Wednesday, December 7th

Get outta my house! Jack orders. Billy reminds that he’s John’s son too – changing the locks won’t keep me out. This is just as much my house as yours – legally I can move back in. Try it, Jack warns – you’ll lose. You’re no more John Abbott than I am, Billy concludes (as Ashley and Traci referee)

In her Dad’s office, Vikki makes Victor promise not to say ‘I told you so’. He won’t – but he’s relieved she didn’t marry Travis. I tried to like the guy for your sake ~hug~ Sorry my sweetheart. The right guy will come along, he promises. Vikki doesn’t need a man to complete her life. Nikki arrives with a garment bag – look what I’ve got.

Jack knows he’s not the man John was but how dare Billy measure himself against their Father? You’re an embarrassment to this family! You had an affair with my Mother, Billy wonders why his fling with Phyllis is worse. In tears, Traci claims that John would be ashamed of them both. We’re still brothers, Billy concludes as Traci shows him out. That leaves Ashley to remind Jack that she’s less than an Abbott than Billy – you gonna lock me out too?

At the club, Mike’s afraid he has to cancel their plans tomorrow (to do a deposition) That’s OK – we’ll celebrate our anniversary another day, Lauren says. When Phyllis joins their table to wish them happy anniversary, Lauren excuses herself to take a call (then looks stressed at the bar)

Lauren returns to apologize and gripe about delivery issues. When Mike walks off to take a call, Lauren assures Phyllis that everything’s fine – then admits things are a little rough right now. We’ll get through it – we always do.

You’re my sister in every way that matters, Jack’s sorry if he offended Ashley. It doesn’t matter who her biological Father is. Billy and Traci don’t even know, Ashley frets – and neither did Dad. You were his favourite, Jack knows John would be proud of Ashley – you single-handedly reignited Jabot. Maybe it’s time to throw Brash n Sassy out of the building. Ashley knows he’s only doing that to punish Billy.

Nikki’s so sorry – she had no idea the wedding was called off (and will donate the wedding dress) Travis checked out of the club, Vikki updates – yes, he paid in full. Victor and Nikki then hear that Billy’s the one who told Vikki that Travis cheated.

Jack wishes he’d listened to Ashley when she suggested ousting BnS weeks ago. Ashley suspects Jack wants to keep Billy away from Phyllis (SHE should be the one leaving) Jack thinks life too short to dwell on hating Phyllis. Breakfast today was a good idea, he marches out (ignoring Ashley as she repeatedly calls out his name)

When Victor takes a jab at Billy Boy, Vikki complains that he’s never supported any of her relationships. Victor can’t disagree with that. Vikki’s perfectly happy – her job and children are plenty. And Billy finally did something good (telling her about Travis)

Strolling through the park, Traci badgers Billy – find a way to get along. She won’t give up on brokering peace between him and Jack – starting right now (she leads him off to the Christmas Tree lot)

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