Tuesday, August 30th

Today’s opening is tied for first place as my fave and believe it or not centers around the Winters family. Oh the hair. Neil in a blonde wig, Devon’s fro and bald Lily (and Jill in a bikini!)

Paul rants about Chelsea also disappearing with Connor. Dylan’s got no leads – her car’s still in its spot. Did Victor give Chelsea an invisible cloak? Both are sure he’s behind it. After Paul slams out, Dylan runs a facial recognition program and spots Chelsea in a car (and it’s license plate) What to do.

In the station, Kevin and Chloe are tired and want to go home. Paul sends Sharon into his office with sandwiches for Dylan (who closes his laptop) Is that a lead? she asks.

Over dinner at the club, Neil gripes to Devon about Hilary giving Lily his Mother’s letters. She had no right. The Ashby’s appear; Lily claims that it’s about the family, not just Neil.

Chelsea and Adam are delighted to wake up in bed together – we’re free-ish, no one will find us. It’s really happening ~kiss~

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Neil doesn’t appreciate Hilary betraying his trust by keeping the letters. She was your wife – she cared about you, Devon knows she hoped Neil would one day reach out to his Mother. The Ashby’s did what Neil should have done a long time ago. We went to see your Mother.

The Newman family are ready to head off for their flight. The skies are clear – it’s a good sign. But first, it’s time for some Father/son fishing.

Chloe and Kevin try to persuade Paul that they didn’t help Chelsea – go interrogate Nikki, she was there shortly before Chelsea disappeared. With a warning, Paul sends Kevin and Chloe home.

Sharon scolds Dylan for working too hard – let’s go take a walk. Looking at the closed laptop, Dylan hesitates then follows.

Lily informs that Lucinda’s living in an assisted living facility an hour away. Some things are better left in the past, Neil’s angry. You should have asked me. Yes, I would have said ‘no’. The twins deserve to know their grandmother, Lily insists. We weren’t allowed to see her because we’re not immediate family. Will Neil let his Mother die all alone?

Bella in her lap, Ester tells Chloe that she’ll bring her back later. After she hangs up, Kevin thinks that maybe Dylan should let Adam and Chelsea go. Mariah arrives to disagree – someone should be held accountable for putting a man in a coma.