Tuesday, January 17th

In his office, Kevin and Paul discuss Sharon – who may not understand that Dylan’s under ‘deep cover’. No, of course, Kevin didn’t ‘crack’ – he’d never risk this case of Dylan’s safety.

Morning Derek, Alex purrs from the bed (in Miami Beach) – you’re busted. Busted? Dylan puts on his shirt. Yes, trying to tip toe out the door before she woke up. That would indeed be ‘foolish’ – there’s a lot more where that came from.

Ashley finds Ravi’s office empty – a sticky note on his monitor indicates he’s meeting Phyllis for lunch at Top of The Tower.

Take a look at Fenmore’s virtual database, Phyllis hands over her tablet as she tops up Ravi’s wine and likens him to Leonardo DiVinci. She needs him to get these e-stores up and running. I already have a job at Jabot, Ravi reminds. Phyllis can fix that.

Gloria joins Lauren and Mike at the GCAC (where she’s being pampered) Eyes all bugged out, she’s sure the Baldwin’s are enjoying themselves too – since Lauren told Mike ‘the truth’.

Why aren’t you in bed? Hilary comes down to ask. Devon woke up this morning to see things clearly – I know who I am, who we are together. He IS relaxed – ever since he made a decision. Damn right it involves you (Hilary’s alarmed)

Devon now realises that every day is a gift; a beginning. He hasn’t done enough and must pay it forward. How? By having a baby.

‘Derek’ didn’t join Alex in the shower because they’d just end up back in bed. He’s there to work – the faster he meets Fisk, the faster he can be ‘all hers’. You have been since we met, Alex just needs a couple of hours to facilitate the next phase. You won’t be sorry ~kiss~ Dylan’s left alone to look disgusted with himself.

Mike basically tells Gloria to get lost. And Lauren’s insulted by the implication that she lied to Mike. Yes, she was being considerate of my feelings, Mike adds – not that it’s any of his Mother’s business. Enjoy your lunch, Gloria leaves Mike to piss Lauren off by announcing that he’s invited a potential investor to join them.

Ravi’s not leaving Jabot – Ashley needs me. Hearing he didn’t sign an exclusivity contract, Phyllis offers him a great office at Fenmore’s (to work at on his off time) and more wine. No, this restaurant doesn’t spin – she’ll take him to one when they’ve made a deal. Ashley appears to snatch the business card from Phyllis’ hand (and is surprised her title is marketing not ‘VP of poaching’)

We were just having lunch, Phyllis exclaims. Ashley declares this recruitment session over. They argue over Ravi as if he weren’t there. Then they each talk to Ravi as if the other weren’t there. SHE’S going to run back to Jack. SHE poisons every relationship. It’s your life, Ashley will leave Ravi to it. I better go, he polishes off his wine and follows.