Tuesday, April 18th

Nikki drops by BnS. Hearing all about Reed being angry because Vikki returned the car, Nikki wants to talk to him – get him to see his Mom’s point of view. She must help repair the damage Victor’s done. Vikki whines that nothing can undo the damage done between her and Billy.

Phyllis and Billy are naked beneath a blanket at her apartment. Oh how they’ve missed being together. A kiss begins round two.

Sharon and Scott are sharing popcorn at a movie theater – both are out of synch when it comes to dating. Sharon? Mariah chirps a few rows back. Scott? Kevin’s equally surprised.

Jack’s invited Abby to Top of the Tower for dinner – and to express how proud he is of her success at NE. The first to hear she’s now acting CEO, Jack wants all the details.

At a nearby table, Mike oversees Devon and Neil signing papers for their new business – the Hamilton Winters Group; Devon will focus on a music label; Neil will handle acquiring related businesses. Wait, this isn’t right, he frowns at the paperwork.

Mariah and Kevin are now seated directly behind Sharon and Scott. We’re not dating, Sharon quietly insists to her daughter – as Kevin discreetly asks Scott about Phyllis. As the lights go down and the movie begins, Kevin complains about subtitles. Mariah’s the only one to notice Tessa sneaking in to take a seat.

Vikki feels terrible for going off on Billy for defending Reed. He left before she could apologize. Pressing for answers, Nikki’s told about the kiss – it felt good – something we could build on. Yes, Vikki does indeed want Billy back.

Phyllis and Billy have both fantasized about ‘this’. Her forgotten phone wasn’t planned – it’s fate. Briefly discussing Jack, Phyllis asks how this will affect Billy’s relationship with Vikki. Detecting SHE is who Billy really wants to be with, Phyllis thinks he should return to Vikki and their kids – be a family man (this is a one-time thing we’ve now gotten out of our system)

Nikki’s thrilled to hear that Vikki and Billy have reconnected. Dad’s always been in the way – is still in the way, Vikki again gripes about Reed’s car. Nikki feels responsible for enabling Victor for years. He’ll expect me to take him back when he returns. She’s not sure what the future holds but has no illusion that Victor’s changed. He CAN’T change – I must accept that. Nikki then urges Vikki to rekindle things with Billy.

Getting dressed, Billy sounds upset because he IS. He can be himself with Phyllis and is tired of trying to make amends with Vikki. He only tried to save his relationship with Vikki because Phyllis was trying to do the same with Jack. Billy doesn’t know what to make of this whole car/Reed thing but he’s done trying to make it happen with Vikki. Life’s too short. Phyllis is so sorry ~kiss~