Tuesday, September 6th

The Newman’s gather at Top of The Tower to honour Adam. Nikki ruffles Sharon’s feathers then butts heads with Nick over Victor going to see Chelsea.

Chloe fusses over Connor then loses her smile when Victor shows up at the penthouse. Coming down the stairs, Chelsea glares at Victor (who has Connor in his arms as he vows to always protect him)

Travis helps Vikki with the clasp of her necklace – then listens as she talks about how much Adam loved Chelsea and Connor – and hear how her Dad blames himself. IS he to blame? She only knows the family will never be the same. Travis then informs that Billy wants HIM to go on the business trip with her.

Cane’s at Billy’s to complain about being shut out of the business trip. Billy tells him to go – he’s not. Then why are you packed? Cane eyes his luggage.

At Jabot, Ashley doesn’t share Jack’s opinion of Adam but will be there for Abby – and wonders why Phyllis isn’t dressed for the memorial. Abby interrupts to update that Victor’s ‘decimated, broken’. You feel sorry for Victor? Are you kidding me? Phyllis scowls.

Phyllis thinks Victor’s only devastated that his plan backfired – she sympathizes with Chelsea but Adam’s dead because of Victor (who’ll milk it and make a mockery of Adam’s death) After Ashley and Abby storm out, Jack suspects it’s what Phyllis wanted – so he’ll go to the memorial alone.

Knowing the business trip is bogus (and what Jill’s up to) Vikki doesn’t blame Billy for not going. Travis thinks Billy wants to go someplace else.

Billy doesn’t get why Cane cares where he’s going as long as it’s not Seattle – YOU go but don’t tell Jill. Deal? Cane refuses to shake hands – no deal – you’re up to something.

Sharon agrees with Nick – Chelsea won’t want to see Victor. Nikki disagrees – Victor wants to do the right thing. Nick asks Sharon to leave them alone to wonder why Nikki’s defending Victor.

I love you my boy, Victor hands Connor to Chloe (who takes him upstairs to leave Chelsea to accuse Victor of depriving Connor of his Father) I’m his grandfather, Victor harshly reminds.

Next to arrive, Mike’s joined by Sharon as he stares at a large framed photo of Adam. Lauren’s out of town on business. Mike’s not staying long – he blames Victor and himself. He should have done something.

Nikki reminds Nick that Victor saved her and Phyllis from Ian – even though he was upset with them. He manipulated Adam’s life, Nick argues. Yes, but he realized he went too far and tried to fix that. He sobbed in my arms – he’s searching. For what? Redemption.