Monday, April 17th

At Vikki’s place, Reed rants ‘n raves to Billy. The car his grandpa gave him is already gone. We were getting along so well – why’s Mom back to being a mean, uptight person!? What’s wrong with her!?

Placing a flower arrangement on the table, Nikki finds and reads aloud a letter from Victor. He’s sure she’ll be pleased that he’s going away for a while since he’s not welcome in his own home. She then welcomes Tessa in. Tessa loves the guitar Reed got. Nikki too – it was an ‘appropriate’ gift. She called Tessa over because she has a proposition for her.

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At CL’s, Nick finds Sharon studying at CL’s. What can I get you? she asks. Question is – what am I getting YOU? Nick replies.

Ashley greets Traci warmly when they meet at the hotel restaurant in New York – then gushes about the amazing genius Ravi; an incredible addition to the team. Is that all he is? Traci wonders – as Ravi appears tableside.

Scott’s at Phyllis’ place (Summer’s condo) to apologize for last night. Phyllis takes her share of the blame – we should just stay friends.

Vikki marches into Victor’s office – ‘how dare you …..’ Abby’s the only one in the office – Dad’s out of town and you’ll never guess what he did before he left town, she gloats.

Back at the ranch, Nikki talks to Tessa about a charity event she needs help organizing. Tessa’s eager for a paying job. Extra cash doesn’t hurt. Nikki knows what it’s like to struggle and work for tips (much to Tessa’s surprise)

Serving Scott coffee, Phyllis thinks him hot and doesn’t mean to hurt his feelings. He’s relieved and thinks Phyllis is hot too. Both think it weird due to the Lauren connection. Besides, Scott has his eye on someone else (which Phyllis fully approves of)

Sharon’s surprised to hear that Nick took Faith from the ranch – being around Victor’s been good for her. Nick thinks it time Faith lived with them – we’ll go back to our old schedule. Sharon worries about poor Victor – Nick, not so much. We’re in a good place – you’re running this place and getting your degree. Sharon wants Nick to be as happy as she is.