Wednesday, January 18th

At GC Buzz, Mariah MUST apologize to Devon – for the whole teleprompter thing. Now that Hilary’s filled Devon in, Mariah’s can say she’s sorry she tricked Hilary into confessing to tripping her. If we lost you it’d be my fault. Hilary lurks and listens.

Ashley blasts Jack (at the office) Him going after Fenmores provoked Phyllis. If we lose Ravi it’s because of you.

In Paul’s office, Kevin also apologizes – if anything happens to Dylan he won’t be able to forgive himself. He only left Sharon alone in his office for a few minutes. She must have found the burner phone in Paul’s desk. Paul doesn’t want Dylan to know it was Sharon (not Chris) who called. If he thinks Sharon’s not coping, he won’t be able to focus on the job. Paul leaves to attend to this urgent matter.

At home, Sharon holds Dylan’s wedding ring as she recalls him telling her to keep it safe (and not being able to guarantee he’ll come home safely)

Dylan and Alex stand by as Fisk has his thug drag the bloodied guy out. Good to meet you, Fisk now shakes Dylan’s hand.

If that was for ‘Derek’s’ benefit it wasn’t necessary – it’s not his first rodeo. Here’s the cash. My boss wants to be clear on what he’s getting; details on when the boat’s coming in etc. He’s not MY boss – perhaps Fisk will find another buyer who makes less demands. No details – no deal, Dylan heads for the door. Alex may trust ‘Derek’ but Fisk isn’t convinced.

Paul drops by Sharon’s – I hear you dropped by the station. How do I know Dylan’s safe? What do these people expect of him? Sharon just wants to hear his voice. Is that why you risked blowing his cover?! Paul asks.

Back at the station, Mike’s giving Kevin basketball tickets as a thank you, not a bribe (for taking Gloria in) Kevin’s home life is not great with Gloria and Chloe under the same roof. Phyllis arrives to lead Mike off; she’s in need of a lawyer AND a friend.

Ashley updates Jack that Phyllis took Ravi for lunch, trying to poach him for Fenmores. He says he won’t quit and go there. On cue, Ravi arrives to assume he’s fired. No, Jack wants to sit down and talk, over dinner if he’s not too full from lunch. Ravi quickly agrees.

As Hilary’s distracted with a call, Devon asks Mariah to fill in the blanks – what’s this about the teleprompter? Mariah details what happened; the fight, him taking off in the car. I’m glad you and Hilary are alright. Uh, did I just make everything worse? Hilary rushes over – babe, you should be home resting.