Friday, September 30th

Stuck in the elevator, Ashley blames it on Brash n Sassy moving in – then recognizes Travis. Shaking hands, they chat about why he left Wall Street. He wanted something new and found it in GC.

Back in BnS, Vikki won’t compare her relationship with Travis to Billy’s fling with Phyllis. Your Dad’s signing your boyfriend’s checks, what could possibly go wrong with that? Billy counters.

Finished signing paperwork, Phyllis wrestles the large files out of her small office – only to encounter Jack in the hallway. He reminds that Phyllis said she could handle it.

It’s official – there will be no domestic abuse charges against Jack, Paul announces that Phyllis’ fall was an accident. Mike can’t excuse her or blame Jack for the break-up. She plans to win him back. Paul wouldn’t bet against anyone who went up against Victor. Leaving Paul’s office, they almost catch Dylan searching ‘Chloe Fisher’ on Kevin’s computer.

On the phone, Patty’s happy to hear that Faith likes the doll she sent – it’s Sharon’s gift too. Every baby needs a home, and love. Asked why she’s doing this, Patty cackles. You knew this day would come. You didn’t think I’d forget did you? Sharon hangs up.

Dylan was just doing some research for Kevin. Mike seems to buy it and Paul’s relieved that the case doesn’t involve Victor. Sent home to spend time with his wife and son, Dylan leaves Mike to observe that he didn’t specify which case he’s working on for Kevin. Paul agrees and admits it’s hard to draw the line between being Dylan’s boss and Father.

Sharon chatters to Sully in his high chair – Mommy has bad dreams too sometimes. When the phone rings, she pulls the plug out. No one will bother us anymore.

Phyllis doesn’t mind the small office and big workload – but we must work together. This isn’t the buddy system, Jack scoffs – we won’t work together EVER. He will never trust Phyllis again; personally or professionally.

Still stuck in the elevator, Travis tells Ashley that he came back to GC for Vikki. He then learns that she’s Billy’s sister. Small world, the joke.

Nobody controls Travis, Vikki declares – he didn’t come back to GC for a job, he came back for ME. Billy sees red flags – Travis now has a corner office. He’s astounded when Vikki blurts out that she loves Travis.

Coming home, Dylan’s surprised to find that Sully’s awake. He hopes it wasn’t another crank call. No, it was a bad dream, Sharon explains – but makes sure the phone’s unplugged before she follows Dylan (and Sully) upstairs.