Tuesday, March 14th

In the kitchen, Collin wonders why Cane’s not more concerned about the ‘good looking guy’ who slept on the couch while he was out of the country. I’d be a bit suspicious, he adds.

Back at CL’s, Lily continues to stress about her stalker – and is relieved to hear that Neil will follow up with Leslie.

Vikki heard the applause from Nick’s office – she knows Reed’s performance went well. She then annoys him further by mentioning Zoey and ‘trying to control everything’.

Billy reports that things are going well with Vikki (though she does sometimes morph into Victor as a boss) He sees why she sent Cane to Japan and is working on his own project; promoting BnS’s men’s line in the sports world. When it launches, you and Jack won’t know what hit you, he teases Ashley.

At Jack’s desk and computer, Gloria points out some ‘weak areas’ in BnS. Very impressive, he appreciates the initiative. I do more than pour coffee – I’ve proved my loyalty, Glo smirks. Fine, but if you’re hoping for more between us, it won’t happen, Jack’s clear.

After Ester confirms that Jill is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Jill admits she didn’t even believe she had a heart attack. She missed the warning signs of her heart attack (hence the name ‘silent killer’) Nikki decides this will be her next charitable cause. Ester dismissed, Jill shows Nikki her ‘magnificent’ ring. Kay never showed it to you?

Ravi bumps into Ashley, literally, at Top of the Tower. He thanks her for a spectacular evening last night (which she surprisingly enjoyed also) He then embarrasses himself by gushing about love.

Zoey’s a queen bee – the cool girl who gets to decide who else becomes popular – Vikki knows the type. Billy arrives to find himself in the middle of yet another argument between Mother and son (and takes the safe route by seeing both sides)

Ravi understands that he and Ashley are only friends and co-workers; last night was an anomaly. Remembering Nikki saying they make a ‘cute couple’, Ashley basically nods and agrees.

Lily (with Neil) comes home to update Cane of last night’s events and why Jordan slept on the couch. Neil hustles Collin out for lunch – leaving Cane and Lily to hug and say ‘I missed you’.

This is the wedding ring Philip wanted me to have – if only Kay hadn’t driven him to his death, Jill laments. You mean the ‘accident’, Nikki corrects. Letting that one go, Jill hands over the letter – surely Kay confided in Nikki? No, but Kay loved you, Nikki reasons – maybe she was afraid she’d lose you if she gave you the ring after all those years.

Jill could never bring herself to cut Kay out of her life. You two had an extraordinary friendship, Nikki asserts. What she wouldn’t give to hear from Kay again. Every challenge made you stronger. She blamed you for losing Philip but eventually found Murphy. Follow her example. With Collin? Jill asks.

Holding Lily, Cane shares plans to install a security system with cameras. Lily’d rather talk about his amazing trip. Juliet was an amazing tour guide, Cane wants to take Lily to Japan when they do the roll out ~kiss~

Reed thanks his Mom for signing his driver’s ed slip. She promises to make time to give him driving lessons. That leaves Billy to share his idea with Vikki – he’s angling for BnS’s men’s line to be the official line of a professional hockey league. Without consulting me? Yes, it’s called showing initiative.

Arriving at the office, Ashley reminds Ravi that he doesn’t report to Gloria. She then closes the office door as Gloria’s offering coffee. Jack tells Ashley that he talked to an old friend who’s on a pro hockey board. It seems that BnS is trying to get it’s men’s grooming as an official sponsor. Ashley already knows – no, she’s not fraternizing with the enemy – she had breakfast with her brother (who Jack plans to cut off at the pass)

At Top of the Tower, Collin appreciates Neil picking up the cheque for their steak. He then whines about Jill not taking him back – he’s tried everything. Time to accept the things you cannot change, Neil wisely suggests.