Tuesday, March 14th

What would Kay have advised re: Collin? Jill wonders. Nikki thinks Kay would want Jill to examine her heart; would life be better with or without Collin? Jill’s left to think.

Jack’s already fast-tracked Jabot’s men’s line. Ashley’s pissed – this is all about getting back at Billy.

As gorgeous as Lily is, men look up to pro athletes, Billy explains. We’ll have ads online, in arenas, commercials during games in the US and Canada. It’s a perfect demographic. Vikki’s sold – run with it. Billy’s thrilled.

Off for her photo shoot, Lily leaves Cane to unpack gifts he brought back for her and the kids. But how did this silky piece of lingerie get into his suitcase? Hmmm.

Neil warns Collin not to add to the stress he’s already caused Jill. My wife feels betrayed, Collin considers going back to Australia. Giving Cane and Lily space wouldn’t be a bad thing, Neil agrees and yes, he’ll loan Collin the money to fly back. There’s just one thing left to do, Collin calls Jill to say that he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore.

Jack and Ashley continue to butt heads. He won’t apologize for wanting to keep Jabot on top – he’ll move ahead with or without Ashley’s support and will ‘destroy’ the competition.

When Billy makes a call to confirm his presentation to the hockey board tomorrow, he’s informed that it’s postponed; someone’s trying to outbid them for sponsorship rights. Updated, Vikki stops Billy from marching up to confront Jack – let’s beat him at his own game.

Next: Neil concludes that Ashley wants to take over and go behind her brother’s back – and you want me to help you pull it off … Hilary appeals to Mariah – help me convince Devon to give me the show as my divorce settlement … Is this real? Collin reads words on a page Jill’s handed him; ‘forgive Collin’.