Tuesday, December 6th

Memories of John Abbott, fill the home as Jack finds Mrs Martinez serving Ashley and Abby breakfast. Traci enters the dining room to thank Jack for his hospitality. This house is just as much yours as mine, Jack comments – then feels an intervention coming on (which is unnecessary since he’s doing well and even returning to the Foundation) It’s time for an Abbott family breakfast (flashback to John seated at the head of the table – a place Jack not fills)

At the breakfast table, Nikki’s reading breaking news online – the Judge has ruled on visitation. Victor’s reading the same news the old fashioned way. There’s no privacy anymore, Nikki whines.

Sharon takes a break from Christmas decorating (which Dylan didn’t even know she was doing today) Sharon’s only doing it for Faith – the Judge’s words were so final. We tried every route possible and lost, Dylan thinks they just have to find a way to move forward.

When Nick brings a Poinsettia in, Vikki hopes he didn’t find them on her front step (left by Travis) So it’s really over? Nick concludes.

At the club’s bar, Billy assures Jill that she can go on her business trip – BnS will run efficiently – the shelves will be full. He and Vikki are fine. And are things between you and Jack fine too? Jill asks.

Jack’s sisters and niece chide him for not putting up Christmas decorations yet. OK, he’ll get on it. The jokes lead to talk of when John, Maimie – hard to believe Dad’s been gone 10 years now. Oh, how wonderful Abbott family breakfasts were. When Traci mentions Billy, Jack takes exception. He’s still your brother, she points out.

Jill pressures Billy to make amends with Jack. He won’t forgive me and I don’t blame him – but yes, Billy misses Jack. Traci invited him over for breakfast but he opted not to put everyone through that. This is your family – make things right with Jack, Jill insists.

Unpacking Christmas decor, Dylan talks about the restraining order being lifted – perhaps Nick won’t shut us out. At least Nikki’s supportive (of Dylan at least) She must be at odds with her family, he suspects.

Discussing the ruling, Nikki’s sad that Dylan lost another son. Victor understands – he just wants what’s best for Christian. Nikki never meant for Nick to feel she didn’t support him.

Yes, Nick’s beyond happy with the ruling. Vikki feels bad for Dylan – but it’s the right decision. Nick appreciates her and Dad’s support but gripes about Mom’s lack thereof. She made me feel like I was the bad guy.

Dylan wasn’t expecting Nikki to have his back. Perhaps he should go thank her. Sure, Sharon gives him an ‘I love you’ kiss.

Nick’s wheeled Christian’s stroller over to the main house. Nikki wants to talk to him – help him understand where she’s been coming from.

Back at the club, Jill continues to badger Billy into going over to the home he was raised in. I’m the other Abbott kid – the odd man out, Billy whines. You’re John Abbott’s son – you and Jack will always share that bond, she adds.