Friday, January 20th

No time for spellcheck etc. today….. Devon’s moping over photos on his phone when Neil drops by the penthouse with breakfast. He’s surprised to hear that Devon kicked Hilary out last night.

At the club, Hilary demands Lily listen to her – your brother needs you. He remembers everything. Lily thinks that great. This is about DEVON; Hilary needs Lily’s help.

Lauren meets Craig at Top of the Tower – she can’t wait to have him aboard. He’s not taking the deal.

Phyllis accosts Jack as he’s leaving the club – why were you with Gloria last night.

At the station, Paul, Chris and Kevin worry that Dylan’s cover may have been blown.

Phyllis demands answers of Jack (who’s not telling her anything about Gloria and counters with questions about Ravi) Jack was on a date with Gloria (who comes through the revolving door to greet her ‘lover’) She can’t believe Phyllis let this tiger get away.

Craig has no issues with Lauren’s proposal. It’s about the timing. He had to act quickly on another venture. He’s sure she’ll find another investor quickly. Lauren wishes Craig well – and is left to look worried.

Devon’s not happy that his Dad and sister kept the truth from him. Neil can see that Devon hasn’t slept or eaten – and gets him something for his headache. He and Lily thought it was best not to upset Devon (and reminds that he can relate – Hilary lied to him all the time) Neil kept silent out of love for his son.

Back at the club, Hilary tells Lily that Devon’s memory came back – he’s home – I guess. You guess!? Go to him, Hilary orders (and Lily does)

Chris calms Paul down – what did Dylan say when you spoke to him? He gave details on the shipment and his meeting with Fisk. But it’s been too long without an update. Kevin calls them out – he’s got an audio file from Dylan.

Kevin, Paul and Chris get details on the pier and shipment. Paul wants to get Dylan out of there. Not yet – Chris needs a warrant. Paul’s still worried – where was Dylan when he sent this file. Send the cops, the fire department – anyone – we gotta get him out.