Tuesday, August 9th

Luca just can’t keep his hands and lips off Summer – who pushes him off her so she can go see Chelsea about designing her wedding dress. Phyllis is meeting her there. Raincheck, Luca admires Summer’s exit.

Nick’s on video chat – with Victor and Phyllis (together in his office) He didn’t advise Luca to marry Summer and hasn’t been able to connect him to the oil spill sabotage. He’s an amateur, Victor will have fun taking Luca down.

At the station, Kevin’s sorry he asked Mariah to play cupid – you’re off the case. Why? Kevin realizes what he wants and how to get it. It’s been staring him in the face all along.

At the design studio, Chelsea and Sharon wait for Chloe, then Summer (and Phyllis) Chelsea’s sure Chloe will be along soon – she’s very conscientious about work. Meanwhile, Dylan’s surprised when Chloe answers the penthouse door.

Chloe’s healthy and back. She’s invited to stay at Chelsea’s penthouse – she didn’t break in. Dylan’s skeptical. Do your doctor’s know you moved into Adam’s home? You’re working at the studio too? Yes – Chloe personally forgave Adam and is ready to move on. Mystery woman? It’s not me, Chloe came back for family. I have proof.

Seated at his desk, Kevin wanted to convince Chloe that they could recapture what they had together (with Delia) I need to move forward, not look back. And Kev’s the only person who can convince Chloe (not his best friend, Mariah – who then calls him an idiot)

An excited Summer is pleased that Chelsea and Sharon are happy for her – everyone’s being so supportive. Even Victor? (who tried to break up both Chelsea and Sharon’s marriages – not to mention Vikki) Yes, Grandpa wants me to be happy, Summer’s convinced.

Phyllis, Victor and Nick need to show Summer that Luca’s a liar. He sabotaged the oil rigs (and Vikki) but they can’t prove it. Travis is then mentioned – why was Luca focussed on him?

Luca’s typing a grandiose wedding announcement when Victor calls to summon his future grandson in law for a toast. Your plan is tequila? Nick’s skeptical. I’ve got him where I want him, Victor assures (as Luca will, of course, make a beeline to Victor)

Chloe introduces Dylan to her sun and moon; Bella. This is why she came back. She’s beautiful, Dylan agrees – and listens as Chloe insists she doesn’t want revenge against Adam. Grief made you do crazy things too, Chloe reminds. Now we’re both healthy and parents.

Chloe knows you – why would she care if a stranger has nice things to say about you. Mariah DID talk to Chloe – she doesn’t want to be with you. Kevin doesn’t want to be spared the details. OK, you remind her of life with Delia, Mariah confesses. She was trying to push you towards someone else. Find someone who’ll love you back! a frustrated Mariah leaves her dense pal.

Over champagne and chit chat, Sharon and Chelsea go to get some dresses – leaving Phyllis to play her part (there’s nothing your family won’t do for you) Oblivious, Summer happily clinks her Mon’s glass – cheers.

As Luca eavesdrops outside a conveniently ajar door, Victor orders his PI to find Travis, the saboteur, (on his sailboat) He tells Luca that it’s about acquiring a company and needs him to step out so he can make a private call. Victor chuckles as he watches Luca on camera – you eavesdropping punk.