Tuesday, October 18th

Billy hasn’t met Ashley at the club to discuss her and Jack screwing over Brash n Sassy – he wants to know what Phyllis is up to.

When Phyllis drops by his house with the flashdrive, Jack wants to know why she didn’t destroy it. Phyllis is doing Jack a favour – whether he realizes it or not.

The lights are back on but Nick’s still in pain – and Kevin’s still sorry; he thought he hit the stalker. Despite Sharon and Mariah’s fussing, Nick won’t go to the hospital – he won’t leave Sharon and the kids until this is sorted out.

Chelsea’s making Chloe nervous – she said Adam’s name in her sleep, and that’s not all.

It’s not what Chloe said, it’s the way she said it. But yes, it was probably just Halloween making her think of Delia. But what does that have to do with Adam? When Connor cries out, Chloe suggests Chelsea take him to the ER.

Nick wants the women to stay with the kids – he and Kevin will go look for the stalker again. No – Kevin will stay with Mariah and the kids – Sharon’s taking a reluctant Nick to the hospital.

Billy demonstrates how he found Phyllis trying to destroy a flashdrive. He knows she’s hiding something about Jack, Jabot or both. He can also tell by Ashley’s eyes that she suspects the same thing.

As Jack continues to scold Phyllis, she sheds her coat, helps herself to a drink and relays Billy catching her trying to destroy the drive. Yes, she told Billy everything, she says with sarcasm (indignant that Jack thought she betrayed him) Suggesting Jack should convince Billy that it has nothing to do with sabotaging Brash n Sassy, Phyllis then gives him the copies she printed off as instructed.

Jack reads the report that Phyllis has ‘punched up’ for GC Buzz – not bad. Victor’s siphoning funds from other divisions so no one will know that NE’s in trouble. Ashley’s suspicious so Jack will get this to GC Buzz asap – Phyllis has already done enough.

Billy tells Ashley that Phyllis almost wrestled the flashdrive from him – let’s work together to find up what she’s up to. He’ll do what he can to protect Ashley and Jabot. Sorry, but she doesn’t trust him – you hurt our family, she says and leaves.