Friday, March 10th

On video chat with Cane and Juliette, Vikki expresses relief – South Korea’s all locked up. Singapore, Thailand, and Japan, Cane raves – BnS is about to become a serious player in the Asian market. Vikki’s so impressed with both Cane and Juliette – go have a night of celebration on me.

At the club, Billy takes note of a sign promoting the Annual Wedding Fair. Upstairs, he redirects a lost groom-to-be to the ballroom, then enters the suite Lily’s getting ready in. The BnS booth is running out of samples. Jordan comes to take Lily back down for some shots. No, Billy hasn’t heard from Cane; he’s busy in meetings. As Jordan and Lily exit, the ‘lost’ guy pokes his head out.

At GC Buzz, Hilary suggests this isn’t the right fit for Mariah – HER fans don’t want housekeeping tips or to watch her scrub floors. Someone’s in a snit, Mariah comments. No, Hilary’s in a great mood and ready to move on with her life. Work this press release into tonight’s show. Yup – she and Devon are getting divorced, she merrily announces as Mariah looks dumbfounded by the paper in her hand.

Mike’s sitting with Devon at the club – wondering what changed his mind on signing the divorce papers. Devon thinks ending things makes the most sense. Mike’s sorry they didn’t make it – but now you get to build the life you want. Whatever that is, Devon pouts.

You’ll bounce back, oh wise one Mike hints that being hesitant to move forward means something in one’s past is unresolved. That’s not the case here, Devon lies.

When Mariah asks if she hooked up with Jordan, Hilary scolds her for being crass; we just had drinks. Because she’s a celebrity her divorce is news. Fine, Mariah will read the release. Good – Hilary’s very excited about what comes next in her life. Trust me, we’re done, she concludes (the exact same words Devon’s saying to Mike)

As Cane credits Juliette, Billy leans in behind Vikki to joke that he can stay as long as he wants. Video chat over, Billy updates that Lily’s a big hit with the crowd at the wedding expo.

In Tokyo, Cane comments on Juliette’s change out of business attire and is pleased to hear that she’s hired a private car to take him on a tour. With the driver already downstairs, Cane decides he’ll call Lily later.

Ever so busy, Vikki can cross lavender off her list and move on to sourcing tea tree oil and shea butter. She doesn’t blame Cane’s absence for her being so frazzled and Billy should get going to his meeting. Vikki’s got it all covered – until a call from the school re: Johnny’s school trip permission slip. Having overheard, Billy exits 30 seconds before a panicked Vikki.

Mouths agape in amazement, Cane and Juliette gaze out at the sites of a bustling Tokyo nightlife from their car.