Monday, January 23rd

At Top of the Tower, Cane notices that Lily’s taking her anger out on her bread. Updated that Neil basically talked Devon into thinking twice before dumping Hilary, Cane gives her back the bread basket.

Hilary’s at the penthouse to tell Devon that she’ll do whatever he wants – leave, talk, grant him a divorce. You think you can still play me after everything that’s gone down, Devon scoffs.

Doing a quick tidy-up, Vikki tells Reed that Hannah’s watching the kids while she goes back to work. No, he can’t babysit. How can I show you I’ve learned from my mistake if you won’t even trust me to babysit for a couple of hours? Reed sulks his way upstairs, leaving his Mom frustrated.

Going over Lily’s proofs at Brash n Sassy, Billy’s eager to sign her to a ‘supermodel’ contract. Jill wants to run it by Cane first. Having none of it, Billy’s about to ‘call legal’ himself when Reed sends him a text (whining about his Mom) that makes him chuckle. Vikki’s a great Mom though.

So maybe Jill does have the maternal instincts of a Harp Seal (who abandons her young after 12 days to find a new mate) Confiding that she tricked John into getting her pregnant (news to Billy), Jill thinks her son a better Father than John was to him. Reed could do worse than look up to Billy.

As Lily moans and groans over her menu, Cane agrees that it might not be a good time for Devon to make the decision to divorce Hilary. There’s no prenup, he reminds. Lily thinks Devon should give Hilary a settlement to make her go away.

Hilary claims to be sincere but Devon’s seen this ‘pleading for forgiveness’ act before and doesn’t believe she won’t take him to court for money. He writes out a generous check – you’ll be set for life. Hilary refuses – she doesn’t want ANY of Devon’s money.

Hilary throws her credit cards out and yanks off all the jewelry Devon’s gifted her with. He stops her as she’s about to return the dress he bought her. Now in tears, Hilary is walking away so that she doesn’t hurt Devon (who deserves someone who can make him happy) Devon agrees and knows Hilary won’t change. He hates himself for being weak when it comes to her.

Reed sends Hannah back upstairs to the kids – he needs his space and doesn’t like being ‘hovered’ over. Now alone, Reed gets a message from Zoey.