Monday, March 13th

How’s the view? Nikki arrives at Top of the Tower. Magnificent, gorgeous, Victor kisses his wife. Nikki wants tonight to go smoothly – so yes, Victor must tolerate the Abbott’s.

Drinking at the GCAC bar, Ashley’s on the phone whining about having to attend tonight’s opera charity event by herself because Jack’s snowed in. There to pick up his take-out food, Ravi compliments Ashley (who’s all dressed up) Perhaps he can step in to accompany her.

Scott tells Lauren and Mike to go have fun at the opera – he’ll be fine. Lauren has an idea … Phyllis is leaving the club when Lauren calls – she needs someone sneaky and underhanded.

Lily comes home to find Maddy and Neil playing checkers (Charlie’s in his room playing video games) The wedding expo went well – except for one creepy guy. She’s not sure when Cane will be home. It’s morning in Tokyo, Neil announces.

Awakening in his hotel room bed, Cane doesn’t answer Lily’s call in time. Aghhhh, he covers his eyes in great pain.

Ashley appreciates the offer but opera isn’t a night of fun. Ravi was only offering as a friend. OK, she’ll leave his ticket for pick up. See you soon.

It’s for a good cause, Nikki appreciates Victor likening her charitable work to Kay’s. She’d be proud of you, he adds. Nikki thinks Victor’s done some good deeds too; taking Faith in, saving Scott.

After letting Phyllis in to do some very important work, the Baldwins leave for the opera. Scott’s no idiot; Phyllis is there to babysit him at his Mom’s request.

Neil reassures Lily that Cane will call her soon. He has plans tonight – with Lois Thompson. Yes, the reporter. She’s a D-list Hilary, Lily reminds of her expose on Phyllis cheating on Jack with his brother. She’s not good enough for you. Neil jokes that Lois is his dream date. After he leaves, Lily’s stalker pokes his head out of the bushes.