’s crystal clear he can’t be trusted (and is suspended for defying an order)

Now in the privacy of Paul’s office, Dylan rants ‘n raves – maybe Chris is looking for payback against Adam? Or Victor? WE play by the rules – WE aren’t Victor Newman~~ Paul shouts – until you work within the system you don’t deserve to wear that badge! Hand it and your firearm over. Dylan glares as he does so.

Mariah just wants Kevin to be happy. Even if that’s with Chloe and Bella? Maybe they’ll get back together, Sharon wonders how Mariah would feel about that. Out in the cold, Mariah’s sad.