Monday, September 5th

In Paul’s office, Chelsea takes Nick’s bad news as one might expect. No! Adam’s alive! This isn’t real. Mike extends his sympathies and slips out to question Paul and Dylan (who’re investigating the explosion)

Victor’s in the front seat of his car, Chloe the back. No, she didn’t make the grave mistake of killing Adam and can prove it.

Vikki and Travis cuddle in bed. Yes, he’s glad to be back in GC, and her bed. Travis won’t be scared off by her family.

Ashley drops by Jack’s office to discuss the ‘odd’ dinner with Phyllis and Billy. Is everything OK? Jack’s relationship with Phyllis is fine. OK – what about Billy’s relationship with Phyllis?

In Billy’s office, Phyllis calls him a maniac for holding her hand under the table. I want to be with you again – tell me it’ll happen, Billy implores.

Billy can’t get enough of Phyllis. His every waking thought is that she’s not in his bed. Phyllis misses Billy every second of the day but can’t risk hurting people. Holding Phyllis close, Billy wants to make this work. Billy?? Who were you talking to? Jill’s headed off in the lab as Phyllis hides in the office.

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Ashley worries about how much time Billy and Phyllis are spending together (he egged her on in revenge against Victor) No – she only turned to Billy because Jack wasn’t her sounding board. They both have reasons to hate Victor. So does Jack – but he’s no longer obsessed with ‘The Mustache’. He vows to be there for Phyllis. So, no problems? Ashley’s not convinced.

Chloe insists she’s telling Victor the truth. He only knows that she hates Adam – you’re upset that he was set free to spend his life with Chelsea and Connor.

Chelsea’s in denial. Her DNA was in the cabin too and she’s fine. No, blood and tissue, Nick clarifies. Oh my God, Chelsea weeps in his arms.

Billy was talking to his computer. Jill needs him to go home to rest – he’s being sent to Seattle on business. Yes, with Vikki – and Cane. Do me proud, Jill says in parting. Phyllis comes out – you should go pack. Billy only wants her. Get on the plane – there’s nothing to keep you here, Phyllis claims.